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History of Melbourne and 03 Area Code

Melbourne has a rich history that dates back to the early 19th century. Its linkage with the 03 area code began in 1961 when area codes were first introduced in Australia. The 03 area code primarily covers Melbourne and other states in Victoria and Tasmania. This major shift in the communication paradigm marked the beginning of significant technological advancements, particularly in managing long-distance calls.

New services were developed from the 1970s to the early 1990s to support telecommunication, including the advent of the Internet, mobile, and digital communications. From the 1990s, regions across Victoria began to excel in telecommunication. The region adapted to new communication technology, ensuring it is compatible with internet-based systems.

The 2000s saw the introduction of VoIP, with companies investing in promoting faster data sources. Today, it prioritizes virtual numbers, which help connect people and foster economic growth in the city and beyond.

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Port your existing number to Calilio and maintain your established identity. Manage your local business with your current number, eliminating the hassle of changing it.

Melbourne Phone Number with VoIP Capabilities for Effective Business Connectivity

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Interactive Voice Response

Guide callers to get to their desired destination.
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Calling, Recording and Storage

Record and store your calls to address issues and provide training.
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Real-Time Dashboard

Track all call data in real-time for interactive visualization.
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Sentiment Analysis

Analyze user sentiments from your call data through NLP.
Web app dialer icon

Web App/App Dialer

Initiate calls directly from your web browser with just a single click.
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AI-Powered Call Summary

Generate summaries of your calls for quick review and action.

Why Choose Calilio for Virtual Number in Melbourne?

Calilio is the ideal choice for businesses seeking a virtual number in all regions in Victoria with the local 03 area code. The primary goal for any business is to connect locally with customers and improve communication. A virtual number from Calilio provides the perfect foundation for establishing a strong regional presence and enhancing customer interactions.

Advanced Call Features

The Calilio platform provides advanced VoIP features that include detailed call insights, intelligent call routing, and AI-powered features. These modern VoIP capabilities simplify communication for the large business hubs of Melbourne.

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Easy-To-Use System

Calilio offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy for businesses to manage their communications efficiently. The platform's straightforward design ensures that users can quickly navigate and utilize all available features.

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Global Availability

The virtual number from Calilio enables businesses to connect to customers worldwide. Our expansive ability ensures global communication, helping your business grow beyond regional boundaries.

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Reliable Customer Support

Calilio’s exceptional support makes it the preferred choice for any business. Whether you’re located in the heart of Melbourne or operating virtually, our dedicated team assists with any issues in your phone system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I call a Melbourne number from overseas?

  • To call a landline number (03) 1234 5678 from the US, dial 011 61 3 1234 5678.
  • To call a mobile number, 0412 345 678 from the US, dial 011 61 4 1234 5678.

Can I get the virtual number for Melbourne from outside the city?

Which is the best virtual phone number provider in Australia?

What are the general costs of virtual numbers in Melbourne?

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