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Establish a foothold in Sydney, Australia, and look local from anywhere across the globe with 02 area code virtual numbers from Calilio. Chat with clients from any internet-enabled device.

02 area code

Find the Right Virtual Sydney Numbers With 02 Area Code for Your Business

Explore available virtual numbers and get a new personal or business phone number with the Australia phone code 02. Start chatting and calling from North Sydney to other key areas, no matter where you are.

History of Sydney Dialing Codes

The area code for Sydney, Australia, is "02". It's one of the most recognizable area codes in the country and dates back to the early days of Australia's telephone system. Within the "02" phone code, telephone numbers typically consist of eight digits following the area code. These numbers are used for landline telephones, businesses, residences, and government offices located in the capital city of New South Wales and its surrounding areas.


Telephone lines connecting major cities in Australia began with Sydney and Melbourne in 1907. Melbourne and Adelaide were connected by 1914. However, Sydney and Brisbane had to wait until 1923 for their connection, and Perth and Adelaide weren't linked until 1930.


Calls were limited to three minutes each. During the day, the rate was 5 shillings and 8 pence for three minutes, while at night, it was 2 shillings and 10 pence for the same duration. Initially, there was a discount for the second three minutes, but by 1929, this was replaced with a flat rate for every three minutes.

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How to Get a 02 Australia Area Code Phone Number From Calilio?

step one

Sign up for Calilio. Input your details and verify your email address.

step two

Choose the right plan for your business in Sydney.

step three

Port your phone number or purchase a new one.

step  four

Customize features for your Sydney phone number.

step five

Assign numbers to your team members, and you are good to go.

Easy Porting: Keep Your Number with Calilio

Maintain brand recognition by keeping your current phone number, ensuring your existing customers can reach you without trouble while transitioning to Calilio’s cloud-based business communication platform.

Access Powerful Business Features With A Sydney Phone Number

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Manage your communications from any device and be as mobile as possible.
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Have all your business communications on one platform for easy tracking.
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Benefits of Getting a Sydney Local Number from Calilio

With a Sydney telephone number from Calilio, you can enjoy cost-effective communication and scalable solutions that suit your needs, regardless of your business size. Say goodbye to hefty long-distance charges for good.

Improved Customer Reach

With a 02 Sydney local number from Calilio, you can easily connect with clients and customers in the capital city of New South Wales and surrounding areas.

Improved Customer Reach

Cost-Effective Communication

Calilio lets you enjoy local rates for both incoming and outgoing calls, reducing communication costs for your business and customers.


Scalability and Flexibility

Calilio is a business phone system that gives you the ability to add or modify numbers as needed, providing scalability and flexibility to accommodate your evolving business needs.


Enhanced Customer Experience

Provide top-notch service with advanced features such as call routing, CRM integration, and sentimental analysis, guaranteeing a personalized customer experience with Calilio as your modern phone system.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to write a Sydney telephone number?

In Sydney, landline and mobile numbers have distinct formats for dialing within Australia and from international locations.

To write a Sydney telephone number, follow the following format:

  1. Landline Numbers

    • Within Australia: Start with a two-digit telephone area code for Sydney, NSW, 02, followed by an eight-digit local number. Format: (02) XXXX XXXX.
    • From International Locations: Include the country code for Australia (+61) and remove the leading 0 from the area code. So, for a Sydney number, dial +61 2 XXXX XXXX.

  2. Mobile Numbers

    • Within Australia: Start with the mobile prefix 04, followed by an eight-digit local number. For example: 04XX XXX XXX.
    • From International Locations: Include the country code for Australia (+61), omit the leading 0 from the mobile prefix, and then dial the mobile prefix and the local number. For Sydney, you would dial +61 4XX XXX XXX.

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