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What is a Greece Virtual Number?

A Greece virtual phone number is a digital telephone number that allows you to establish a phone presence in Greece without needing a physical line. It functions over the internet, providing flexibility and cost-efficiency while enabling global connectivity.

It offers the advantage of making and receiving calls globally while maintaining a local Greek phone number. Ideal for businesses expanding into Greece, it’s a bridge connecting you to the Greek market without the need for physical presence.

Benefits of Using a Greece Virtual Phone Number

Calilio offers numerous benefits with Greece phone numbers that enhance your business with cost-effective, flexible communication solutions. Here, tap into our advantages:

Expand Your Reach

Cost-Effective Communication

Enhanced Flexibility

Enhance Customer Engagement

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How to Get a Greece Phone Number Online?

Getting a Greece phone number online is straightforward and efficient with Calilio. Navigate through our intuitive process to connect your business to the Greek market.

step one

Sign Up

Start by creating your account on Calilio. Input the required details, and confirm your registration by email verification.

step two

Choose a VoIP Plan

Next, log in and visit the pricing page. Then, choose a VoIP plan that aligns with your business requirements.

step three

Pick a Number

Browse the numbers through the navigation bar and pick your preferred Greece phone number. Whether it's for Athens or Thessaloniki, we’ve got you covered.

step four


Review and add your selected Greek phone number to your cart, then proceed to checkout. Follow the prompts to complete the payment.

step five

Setup Your Number

Finally, A Greece virtual phone number will be activated within 2 days after the Calilio team reviews your documents. Customize the settings to your liking and start connecting with your Greek customers.

Already Have a Greece Phone Number?

If you already own a Greece phone number, seamlessly port your number to Calilio's advanced features. Retain your existing number while upgrading your communication capabilities.

Features of Greece Virtual Phone Number

Calilio's Greek virtual phone numbers come with plenty of advanced features. The virtual number of Calilio is designed to promote communication and enhance customer interaction.

unified call box icon

Unified Callbox

Our Unified Callbox feature consolidates all communications into one accessible platform. This integration makes managing calls, voicemails, and other interactions with your Greek phone number both efficient and effective.
power dialer icon

Power Dialer

Power Dialer Features automate the calling process, increasing productivity. It’s an invaluable tool for businesses using a Greek virtual phone number to make frequent outbound calls.
call forwarding icon

Call Forwarding

With Call Forwarding, never miss a call to your Greece phone number. Redirect incoming calls to any designated phone number, ensuring continuous connectivity with your Greek audience.
IVR icon

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System

The IVR System guides callers through a menu, improving their experience with your Greece virtual phone number. It efficiently routes calls to the appropriate department or agent.
call whispering icon

Call Whispering

Improve call quality with Call Whispering. This feature allows supervisors to guide agents in real-time during calls made with your Greece virtual phone number.
call sentiment analysis icon

Call Sentiment Analysis

Enhance customer interactions with Calilio's Call Sentiment Analysis. This advanced feature evaluates the tone of conversations on your Greek phone number, providing valuable insights for improved communication.
queue call back icon

Queue Call Back

Queue Call Back reduces customer wait times. It allows callers to request a callback instead of waiting on hold, improving the experience with your Greek virtual phone number.
multiple agent icon

Multiple Agents

Support team collaboration with the Multiple Agents feature. It allows several team members to use the same Greek phone number, enhancing internal coordination and customer service.

How Do You Dial a Greek Phone number?

Greece phone numbers have a distinct format. So, understanding the correct format is significant whether you’re calling from abroad or from Greece. Here’s how to ensure your call connects successfully.

step one

Exit Code

Begin with the exit code of your country, which is necessary for making international calls. For instance, it’s ‘011’ in the USA and Canada and ‘00’ in the UK. You can also input the "+" symbol instead of the exit code while calling from a mobile.

step two

Greece Country Code (+30)

After the exit code, enter Greece’s country code, which is +30. This code routes your call to the Greek telephone network.

step three

Area Code

Next, dial the area code. These are typically 2-4 digits and specific to each region or city in Greece. Each area in Greece has its unique code, which is crucial for routing your call accurately.

step four

Local Phone Numbers

After the area code, dial the 6-8 digits of Greece's local phone number. It is the unique number assigned to an individual or business in Greece.

Greece Phone Number Example

You are dialing a business in Athens from Canada with a local number, 1234-5678. Remember, the Athens area code is '21'.

  • Exit Code: ‘011’ or ‘+’ ( from the Canada)
  • Country Code: ‘+30’ (for Greece)
  • Area Code: ‘21’ (for Athens)
  • Local Number: ‘1234-5678’
  • So, you’ll dial: 011-30-21-1234-5678 or +30-21-1234-5678.

Buy a Greece Virtual Number With Calilio

Embark your business's global reach by purchasing a Greece virtual phone number from Calilio. Our streamlined process and robust features in the business phone system make connecting with the Greek market easier than ever.

Quick and Easy Setup

Start with an easy sign-up on Calilio to get your Greek phone number. Our user-friendly interface makes the registration process quick and hassle-free.

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Competitive Pricing Plans

Select from our competitive pricing plans for your Greece virtual phone number. Enjoy premium services without stretching your budget.

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24/7 Support

Rely on Calilio's continuous support for your Greek number. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted service.

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Diverse Number Selection

Choose from a wide array of local Greek phone numbers to match your business needs. Whether it's for a specific region or a general number, we have you covered.

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Advanced Features

Incorporate cutting-edge features with your Greece virtual phone number from Calilio. Utilize options like call forwarding, IVR, and call analytics to enhance your communication strategy and customer engagement.

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