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01865 area code

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Where is the 01865 Area Code?

The 01865 area code is located in the Oxford city of the United Kingdom. It also cover their surrounding cities like Abingdon, Cowley, Summertown, Headington, Wheatley  and Kidlington. Geographically, they are located at a latitude of  51.751724 and a longitude of -1.255285.

The total population of Oxford city is around 162,100. During summer-time, this area code operates under the British Summer Time (BST), which is UTC+1. In the winter, it transitions to the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), which is similar to the UTC.

History of Area Code 01865?

The area code 01865 was introduced in the 1960s to serve the Oxford area. It was a result of the phONEday, which is introduced all over the UK to increase the quantity of the possible number.

Then, the 01865 area code successfully caters to the demand for phone numbers in the Oxford area. Even today, there is no plan for the introduction of any new area code.

Why Does Your Business Need a 01865 Phone Number?

Your business primarily needs to have a 01865 phone number if you are thinking about expanding or establishing your business in Oxford, as this helps you to connect with local customers instantly.

Easy Recall

Cost Effective Communication

Local Trust

Increase Business Call Volume

How to Get a 01865 Virtual Phone Number?

Purchasing a virtual number has become straightforward with Calilio. Simply create a free calilio account, choose the plan, and pick your 01865 area code.

step one

Create an account on Calilio, providing your basic details like your name and email.

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Select a plan that perfectly matches your business needs and requirements.

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Pick your desired 01865 number by visiting “Settings>>Numbers>>Purchase Numbers” with the 01865 number prefix from the available options.

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Complete the payment according to your chosen plans.

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After activation, customize the setting according to your business requirements.

Already have an Oxford Phone Number?

If you already have an Oxford phone number, switching to Calilio's advanced VoIP system is straightforward. Our porting process allows you to retain your existing number while upgrading to a cost-effective communication platform.

01865 Area Code Number As A Communication Tool for Business Growth

01865 business phone number provides many advanced VoIP features like number sharing, call whispering, and voice transcription that make doing business simpler.

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Number Sharing

You can share a single number with multiple team members to manage multiple business calls with the same numbers.
call whispering icon

Call Whispering

Privately guide your agents with tips and user information without the caller listening, making communication more effective.
voicemail-to-email icon

Voicemail to Email

This feature sends voicemail directly to a specified email as audio files, allowing easy retrieval of messages without accessing the system.
sentiment analysis icon

Sentiment Analysis

Gain real-time insight into the sentiment of your customers, whether they are satisfied or unsatisfied, to improve your communication.

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Calilio has advanced and modern features like AI Sentiment Analysis and Voice Transcription that rarely other providers offer. Additionally, we offer a free virtual number for users in the UK, the US, and Canada. This all makes us the best choice for their area code 01865 in Oxford.


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Anyone with basic technical skills can easily manage their 01865 area code with our easy-to-use interface.

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