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Get an Arkansas phone number on Calilio and connect to the state’s dynamic business market. Virtual phone numbers with an AR area code establish a local foothold in Arkansas and offer a familiar touchpoint for its local community.

Map of Arkansas with land mark for 501, 479 and 870 area code

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Break into endless opportunities for establishing a local presence in Arkansas. Pick your Arkansas area code that resonates with your business ambitions.

What is an Arkansas Phone Number?

An Arkansas phone number is a distinct sequence of digits associated with a specific telephone line within the Arkansas state. It serves as a means of identification in Arkansas and facilitates seamless telecommunication to and from the state.

AR phone numbers are powerful tools for businesses to build rapport with the Arkansas community. These numbers enhance customer engagement, boost brand recognition, and showcase a company’s dedication to serving the local client base.


Benefits of an Arkansas Phone Number

Amidst the evolving demands of the modern business world, maintaining agility and efficient communication is crucial, and Arkansas phone number endorses it.

Local Presence

Consistent Branding

Improved Responsiveness

Remote Working

CRM Integration

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Arkansas phone number swiftly bridges your business to the state and demonstrates a commitment to community values.

501 area code number with Junction Bridge in background
Little Rock

Little Rock boasts area code 501 in California. Securing a Little Rock area code places you in Arkansas’s capital city and its bustling commercial scene. Establishing a business in this city aids you to enjoy its vibrant economy and diverse client base.

  • Little Rock

  • Fort Smith

  • Jonesboro

How to Get Arkansas Phone Number

Acquiring an Arkansas phone number on Calilio is effortless. Follow the seamless process below to get a USA virtual number with an AR phone code.


Sign Up

Register and sign up with Calilio. Provide the necessary details and verify your email address; getting started is simple.


Choose a VoIP plan

Access our comprehensive pricing plans. Choose the one that meets your business requirements.


Pick a Number

Dive into the ‘Numbers’ section and click ‘Purchase Number’. Pick Arkansas area code numbers that best align with your business target region.



Upon reviewing your number, click ‘Buy Now’. Carefully follow the onscreen instructions to complete the payment process.


Set up your numbers

Post-checkout, your AR phone number activates swiftly. Move into the settings, personalize as per your preferences, and you’re ready to roll.

Get Various Arkansas Virtual Phone Number

Sketch your path to client engagement with Arkansas virtual phone numbers that embody your brand’s vision.

elephone icon with 479 area code local number over map of Arkansas state

Local Number

Perfect for businesses looking to break into local communities. A local number amplifies your local visibility and showcases your commitment to the area.

A phone icon with 888 toll-free number

Toll-free Number

Employ a toll-free number and emphasize your brand’s dedication to exemplary customer service. A toll-free number offers a free channel of communication for your clients.

Different vanity number surrounding a mobile phone with Calilio's chat box

Vanity Number

For businesses with an eye for branding, vanity number ensures recall by crafting a distinctive identity in your phone number.

Already Have Arkansas Phone Number?

Do not lose your existing Arkansas phone number. Calilio offers number porting to add top-notch VoIP features to your current number.

Features of Virtual Arkansas Phone Number

A virtual Arkansas phone number is not just about sustaining a local presence. It’s a gateway to bountiful innovative features to manage your business communication.

Call Analytics
Gain invaluable insights into your communication patterns. Call analytics provides a comprehensive overview of call data and aids in better decision-making.
Never miss an important message again. Empower callers to leave a message even when you’re unavailable. Voicemails allow you to always stay in the loop.
Call Routing
Direct calls with unmatched precision. Call routing connects callers to the appropriate department and optimizes efficiency and customer satisfaction.
DND (Do Not Disturb)
Guard your peace and prioritize calls. Activate DND when you need a break and allow only priority calls while others are courteously informed.
Experience freedom like never before. With the portability feature, seamlessly shift your Arkansas area code numbers between devices or locations.

How to Make a Call to Arkansas?

Calling an Arkansas phone number requires understanding the essential codes and prefixes to connect seamlessly.


Exit Code (+ or 00)

Dial your country’s exit code to start. The exit codes are distinct for different countries. For instance, the exit code for the UK is ‘00’. Mobile phone users can replace the exit code with the ‘+’ sign.


US Country Code (1)

Key in the US country code, which is ‘1’. It informs your phone system and network to direct the calls to the United States.


Arkansas Area Code

Dial the specific Arkansas area code you’re contacting. It further narrows your call destination.


7-digit Number

Punch in the unique 7-digit phone number. Shortly, it rings your target recipient in the Arkansas region within the US.

Arkansas Phone Number Example

Suppose you’re attempting to call a phone number in Little Rock, whose local number is 123-4567. Little Rock’s area code is 501.

    Exit Code: ‘00’ or ‘+’ (for the UK)
    Country Code: ‘1’ (for the US)
    Area Code: ‘501’ (for Little Rock)
    Local Number: ‘123-4567’
    So, you’ll dial: 00-1-501-123-4567 or +1-501-123-4567.

Why Choose Calilio?

AR Area Code Numbers With Calilio

Calilio presents virtual phone numbers with the AR area code that perfectly blends connectivity with affordability.

Swift Setup & Onboarding

The setup and onboarding process on Calilio is straightforward. Our user-friendly interface allow you to kickstart your virtual communications without any hassle.

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Priority Support

Choosing Calilio means choosing a partner that prioritizes your needs. Our dedicated support team is always on standby 24/7, conforming to address any queries promptly.

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Reliability Commitment

Reliability isn’t just Calilio’s promise; it’s a commitment. Experience uninterrupted communication throughout your journey with us.

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Tailored Solutions

Every business has unique communication needs, and Calilio recognizes that. Craft a VoIP plan solution that perfectly aligns with your needs and requirements.

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Ongoing Service Optimizations

Calilio constantly evolves and optimizes its services. We ensure you always have access to the best communication tools in the modern business landscape.

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Connect to Arkansas’ Thriving Communities

Embrace Arkansas’ rich cultural heritage and growing economic sectors with an AR phone number. Forge a local presence in vibrant cities of the state.

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