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Where Is Area Code 669?

The 669 area code primarily serves San Jose city in Silicon Valley, California. This area code touches two counties - Santa Clara and Santa Cruz, with the major cities including San Jose, Cupertino, San Martin, and Sunnyvale.

San Jose has a population of approximately 945,942. People living here belong to diverse ethnicities and cultures. So, the businesses here have access to a diverse customer base. The 669 area code falls within the Pacific Time Zone (PT). It observes Pacific Standard Time during the fall and winter and switches to Pacific Daylight Time in the spring and summer.

Popular Cities

Total Population

San Jose18,216
Monte Sereno3,442
Palo Alto64,403
East Foothills8,269
Alum Rock15,320
San Martin7,021
Morgan Hill37,882
Cambrian Park3,282
Los Gatos29,296
Lexington Hills2,421

History of 669 Area Code

The 669 area code is a relatively new area code in San Jose. It was introduced on November 20, 2012, as an overlay to the existing 408 area code. The addition was made to address the shortage of available phone numbers in the rapidly growing Silicon Valley region. The introduction of a new area code facilitated the residents and businesses to get the new number without disrupting existing phone numbers. Today, both 669 and 408 area codes serve the same geographic area in San Jose, California. 

Exploring 669 Area Code: Business Scenario and Outlook

The 669 area code in San Jose, Silicon Valley, has a dynamic business environment. San Jose is the largest city in Northern California and is particularly known for its booming technology industry. It houses some of the world's leading tech companies like Google, Apple, and Amazon.

San Jose is home to approximately 945,942 residents and supports a diverse range of industries, including finance, banking, manufacturing, technology, and healthcare. The local economy is robust, with a mean household income of $150,601. So, the businesses here get a customer base with strong purchasing power.

Features of Virtual 669 Area Code Numbers

Virtual 669 phone numbers on Calilio come with VoIP features that significantly boost your San Jose business communication capabilities and efficiency.

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Custom Greetings

Create a lasting impression even from the first touch point. Design custom greetings that echo your brand’s voice while making every caller’s experience personal and engaging.

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Detailed Call Analytics

Get insights into every call. Calilio allows you to track patterns and performance of your virtual 669 number to aid informed decision-making.

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Call Queuing

Manage high call volumes with an efficient queuing system. The call queue feature ensures your customers are attended to in order, maintaining service quality even during peak hours.

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Voicemail Transcription

Turn voice messages into text and get it directly to your email. It ensures you never miss important information.

Benefits of Area Code 669 for Businesses

A California phone number with a San Jose area code 669 positions your business in the center of San Jose. It offers a unique blend of visibility and connectivity in a local market.

How to Get a Virtual Phone Number with Area Code 669?

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Your phone number instantly activates. Finalize your setup by customizing your 669 number settings.

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