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Where is Area Code 850?

The 850 area code is in the western portion of Florida. This extensive area code covers 19 counties, including Escambia, Leon, Okaloosa, Bay, Santa Rosa, Walton, Jackson, Gadsden, Wakulla, Washington, and Taylor. The major cities within the area code 850 include Tallahassee, Pensacola, Panama City, Navarre, Ferry Pass, and Bellview.

This area code serves over 1.2 million residents across diverse communities, including White Americans (70.1%), African Americans (18.2%), and Latin Americans (6.9%). This region operates under the Eastern Time Zone (ET), which is 4 hours behind Coordinated Universal Time (UTC -4).






Panama City36,484Bay 
Navarre31,378Santa Rosa
Ferry Pass28,921Escambia
West Pensacola21,339Escambia
Pace20,039Santa Rosa
Fort Walton Beach19,507Okaloosa
Lynn Haven18,493Bay County

History of 850 Area Code

The 850 area code was introduced in 1997 to meet the growing demands of telephone services in Florida. It was introduced as an overlay to the 904 area code, which previously covered Northern Florida, including Tallahassee, Panhandle.

Today, most businesses and residents within Tallahassee receive the 850 area code for new numbers, while some still use the 904 area code. Since the introduction of the 850 area code, no additional area codes have been necessary, as they sufficiently cover the entire western part of the Panhandle.

Exploring 850 Area Code: Business Scenario and Outlook

Area code 850, including Tallahassee, is famous for its diverse culture, history, and natural beauty. It’s also a significant business hub in Florida as it is located near major US cities like Atlanta, Tampa, and Orlando.

The key industries within the 850 area code include technology, healthcare, and education. The average salary of the Tallahassee people is $79,187 per annum, which is considerably higher in the US. This contributes to the high spending capacity among residents, benefiting the business with more sales.

Moreover, Tallahassee, as the capital city of Florida, also offers favorable laws and policies that benefit the business. Tallahassee municipality eliminated a small business license mandate in 2016 to encourage startups. 

850 Area Code Number As A Communication Tool for Business Growth

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Call Filters

850 virtual number allows you to block spam calls and respond with your genuine calls effectively.

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Live Call Monitoring

Monitor the live calls of your customers and know how your agent is responding to your customers’ calls and responses.

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Number Sharing

Share a single number with different agents, maintaining consistency while responding to customers' calls effectively.

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Realtime Dashboard

Get real-time insight into your calls. With this tool, you can know whether your customer is satisfied with your response.

Why Does Your Business Need 850 Area Code Number?

The 850 area code number helps establish your local presence in Tallahassee. You can easily connect with local customers and build trust. This ultimately leads to business growth.

Easy to Remember

Customer Convenience

Local Benefits

Build Trust

How to Get a Virtual Phone Number with Area Code 850?

Getting an 850 area code is easy on Calilio. You just need to create your Calilio account, make payment, and choose your desired number and plan.

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Pick a Number

Proceed to “Setting,” then click on “My Numbers” and “Purchase Number.” Pick your desired virtual number with area code 850.

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Proceed a Payment

Secure your chosen number following the prompt instructions for purchase.

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Customize Settings

After activation, go to settings and customize the features according to your business needs.

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