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934 area code

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Where is Area Code 934?

Area code 934 covers Suffolk County of New York, located on Long Island. It also serves some parts of Nassau County. The major cities within the 934 area code include Brentwood, West Babylon, Coram, Commack, Central Islip, Riverhead, Southampton, Patchogue, and Huntington Station.

The total population within this area code is around 2.9 million, and that includes citizens from all the communities, including white (62.9%), Black (9.15%), and Asian (7.87%). Ultimately, this diverse demography benefits the business to grow. Brentwood phone number operates under the Eastern Time Zone (ET).




West Babylon43,213Suffolk
Central Islip34,450Suffolk
Huntington Station33,029Suffolk
West Islip28,335Suffolk
Deer Park27,745Suffolk
Dix Hills26,892Suffolk
Bay Shore26,337Suffolk

History of 934 Area Code

The area code 934 was introduced on July 16, 2016, to serve Suffolk County, New York, on Long Island. It was introduced as an overlay to the existing 631 local code to meet the growing demand for new phone numbers in Suffolk County.

Before 1999, the 516 area code covered both Suffolk and Nassau Counties. However, with a growing population and demand for telephone numbers, the local 516 code needed to be revised. Then, a new area was created in 1999 as division 631 to cover Suffolk County.

Despite introducing the 631 area code, the need for new phone numbers continued, and the 631 wasn’t enough to serve the whole county. So, the new area code 934 was introduced as an overlay in 2016. Today, area codes 934 and 631 serve the Suffolk County of New York State.

Exploring 934 Area Code: Business Scenario and Outlook

Due to its strategic location, the 934 area code, including Brentwood, is the favourite destination for diverse industries. This includes healthcare, education, manufacturing, technology,  retail trade, tourism, and professional services, all significantly contribute to New York’s GDP.

Major players within this area code include Peconic Bay Medical Center and Smith Haven Mall. Additionally, Brentwood is to famous universities like Stony Brook University, Farmingdale State College, and Hofstra University. This university provides fresh talent at competitive rates, benefiting the local business.

Furthermore, the median household income in this area is $113,683, significantly higher than the national average of $43,966. This high buying power makes Brentwood an attractive target for startups and enterprise businesses.

934 Area Code Number As A Communication Toll for Business Growth

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Unified Callbox

Receive and manage all your calls and messages from a single central platform, making communication easier sharing.

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Number Sharing

Share your 934 area code number with multiple agents to get on a call with multiple customers with the same number at the same time.

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Call Recording

Keep recording your calls to analyze later and make decisions accordingly to benefit your business.

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Auto Call Distribution

934 virtual number will automatically distribute the incoming calls to the right agents for efficient communication.

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CRM Integration

Integrate your Brentwood phone number with different CRM software to manage your communication effectively.

Why Does Your Business Need a Phone Area Code 934?

A 934 phone area code number helps you to connect with the local Brentwood customers. This strengthens your relationship and builds trust for your brand, which ultimately helps you get more call leads

Build Local Trust

Maintain Professionalism

Save Infrastructure Cost

Cost Effective Communication

Targeted Marketing

How to Get a 934 Virtual Phone Number?

step one

Create your free account on Calilio, providing the basic details like your name and email to verify.

step two

Choose a plan from the available options that match your business requirements and needs.

step three

Explore our available number and pick your preferred number with the 934 number prefix.

step four

Complete the payment using our available options to own your 934 phone number.

step five

Once your number gets activated, customize the setting according to your business preferences and demands.

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