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Where Is The 363 Area Code? 363 Area Code Location

Area code 363 is located in Long Island, New York. It specifically covers Nassau County. This area is popular for its vibrant communities, beautiful beaches, historical landmarks, and growing local businesses.

Within the area code 363, you'll find several popular cities, including Long Island, Hempstead, Levittown, Hicksville, and Freeport. These cities offer a mix of urban and suburban living, which makes them attractive for both residents and businesses. The total population within the 363 area code is approximately 2.8 million people. This means the businesses in this area also have a diverse and dynamic customer base.

The 363 area code falls under the Eastern Time Zone (ET). It follows Eastern Standard Time (EST), which is UTC-5 during the fall and winter months. In the spring and summer months, it shifts to Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), which is UTC-4.

Popular Cities

Total Population


Long Beach33,275


Hempstead53, 891Nassau
Valley Stream37,571Nassau
Glen Cove26,964Nassau
Franklin Square29,320Nassau
Rockville Centre24,023Nassau
Garden City22,371Nassau

History of Area Code 363

The 363 area code is relatively new in Long Island, New York. It was officially implemented on January 20, 2023, as an overlay to the existing 516 area code serving Nassau County. It was introduced to meet the increasing demand for new phone numbers in the region.

After its introduction, the residents and businesses in Nassau County can obtain the new phone number without changing their existing 516 numbers. This ensured that the region’s telecommunication service continued without disruption amidst the rapid population growth.

Exploring 363 Area Code: Business Scenario and Outlook

Long Island, the key city in the 363 area code, is known for its strong economy, diverse industries, and thriving local businesses. Key industries in this region include healthcare, education, technology, finance, and retail.

Long Island isn’t only an ideal location for established businesses, but it also has a favorable environment for startups. The region has a business survival rate of 81.80%, encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship. Moreover, its diverse population of more than 2 million people provides a broad customer base for any business.

363 Area Code Number As A Communication Tool for Business Growth

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Why Does Your Business Need a 363 Phone Number?

Adopting the 363 area code number indicates that your business is from Long Island, regardless of your location. You instantly become part of the locality, which directly impacts your business growth.

Customer Trust and Familiarity

Cost-Effective Communication

Professional Image

Flexibility and Mobility

Competitive Advantage

How to Get a 363 Virtual Phone Number?

Get a virtual phone number with a 363 area code effortlessly on Calilio. Establish your local presence in Nassau County following the simple steps below.


Create an account on Calilio. The registration process is quick and easy; it takes just a few minutes.


Browse through our VoIP plans and select the one that best suits your business needs.


Navigate to the list of available 363 area code numbers and choose the one that fits your business identity.


Proceed with the payment by following the on-screen instructions.


Once your number is active, customize your call settings to match your business operations.

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