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Get a South Carolina phone number and enter the diverse and thriving industries unique to the state. Virtual phone numbers with SC area code offer business opportunities in the state flourishing in tech and manufacturing state.

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Codes Solidify your business presence locally with a dedicated South Carolina number. Choose a phone number with your desired SC area codes.

What is a South Carolina Phone Number?

A South Carolina phone number is a telephonic identification associated with the state of South Carolina. These phone numbers are recognized by specific South Carolina area codes. The area codes signify the phone number origin within the state.

South Carolina area code numbers inform the local customers that your business understands and is invested in the local community. It offers a sense of familiarity, eventually increasing customer engagement and loyalty.

Benefits of a South Carolina Area Code Number

In today's business world, connection, adaptability, and local charm are key. Embrace these ideals with a USA virtual number with South Carolina area code, a tool designed to foster them.

Local Presence, Global Reach

Cost-Effective Communication

Enhanced Credibility

Seamless Integration

Optimal Flexibility

Buy South Carolina Phone Number Instantly

A South Carolina phone number with a local area code instantly boosts your brand’s credibility and reach within the community.

Downtown Greenville South Carolina with a phone dialing 864 area code number

Greenville is a thriving city known for its manufacturing prowess and cultural vibrancy. Securing Greenville area code 864 in your business phone number places your brand in a locale that’s both industrially robust and culturally rich.

  • Greenville

  • Charleston

  • Columbia

How to Get a South Carolina Phone Number?

Acquire your South Carolina phone number effortlessly on Calilio. We offer an intuitive process to get virtual SC numbers.


Sign Up

Sign up on Calilio. It is quick to register. Simply provide the necessary details, verify your email, and you’re on board


Choose a VoIP plan

Browse our pricing page and explore our range of VoIP plans. Pick the one that mirrors your business aspirations.


Pick a Number

Navigate to the “Numbers” section. Click on the “Purchase Number” option. Select virtual phone numbers with the South Carolina area codes you want to target your business.



Click on the “Buy Now” button to confirm your purchase. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your payment.


Set up your numbers

Upon successful checkout, your number activates swiftly. Customize your setting to align with your business needs.

Already Have a South Carolina Phone Number?

Capitalize on Calilio’s number porting service. Retain your trusted South Carolina phone number while enjoying exceptional VoIP features.

VoIP Features of Our South Carolina Phone Number

Calilio’s South Carolina phone number isn’t just about creating communication touchpoints. Its dynamic features can elevate your communication strategy and business productivity.

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Call Monitoring

Check-in on calls to ensure top-notch service. Call monitoring lets you assess and elevate the performance standards of your team.
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Call Blocking

No more unwanted calls. Use call blocking to filter out unnecessary calls so your team can concentrate on what’s important.
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Queue Call Back

Value your client’s time. When all the agents are busy, offer your callers to get a call back instead of holding blank.
auto reply icon

Auto Reply strategy

Stay responsive, even when you’re not there. Auto replies send a quick message to clients, letting them know you’ll connect soon.
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Multiple Agents

Empower a cohesive team approach to client interactions. It allows incoming calls to pass through multiple agents. If one agent fails to attend the call, another can pick up.

South Carolina Phone Numbers With Calilio

Acquiring the South Carolina phone number on Calilio means securing reliable and most advanced communication solutions. Experience unparalleled connectivity and impeccable service quality with us.

24/7 Customer Support

Calilio is always there by your side. Whenever you have queries or need assistance, the solution is just a call away.

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Crystal Clear Call Quality

Say goodbye to poor connections. With our top-notch service, it feels like you’re communicating face-to-face.

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Secure & Confidential

Your security is our utmost priority. We secure your every interaction with end-to-end encryption and ensure your business conversations remain confidential.

Your security is our utmost priority. We secure your every interaction with end-to-end encryption and ensure your business conversations remain confidential.

Easy-to-Use Dashboard

Stay on top of your calls with Calilio's intuitive dashboard. Monitor, manage, and analyze all your communications from one centralized platform.

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Calilio offers premium service without the premium price tag. Explore our range of VoIP plans, all at reasonable pricing structures.

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