866 Area Code Guide: What It Is and How to Get + 1 866 Toll-Free Numbers?

866 area code guide: everything you need to know

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Excellent customer service is necessary if you’re looking to succeed in modern business. You must provide the customers with an easy way to access you, no matter where they are from. An 866 area code number gives your business a nationwide presence and provides direct access to customers from all parts of the country. Additionally, using this number, your customers can reach you without any charges.

What is an 866 Area Code?

The 866 area code is a toll-free number available in the United States and Canada. It’s a part of the NANP’s (North American Number Plan) toll-free numbers to allow users to make a call without any cost.  When someone calls these phone numbers, the number owner covers the call charge instead of the dialer.  

While the 866 prefix is widely recognized, it’s not the only toll-free number in the US or Canada. Some other such types of numbers include 800, 888, 877, 855, 844, and 833. NANP introduced different varieties of toll-free numbers to meet the growing demand of telephone users.

Where is Area Code 866?

Area code 866 isn’t tied to any geographical region. Unlike traditional area codes, which are designated for a particular city or state, this toll-free number doesn’t have a specific region. So, what is the 866 area code location? Well, it represents all regions that come under the North American Numbering plan. These include Canada, the United States, Bermuda, Mexico, and parts of the Caribbean.

866 Area Code Location


Countries CoveredUnited States, Mexico, Bermuda, and the Caribbean
Cities CoveredAccessible from all major cities across the covered countries, including but not limited to cities like New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, and Montreal.
Time ZoneCovers all North American time zones

How Do 866 Toll-Free Numbers Work?

An 866 toll-free number works by transferring the cost of the call from the caller to the recipient, typically businesses. They will pay on behalf of the customers to provide a free call service from anywhere within the coverage area.

To call the 866 number, you’ll need to dial +1 866 and the remaining seven digits of the phone number. ‘+1’ is the country code for the US and Canada.

The toll-free number also allows you to send and receive text messages. However, it may or may not be free. This depends on your customer’s mobile plan. Some carriers may charge for sending texts, while others include it in their plan.

How Are 866 Toll-Free Numbers Different From Other Toll-Free Numbers?

When it comes to functionality, the 866 toll-free numbers are not different from the other toll-free numbers. They all have the same basic function to call without incurring charges. The difference is that you’ll need to use the exact prefix to reach the specific number.

The other difference is seen in when they were introduced. The 866 prefix is newer compared to the original 800 number, which was established in 1996. As demand for toll-free numbers grew, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) later introduced additional prefixes for toll-free numbers, including 888, 877, and 866.

Why Your Business Should Get 866 Numbers?

When you use 866 numbers, you’ll get more calls or inquiries from the callers. As the customers engage more with you, this eventually contributes to increasing sales.

National Presence

As the 866 telephone area code doesn’t belong to a specific region, it provides your business with a national presence. The customers from all over the country can reach you easily. With this, your business appears larger and more established. It helps you attract and engage with a wider audience, which ultimately boosts your business’s growth.

Increase Call Back Rates

When customers have to reach you frequently, and they have to pay for it, they can get frustrated easily. They can even stop calling you. A toll-free number helps avoid this hesitation of callers to reach you just because of the call fees. When customers know they can reach you for free, your business can have higher callback rates. It gives your business more opportunities to engage with your customers, address their needs, and make more sales.

Easy to Use

An 866 number is as easy to use as any other phone number. You dial it the same way you would dial any other number, and you're instantly connected to the business.  Not only is it simple for your customers to use, but it’s also easy to set up too. With a VoIP service provider like Calilio, you can simply purchase the number, configure it on your device, and start using it immediately.

Professional Brand Image

When you use a toll-free number, the customers understand that you are a customer-focused business. Using this type of number indicates that you put the customer’s convenience first. This professional appearance sets you apart from competitors and helps you build a stronger relationship with your clients. As a result, it opens the doors for more business opportunities.

Flexible Marketing Tool

Your marketing campaign is successful only when you get a response or inquiries from more customers. You can use a toll-free 866 number on your website, in print ads, or on TV to make it easy for potential clients to contact you. This will reward your marketing efforts by increasing customer engagement.

How to Get an 866 Area Code Number?

You can get an 866 area code number from VoIP service providers or directly from the FCC (Federal Communications Commission).

Traditionally, the FCC assigns this number on the basis of the application received. The one who applies first gets the first. So, you may have to wait a longer period to get the number from the FCC. On the other hand, VoIP service provides a much simpler and quicker method. Typically, you can get it from your home within a few days.

Here’s how to get an area code 866 number from VoIP service providers:

  1. Choose a VoIP Service Provider: Select a reputable provider that offers toll-free numbers.
  2. Sign Up: Create an account with the provider and choose a plan (Voip providers often offer a range of subscription plans to choose from).
  3. Select Your Number: Browse from available numbers and choose one that fits your brand.
  4. Purchase and Configure: Buy the number and configure it using the provider’s platform.
  5. Start Using: Once configured, you can immediately start using your number to receive calls from customers nationwide.

What to Consider When Choosing the 866 Number Provider?

In the market, you’ll find many VoIp service providers that offer 866 numbers. But remember, choosing the right provider is essential to ensure that you equip your business with a reliable communication solution. When selecting a provider, you should consider factors such as reliability, available features, customer support, ease of setup, and scalability.

Reliability and Uptime: Your customers should be able to access your number all the time. So, select a reliable provider that has high uptime. Look for providers with proven track records and excellent customer reviews.

Features and Services: Select the service provider that offers the most advanced features at a reasonable cost. The basic features to look for are call forwarding, call analytics, voicemail, and texting features.

Customer Support: Issues may arise at any time. So, select the provider that offers to resolve any issues at any time they may arise. Choose the provider that offers 24/7 customer support via multiple channels, such as phone, email, or live chat.

Ease of Setup and Use: You should be able to set up and use your number without any technical difficulties. Select the provider that offers an easy setup process and a user-friendly interface.

Scalability: Your business won’t stay the same all the time. So, you must consider a provider that can scale with your business. You should be able to easily add new numbers or additional communication features if required in the future.

Wrapping Up

An 866 area code number is a great way to improve customer service and create a professional brand image. Moreover, it’s easy to remember, so customers will recall it and won’t hesitate to call it, as it’s free for them. The other good news is that you can get these numbers easily and quickly.

Calilio offers a simple process to get a toll-free number. All you need to do is register your account, select your number, and make a purchase. Sign Up now to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would an 866 number call me?

Businesses and customer service centers often use 866 numbers to contact their customers. When you get a call from the 866 number, they might be calling you for various reasons like sales inquiries and customer support.

Is 866 area code Caribbean?

No, the area code 866 is not specifically assigned to the Caribbean. This number is used across the United States, Canada, and other NANP countries, which may include some parts of the Caribbean.

Can I call an 866 number from outside the US?

Yes, you can call an 866 number from outside the United States. However, be mindful that you may have to pay a fee for international calls depending on your phone service provider and the country from which you are calling.

How do you find out who owns an 866 number?

There are various ways to find the owner of the phone number. One of the easy ways is to use the reverse phone lookup service. It is an online tool that can identify the owner of different types of phone numbers, including 866.

What is an 866 business number?

An 866 business number refers to a toll-free number that the businesses use. They use such numbers to provide their customers with a free way to call them.

Is an 866 area code number a scam?

Not necessarily. You should be careful, though. Just like other numbers, the scammers may also use it.

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