Is WiFi Calling Free or Costs Money?

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Communication has improved a long way, and there are still a lot of places in the world where it’s hard to get a good phone signal. Dealing with such call quality issues during most important meetings or talks can be frustrating. In such a case, if you have an internet connection, you can now easily make and receive calls and texts through Wi-Fi calling. It allows you to make and receive calls using a wifi connection in areas with poor signals.

The main question people often ask is whether Wi-Fi calling is free or if it costs money. WiFi calling generally does not incur additional charges and is included in your existing voice plan. It’s a cost-effective solution for staying connected without relying solely on cellular networks.

How Does Wifi Calling Work?

If you are wondering how Wi-Fi calling works exactly, we have got you covered. For Wi-Fi calling, all you need is a wi-fi connection, a smartphone with a wi-fi calling feature, and a service provider offering it.

If you are at a place with weak or no signal but have a wi-fi connection, you can call your phone using wi-fi. You are connected to your service provider’s network over wi-fi, verifying your account and phone number. The call is then set up using the Internet VoIP.

Afterwards, your voice is converted into small data packets over the Wi-Fi connection to your carrier’s server, and the call is routed to the receiver. In case you move out of the wi-fi range during the call, it switches the call cellular network only if one is available.

The connection is closed when the call ends and resources are released. Therefore, Wi-Fi combined with cellular networks improves your call quality and does not let a call drop.

How Is Wi-Fi Calling Different From Traditional Cellular Calls?

Wi-Fi calling uses a Wi-Fi network to make and receive calls, while traditional cellular calls rely on a mobile network. The table below better shows how Wi-Fi calling varies from traditional cellular calls.

Wi-Fi Calling

Traditional Cellular Calls

It uses a Wi-Fi connection to make calls and send texts.It uses cellular towers and radio frequencies to connect your phone.
As long as you have access to Wi-Fi, you can stay connected even with a poor signal.It lets you make and receive calls only if you are within range of a cell tower.
Stable Wi-Fi, along with its high speed, offers excellent call quality and vice-versa.Cellular signal strength and network barriers affect the call quality.
Does not need you to pay anything beyond the internet cost.Use your cellular data plan but no internet data.

Potential Costs of Wifi Calling

Wifi calling costs no money as it is taken from your monthly plans. It is an alternative solution to poor cellular service. People living in an area with poor signal can easily rely on wi-fi calling and have a backup if their network goes down for an extended period.

Though wi-fi calling is not cost-free, it is cost-effective, and its potential costs differ based on several factors. Below are the factors influencing your calling costs, including carrier policies and whether you are making domestic or international costs. 

I. Domestic Calls

Most carriers' plans commonly cover domestic calls using Wi-Fi at no additional cost. With no unlimited plan, some service providers count domestic wi-fi calls against your regular minute payment and charge you for them.

II. International Calls

Compared to traditional cellular networks, international calls over Wi-Fi are more cost-effective. Charges for international Wi-Fi calls also change depending on your carrier and specific plan.

While some providers offer packages or add-ons for affordable international Wifi calling rates, these calls might still charge, even if made over Wifi, depending on the service provider’s policy.

III. Carrier Policies

Each carrier charges a different price for the plan and has its policies about Wi-Fi calling, directly impacting Wi-Fi calling potential cost.

Carriers adding unlimited Wi-Fi calling to their unlimited talk plans make Wi-Fi calling free. However, for plans with a limited number of minutes, Wi-Fi calling counts towards your minute payment.

Numerous carriers offer international calling options, reducing Wifi calling prices in other countries. When you are overseas, some still claim a charge for Wi-Fi calls, especially for non-local number calls.

Moreover, there are also a few carriers that add Wi-Fi calling as a part of upscale plans, possibly reducing costs. For international or premium calls, they might even charge you a hidden or additional amount.

Therefore, you can determine if Wi-Fi calling is worth your cost and time based on your carrier plans.

Wrapping Up

Wi-Fi calling offers a cost-effective solution for making calls in areas with poor cellular reception. While domestic calls are typically free and included in your monthly voice plan, international calls may incur charges based on your carrier’s policies. Each carrier has its own set of rules and fees, so review your plan details to understand the potential costs fully.

For an even more affordable and versatile communication option, you can consider VoIP calling. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) offers lower rates for both domestic and international calls.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wi-Fi Calling Really Free?

No, Wi-Fi calling is not free, but you do not have to pay anything beyond the internet cost.

Does It Cost Extra For Wi-Fi Calling?

Wi-Fi calling does not cost extra pay, but the charges are taken from your monthly plans.

What is The Downside Of Wi-Fi Calling?

There are various downsides of Wi-Fi calling, which are listed below:

  1. It is highly dependent on Wi-Fi Quality.
  2. It has limited availability as only a few devices and carriers support it.
  3. It consumes your battery relatively faster than your cellular connections.
  4. Public and unsecured Wi-Fi networks might expose calls to potential security risks.

Should I Have Wi-Fi Calling or Not?

If your device and carrier support Wi-Fi calling, having Wi-Fi calling can be the best option for you to communicate while travelling for business purposes.

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