How to Get a Free Canadian Phone Number?

How to Get a Free Canadian Phone Number?

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Canada is emerging as a global economic powerhouse, leading the business industry outranking other G7 countries. Due to that, many businesses are operating in Canada to leverage its economic stability. To effectively thrive and boost your competitive edge in the Canadian market, a Canadian phone number is essential. It demonstrates your commitment to the customers and portrays a professional brand image.

Many VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service providers offer a free Canadian phone number. With VoIP, businesses can leverage the benefits of virtual Canadian numbers, including increased accessibility and cost-effective communication, to expand their operations in Canada, regardless of their location.

Why do you need a Canadian Phone Number?

Securing a Canadian number helps you avoid hefty international fees by eliminating long-distance roaming charges, whether you’re an individual or business owner trying to communicate with your prospects within Canada.

Accessibility and Reach

A Canadian phone number makes it easier for Canadian customers to reach you. It ensures you’re just a call away without international dialing complexities and incurring charges. A local number provides various benefits, whether you’re an individual with a family in Canada or a business owner. For example, having a local Canadian number can increase sales potential for businesses, as customers only need to pay local rates when placing calls. It encourages customers to engage with the business more.

Regional Presence

A local Canadian number instantly allows businesses to establish a professional image and enhance the brand’s local visibility. It enables you to foster trust among the local audience. A local number helps companies appear more invested and approachable to Canadian clients by providing a more accessible and familiar point of contact.

Business Legitimacy

Canadian phone numbers boost your business’s legitimacy, as they signal a well-established local presence in their community. Local customers are more inclined to trust a business with a local number than a foreign number. For instance, suppose you have an e-commerce business in Vancouver with a local number. In that case, local shoppers may find your business more trustworthy than those with an international US phone number.

No Extra or Long-Distance Fee

Businesses can eliminate long-distance fees or extra customer charges with a Canadian local phone number. It provides customers with convenient access and a cost-effective way to contact you. For example, a customer from Toronto can call your business frequently without worrying about additional costs, significantly improving customer relations.

Exploring Major Providers With Free Canadian Local Number


Key Features



Best For


  • Free virtual number with any subscribed plan for Canada, the US, or the UK
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Call management features, including filtering, call history, blocking, forwarding, and analytics
  • Integrations with CRM
  • Customizable plans
  • Easy Setup
  • HD audio and video quality
  • Global availability
  • Compliance with regulatory authorities like HIPPA and GDPR
  • Subscribe to any plan to get a free virtual Canada number
  • Storage of call recordings for 90 days 
  • Businesses looking for comprehensive, all-in-one feature-rich solutions 

Google Voice

  • Free Calls for Canada and US
  • Integration with Google Workspace
  • Free text messaging and voicemail services
  • Custom phone numbers
  • Entry-level plans start from $10 per user per month 
  • Scalable  with unlimited users
  • Spam call blocking
  • No desktop apps
  • No call recording
  • Limited texting
  • Difficulty in call management
  • Best suited for small businesses looking to integrate communication with Google WorkSpace tools


  • Integration with business tools, CRM, and helpdesk
  • IVR
  • Call forwarding
  • Intuitive design
  • Local and toll-free numbers for over 50 countries
  • High call quality
  • Difficult to cancel a subscription plan
  • Restrictions on call types
  • Unreliable customer support
  • Businesses needing advanced call management features 


  • Free calling and texting in the USA and Canada
  • Customizable ringtone
  • Allows the use of the same number across multiple devices 
  • No contract agreement
  • No global availability
  • No desktop app
  • Limited advanced call features such as voicemail and call forwarding
  • Individuals seeking cost-effective calling solution


  • Team collaboration tools
  • Call forwarding
  • User-friendly interface
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Limited calling minutes
  • MMS limit with only 5MB
  • No virtual faxing
  • Possible number or account suspension
  • Businesses seeking a provider with good customer service 


💡 ProTip

Although many service providers offer free Canadian phone numbers, they may come with limitations and restrictions, such as limited features, support, and ads. When getting a free number, there is always a potential risk of number changes or usage restrictions if unused for an extended period.

How to Get a Free Canadian Phone Number?

Obtaining a free virtual number for Canada is simpler and easier than you might think. Several service providers offer this service, allowing you to choose the one that best fits your requirements and needs. 

  1. Choose a Service Provider
    Select a reliable provider that offers a free Canada number. Check their customer service history and reputation. For instance, Calilio is one of the leading service providers with a good customer history.
  2. Sign Up
    Download the mobile app or visit the provider’s website on your browser. Sign up for an account by providing the necessary information.
  3. Verification
    Most service providers will verify your identity to prevent fraud and ensure the legitimacy of the individual. They usually confirm your phone number or email address through a verification code.
  4. Select Your Plan
    Select the plan that best suits your needs. For example, Calilio includes one complimentary virtual phone number (Canada, US, or UK) with each subscription plan. You can also customize a plan according to your business preferences.
  5. Proceed to Checkout
    Browse the available Canadian phone numbers and select the one that you prefer. You can get a Canadian toll-free number as well based on your needs. Afterward, proceed to check out.


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Final Thoughts

Choosing a VoIP service provider for a virtual Canadian phone number allows you to enjoy the benefits of a local number while operating internationally or remotely. With a virtual number, businesses can build credibility and professionalism in Canada without having a physical presence. It also provides callers with convenient access to reach you at local calling rates, encouraging cost-effective communication. Additionally, you can easily get access to local and governmental services.

Select Calilio to leverage all the benefits of a virtual number. We offer advanced call management functionality with our VoIP plans, ranging from $12 to customizable options to fit your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Canada's country code?

The country code for Canada is “+1”, which is the same as other NANP countries, including the US.

How do I know if my Canadian number is toll-free?

You can identify a toll-free Canadian number by looking at the three-digit code following the country code. Toll-free numbers typically start with “8,” such as 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, and 833.

What are the different types of Canadian phone numbers?

The different types of Canadian phone numbers are local, toll-free, mobile, vanity, and emergency numbers.

What does the Canadian phone number format look like?

The Canadian phone number follows the dialing format: (country code) (area code) (local number). If you’re trying to call Toronto within Canada, the format will look like “+1 647 XXX XXXX”. Here, “X” represents the subscribers' unique local numbers. 

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