How To Get a US Phone Number for Free? The Complete Guide

How to get US ohone number for free.

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The United States is a hub of technological and business advancements. Many professionals and companies from around the globe are looking to establish their presence here. To effectively network and expand in the US market, a US phone number can provide you direct access.

Many VoIP services and messaging services offer free US phone numbers online. Thanks to these technologies, you can easily get a US phone number regardless of your location. 

Why Do You Need A US Phone Number?

For businesses, a US phone number establishes a local presence in the USA without relocating the physical office. This local presence helps businesses build trust and credibility, opening the gateway to access a vast customer base in the USA. Moreover, a US number helps you connect your business with American clients and partners while avoiding international call fees.

On a personal level, it helps you to stay in touch with your family and friends in the US at a local and affordable cost. Plus, if you visit the USA, these numbers help you access American apps, services, and local businesses that require local numbers for verification.

How to Get a Free US Phone Number?

You can get a free US phone number online with VoIP services like Calilio and telecommunication apps like Google Voice, TextNow, Skype, and Burner. 

How to get a US phone number for free from Calilio?

Calilio is a leading VoIP service provider that offers feature-rich virtual phone numbers from around the globe. Calilio’s US phone number not only connects you to the US but also offers a range of VoIP features, including call forwarding, voicemail, call recording, and more. These features provide flexibility and efficiency in communication for both personal and professional use.

Follow the steps below to get a free US virtual phone number from Calilio:

Step 1: Visit the Calilio website or download and install the Calilio App on your device.

Step 2: Sign up to create your account.

Step 3: After signing up, choose a from the range of Calilio’s VoIP plans. For each subscribed plan, Calilio offers one free virtual phone number(US, Canada, or UK).

Step 4: Pick your preferred US phone number and proceed to checkout.

How to get a US phone number for free from Google Voice?

Google Voice is a powerful communication tool. It offers you free USA phone numbers from web browsers and its app. Although the service is only officially available to users within the US, you can still gain access internationally. To do this, you can use a VPN and connect to a US Server.

Follow the steps below to get a US phone number for free from Google Voice:

Step 1: Access the Google Voice Website

Step 2: Select the number for personal or business use.

Step 3: Sign in to your Google account. If you don't have one, click the "Create account" link to set up a new account.

Step 4: Once signed in, click the "Continue" button to proceed.

Step 5: Enter your desired phone number or area code into the search box, browse the available options, and click "Select."

Step 6: Click "Verify" and get the verification code via text or call. Enter the code into the provided field.

Step 7: After verification, link your new Google Voice number with your existing Google account or phone number.

How to get a US phone number for free from TextNow?

Textnow is a web-based communication service available on Android phones and iOS platforms. It offers free US phone numbers funded by in-app advertising. When you choose a US phone number from TextNow, you receive unlimited calling and texting within the US and Canada. Additionally, you can send and receive messages through Wi-Fi or mobile data, which makes it an ideal option for travelers.

Step 1: Download the TextNow App or Visit the TextNow Website.

Step 2: Create an account using your email address or login if you already have one.

Step 3: Grant the necessary permissions for the app, like access to your microphone and contacts.

Step 4: Select the "Get a Free Phone Number" option and pick your desired US area code.

How to get a US phone number for free from 8X8?

8X8 is another popular VoIP service provider that offers virtual phone numbers from different countries, including the USA. While it’s not a completely free service, it does provide a free phone virtual number for each user for every subscription.

Here’s how you get a free US virtual number on 8X8:

Step 1: Visit the 8x8 Website.

Step 2: Review a range of available plans on 8X8 and then select a plan that suits your business requirements.

Step 3: Sign up to register your account. Follow the setup instructions to configure your 8x8 account. Provide your business details and any necessary verification.

Step 4: Once your account is active, choose a virtual US phone number based on your preferred area code, and then check out.

How to get a US phone number for free from Talkatone?

Talkatone is a VoIP phone call app designed for mobile devices. It also offers free US numbers to make calls and send texts over Wi-Fi or mobile data. The key perk of getting a US phone number from Talkatone is that it offers unlimited calls within the US. Moreover, it comes with advanced communication features like call forwarding, voicemail, and SMS without the need for an expensive phone plan.

Follow the steps here to get free US number from Talkatone:

Step 1: Download and install the Talkatone app from the App Store or Google Play Store on your mobile device.

Step 2: Create your account using your email address.

Step 3: Select a US area code that matches your preferred location or region.

Step 4: Browse and pick your desired phone number.

Step 5: Finish configuring your account and phone number.

The table below highlights the key features and limitations of each provider:

Brand Name

Key Features



  • Call Forwarding
  • Auto Attendants
  • IVR Integration
  • Call Parking 
  • Subscribe to the plan to get a free US phone number

Google Voice

  • Voicemail Transcription
  • Integration with Google Workspace
  • Call Forwarding 
  • Available only in the US.


  • Free calls and texts via Wi-Fi/data
  • Unlimited calling to the US and Canada
  • Voicemail and cross-platform usage 
  • Limited customer support


  • Cloud-based unified communications
  • Voicemail Transcription
  • Scalable solutions for businesses
  • Requires a paid subscription


  • Free calls and texts via Wi-Fi/data
  • Unlimited calling to the US and Canada
  • Limited calling to other countries

Final Words

US phone numbers are the most sought-after numbers in the world as they provide you with direct access to the US business market. The different VoIP platforms and online communication solutions offer you to get a free US phone number from the comfort of your home.

However, a US phone number alone may not be sufficient if you’re looking for a US phone number for your business. Calilio offers feature-rich US numbers equipped with advanced VoIP capabilities to offer more than just local connectivity. Its advanced features, including call forwarding, voicemail transcription, and call parking, improve your overall business communication in the US.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get a free US phone number for verification?

To get a free US phone number for verification, sign up for a service like Google Voice or TextNow. These platforms offer free US numbers that you can use for online account verifications.

How to get a free US phone number for WhatsApp?

You can get a US phone number from Calilio and use it for WhatsApp. You'll receive a verification code via SMS or call that specific number while setting up your WhatsApp.

How to get a free US number for Telegram?

You can obtain a US number for Telegram from a VoIP service provider like Calilio or an online communication platform like Google Voice.

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