How to Call the US from Germany?

How to dial US from Germany

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The US, one of the most visited countries in the world, is also a global business hub. It has strong connections with Germany on both personal and business levels. Many people and companies from Germany call the US frequently to connect with friends, family, or business partners. However, making these international calls can sometimes be tricky. You must know how to call the US from Germany using the correct sequence of various international codes. Even minor misplacements in these prefixes can lead to reaching out to the wrong contact.

Understanding the Phone Prefixes and Codes to Call the US from Germany

Calling the US from Germany involves various prefixes and codes, such as the Germany exit code, the US country code, and the local area codes of the countries. Each element plays a distinct role when connecting calls across continents.


  • German Exit Code: The German exit code “00” is crucial when initiating international calls from Germany. It signals the German phone network that you’re dialing outside the country.


  • US Country Code: The US country code “1” is the universal identifier that connects calls to the US from anywhere in the world. It’s your gateway for telephone networks to enter the United States.


  • Local US Area Code: Local area codes are three-digit codes that pinpoint the specific geographic region within the United States, such as a city or a part of a state. These phone codes route your call to the correct local area.


    Below are listed some popular area codes of the USA.

    Area Code


    Area Code


    212New York City, NY


    Los Angeles, CA

    312Chicago, IL


    Miami, FL

    415San Francisco, CA


    Washington, D.C.

    617Boston, MA


    Las Vegas, NV

    206Seattle, WA


    Atlanta, GA

    515Austin, TX


    Denver, CO

    410Baltimore, MD


    New Orleans, LA

    313Detroit, MI


    Philadelphia, PA

    407Orlando, FL


    Columbus, OH

    816Kansas City, MO


    St. Louis, MO

Step-by-step Process to Call the US from Germany

To call the US from Germany, dial the relevant international phone codes and prefixes in the right sequence. These codes and prefixes include Germany’s exit code, the USA country code, the local area code, and the remaining 7-digit phone number.


Step 1: Dial “00”, the German area code. Upon dialing from the mobile phone, you can replace this code with the “+” symbol. 


Step 2: Dial “1”, the US country code.


Step 3: Key in the three-digit area code for the region you want to contact in the US.


Step 4: Dial the local seven-digit phone number of your desired recipient.

US Phone Number Example When Calling From Germany

Suppose you’re calling from a Germany phone number to an individual from Hawaii (its area code is 808) with the phone number “123-4567.”  You would dial 00-1-808-123-4567 or +1-808-1234567 (if calling from a mobile phone). Here, “00” is the German area code, “1” indicates the USA country code, and 808 represents the Hawaii area code.

When to Call the United States from Germany?

When calling the United States from Germany, choose the appropriate time for the receiver, considering the time zone differences. Germany operates in a single time zone - Central European Time (CET). In contrast, the US follows 6 time zones. Here is how US time zones compare to Germany to give you an idea of the appropriate time to call the US from Germany:


  • Eastern Standard Time (EST): Germany is 6 hours ahead of EST. For instance, if it's 2 PM in Germany, it’s 8 AM in New York. Ideal calling hours are German late afternoon to evening.


  • Central Standard Time (CST): Germany is 7 hours ahead of CST. When it's 3 PM in Germany, it’s 8 AM in Chicago. Aim for calls in the German evening for midday CST.


  • Mountain Standard Time (MST): Germany leads MST by 8 hours. A 4 PM time in Germany corresponds to 8 AM in Denver. Late evening calls in Germany match MST mornings.


  • Pacific Standard Time (PST): Germany is 9 hours ahead of PST. Thus, 5 PM in Germany is 8 AM in Los Angeles. Late evening in Germany suits early mornings in PST.


  • Alaska Standard Time (AKST): Germany is 10 hours ahead of AKST. When it's 6 PM in Germany, it's 8 AM in Anchorage. Evening calls from Germany align with AKST morning hours.


  • Hawaii Standard Time (HST): Germany is 11 hours ahead of HST. A 7 PM call in Germany reaches Honolulu at 8 AM. Late evening calls in Germany are morning in HST.


Calling the United States from Germany is straightforward. Simply dial Germany’s exit code, followed by the U.S. country code, specific area code, and phone number. The method applies to reaching both mobile phones and landlines.


When planning your call, it’s crucial to consider the time zone differences to avoid disturbing the recipient and to increase the likelihood of your call being answered. Besides, be mindful of the international calling costs, too, they are typically expensive. However, there's a cost-effective solution: switching to a VoIP platform. Calilio is a VoIP-powered business phone system offering a free virtual US phone number, which you can use from Germany to call the US. It allows you to call the US from Germany at the local call rate. Get virtual phone numbers now.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an international call to the US?

To make an international call to the US, dial your country’s exit code, followed by the US country code (1), the local area code, and the phone number.

How do you call US from Europe?

From Europe, dial the exit code (00 for most European countries), then 1 (US country code), followed by the US area code and phone number.

How do I dial from Germany to USA?

From Germany, dial the exit code (00), the US country code (1), the specific local area code, and the seven-digit phone number.

What is the country code for the USA is it 011 or 001?

The country code for the USA is 1. The numbers 011 or 001 are not country codes; 011 is the exit code for making international calls from the USA, and 001 is often mistakenly used instead of 011.

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