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What is a German Phone Number?

A German phone number is a telephone number that serves as a key to unlocking seamless communication in Germany. It begins with the country's code, "+49", followed by an area code that identifies a specific region within Germany. This format is crucial for establishing clear and direct telephonic connections, both within Germany and for international calls.

Buying a German phone number is invaluable. It's not just a sequence of numbers; it represents a connection to German society, business, and culture. For businesses, it's a gateway to the German landscape, offering credibility and local presence.

Benefits of Using German Phone Number

Getting a German phone number simplifies communication, fostering trust in businesses. It also aids sales and support teams, enhancing performance, automating tasks, and improving interactions with clients. Discover these advantages with Calilio.

Cost-Effective Communication

Enhanced Business Image

Ease of Accessibility

Local Market Integration

Mobility & Flexibility

Types of Germany Phone Numbers

Calilio tailors various types of German phone numbers to different needs and purposes, ranging from local to mobile options.

German local phone numbers

Local Numbers

Local German telephone numbers are specific to regions, providing a strong local identity and presence within a particular city or area. They are ideal for businesses aiming to establish a local footprint.

German mobile phone numbers

Mobile Phone Numbers

Mobile German phone numbers offer the ultimate flexibility, enabling you to stay connected anywhere, anytime. They're perfect for individuals and businesses needing constant accessibility and mobility.

How to Get a German Phone Number Online?

Obtaining a virtual phone number online is a simple and efficient process involving just a few straightforward steps.

step one

Sign Up

Sign up for Calilio. Input the required details, and proceed with signup. Verify your email address for account confirmation.

step two

Choose a VoIP Plan

Next, select a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) plan that aligns with your needs. Whether it's for personal or business use, there's a variety of plans to suit your specific requirements for a German number.

step three

Pick a Number

Choose from an array of available Germany business phone numbers. You can select based on type (local or mobile) and your preferred region.

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After selecting your desired German phone number, proceed to checkout. Here, you'll enter your payment details to complete the purchase process.

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Setup Your Number

Customize your German number with features like voicemail and call forwarding. Tailor it to your needs and start making calls in Germany.

Already Have a German Number?

Switch effortlessly to Calilio's number porting service. Keep your German number while enjoying advanced VoIP features. Upgrade without losing the familiarity of your established phone number.

Features of German Virtual Phone Number

A German virtual phone number is equipped with VoIP features that revolutionize business communication with customers and the team. Leverage the advanced features from Calilio to enhance team productivity and minimize expenses.

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Call Forwarding

Navigate your business calls efficiently with Calilio's advanced call forwarding feature, ensuring your team never misses a critical call, regardless of their location.
ivr icon

Interactive Voice Response (IVR System)

Elevate the effective customer experience with an IVR system, guiding callers smoothly to the right department, saving time and cost, and improving efficiency.
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Call Analytics

Access valuable insights into call patterns, duration, and quality with Calilio's call analytics features. Empower your decision-making by leveraging this data and optimizing communication strategies for enhanced efficiency.
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Unified Communication

Seamlessly communicate across platforms with unified communication, integrating calls, messages, and video conferencing in one efficient VoIP system for a comprehensive communication experience.
power dailer

Power Dialer

Boost your outbound call efficiency with a power dialer feature, automating the dialing process and significantly increasing connect rates, making it ideal for sales and marketing teams.
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Unified Callbox

Centralize communication tools on one platform, utilizing our unified callbox feature. Improve your team's accessibility and response times without the need to switch between multiple apps.
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Voicemail to Email

With Calilio's VoIP service, you can receive voicemails directly in your email inbox. This feature ensures that you never miss important messages and allows for convenient playback and organization.
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Call Routing

Tailor call routing to your specific needs with Calilio's customizable options. Route calls based on business hours, caller location, or department, providing a personalized and efficient customer experience.

How to Dial Germany Phone Number?

Understanding the format of a German phone number is crucial for effective communication. Germany's phone number system follows a specific structure that includes an exit code, country code, area code, and subscriber number.

step one

Exit Code

Use the exit code when dialing internationally to Germany (e.g., 0011 from Australia, 00 from most European countries). When calling from a mobile phone, you can substitute the exit code with the ‘+’ sign.

step two

German Country Code (+49)

Germany's country code is '49'. Dial it after the exit code and before the area code when making an international call to a German number.

step three

Area Code

Afterward, dial a two to five-digit prefix to direct your call to a specific region or city precisely. Each state features its own distinctive German area codes, contributing to a personalized dialing experience.

step four

5-9 digit Number

After entering a specific state's Germany area code, dial the unique 5 to 9-digit phone number assigned to an individual or business. Your call will be directed to the German phone number.

Germany Phone Number Example:

Suppose you are contacting a business in Berlin with the local number 'XXXX-XXXX.' The Berlin area code is '030'.

  • Exit Code: ‘0011’ or ‘+’ (From Australia)
  • Country Code: ‘+49’ (For Germany)
  • Area Code: ‘030’ (For Berlin, omit ‘0’ to make an international call)
  • Local Number: 10 or 11 numbers, depending on landline or mobile numbers (including area code or mobile prefix).
  • So, you’ll dial: 0011-49-30-XXXX-XXXX or +49-30-XXXX-XXXX (To landlines) and 0011-49-1X-XXXX-XXXX or +49-1X-XXXX-XXXX (To Mobile phones).

Note: When calling a mobile number, replace the area code with (15, 16, 17).

Buy Virtual German Phone Number With Calilio

Acquire a virtual German phone number from Calilio to access a premium business phone system, positioning your businesses for success in the dynamic German market.

Quick and Easy Setup

Setting up your German virtual number with Calilio is effortless. Use our user-friendly interface, choose your desired Germany phone number, and benefit from enhanced communication immediately with quick activation.

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Cost-Effective Plans

Calilio offers a variety of virtual German Numbers tailored to suit your business needs. Enjoy competitive pricing without compromising on quality and features.

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24/7 Customer Support

Leverage Calilio's 24/7 support to make customers happy. Improve your brand's reputation with organized waitlist management and quick callbacks for efficient and reliable service.

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Global Connectivity

A Calilio German virtual number facilitates international connections, allowing easy communication with clients and partners globally. Expand your business horizons effortlessly and connect with a broader audience.

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No Setup Fees

Calilio offers a free German phone number. Check our competitive VoIP plans anytime to find the perfect solution for your communication needs.

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