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how to get a specific phone number

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Over the last six decades, the use of specific numbers has only increased. Businesses have benefited from it not just for ease of communication but also for strategic business promotion and building customer loyalty.

An advertisement study found that 72% of people remembered a vanity number, whereas only 5% remembered a numeric number. This demonstrates how specific phone numbers significantly enhance business recognition and professionalism.

The significance of these numbers remains the same from the time of their origin. However, with the rise of Internet communication services, 31% of businesses have started using VoIP providers for communication management and finding suitable business phone numbers.

What Is a Specific Phone Number?

A specific number can be an individual or organizational phone number selected for particular objectives like personalization, brand enhancement, or facilitating easy recall. They are either a combination of easy-to-remember or unique numbers, such as 123-4567 or 888-ALL-CARS.

Mainly, businesses customize such numbers to create a unique and memorable representation of their brand while making it easy for people to remember and dial. Unlike businesses, individuals may want to purchase a specific number to retrieve their old phone number or simply because the number holds personal significance.

Key Benefits and Uses of a Specific Number

The use of specific phone numbers started in the 1960s after businesses and organizations wanted customers to call them directly without being charged for it. Today, almost all companies want to thrive in excellent customer service, making the use of these numbers relevant and important.

Effective for Branding and Marketing

For any business, a phone number is a crucial communication tool. But what if it could do more than just make calls? 81% of consumers need to trust a brand before buying. A specific number can express a business’s intent, promote brand awareness, and be a memorable marketing tool to drive customer inquiries and conversions.

Provides a Competitive Advantage

Hundreds of businesses can work in the same niche as yours and target the same customers. While you constantly work on your product or service, it is equally important to maintain a distinctive business identity. A unique phone number separates you from competitors and enhances your brand identity, leaving a distinct impression on consumers.

Enhances Customer Engagement

Easy-to-remember numbers like toll-free and vanity make it simple for clients to contact you without having to strain to remember the number or open a phone directory. A memorable phone number encourages quick inbound calls, giving businesses the opportunity to interact and showcase their customer care. It shows business legitimacy and builds customer loyalty, promoting customer retention.

Elevates Professionalism and Credibility

Showing professionalism to customers in a competitive marketplace is important for business growth. A dedicated phone number can make potential customers feel confident about your business’s authenticity, showcasing its professionalism and reliability. This helps your business stand out among the many options available in the market.

Simplifies Customer Support and Communication

Free inbound call numbers, such as toll-free or vanity numbers, remove the worry of spending money to reach your business for customers. This encourages customers to contact you more often for any queries or inconveniences. Besides making it easier for customers to reach you, an easy-to-remember number also shows that you prioritize customer service.

Different Types of Specific Phone Numbers

Before purchasing phone number that are specific, it’s important to understand its different types and usage. This will help you decide the one that best fits your goals and preferences.

Toll-Free Numbers

Toll-free numbers are business phone numbers that start with prefixes like 800, 844, 888, 1800, etc. They are ideal for domestic businesses with high inbound call volumes to facilitate efficient customer service, sales, and marketing. You can get a toll-free number from several providers for enhancing your business communication and customer support services.

Vanity Numbers

Vanity numbers are customizable telephone numbers that combine codes, prefixes, and words, such as 1-888-ALL-CARS and 1-800-Go-FedEx. These phone numbers are designed to be memorable and elevate brand recognition, call volume, and customer engagement.

Easy Dial Numbers

Easy-dial phone numbers are numbers with simple repetitive or sequential digits that help customers recall and dial quickly, like 888-555-5555 or 888-234-5678. Unlike vanity numbers, these numbers rely on direct calls, not telephone directories or advertisements.

Where to Get a Specific Contact Number?

Regardless of whether you need specific numbers for your business or personal use, you can buy them through various mediums, like telecommunication companies and VoIP business services, upon request. Obtaining these phone numbers is generally easy; however, some methods require much more time, effort, and money than others.

Telecommunication Operators

Telecommunication operators offer different numbers under "Special Services.” Once you specify your desired number, the operator will check for its availability or generate one for you.

Virtual Phone Number Providers

Virtual phone number providers offer specific phone numbers that you can purchase remotely. You can easily find unique or hard-to-find number combinations.

Online Marketplace and Auctions

Online marketplaces like 'eBay' offer a wide range of contact numbers and direct communication with sellers. Similarly, auctions like 'Most Noble Numbers' auction unique high-value phone numbers worth millions.

Private Sellers

You can purchase highly valued phone numbers from private sellers and collectors. They sell them on online forums like Virtual Sellers Club and Square Seller Community.

Best VoIP Provider To Buy a Phone Number


Calilio is a modern business phone system that offers specific toll-free phone numbers with preferred area codes, enhancing business-customer interaction. Their services include effective call analytics and robust security measures. You can also transfer your existing phone number with a local area code to Calilio via porting. Calilio’s support team is available 24/7 to address your business communication issues.

To purchase a specific phone number from Calilio, follow these steps:

  • Sign up for a Calilio account.
  • Select your desired toll-free area code.
  • Purchase and activate your preferred number.

No additional devices are needed, and there are no hidden costs. You can also choose from a wide range of virtual mobile or telephone numbers.


Ooma Telo is a home phone service that offers free nationwide calling in the United States and prioritizes private and clear communications. You can port your existing number with Ooma for $39.99, which usually takes 3 to 4 weeks.

To buy a phone number from Ooma, you can follow the steps below:

  • Log in to My Ooma.
  • Enter your desired area code.
  • Choose from the available options that fit your preferences.

Using Ooma requires the Telo device to connect a standard landline phone to your Internet. Many of its standard features need a Premier account, and it doesn't support softphones.


Nextiva is a voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) company that provides businesses with collaboration and communication solutions to help them grow faster. It offers an all-in-one communication platform that integrates telephone, SMS, video, email, and customer service tools.

Currently, it does not offer vanity numbers, but if you want a toll-free number from Nextiva, you can follow the steps below:

  • Log in to Nextiva.
  • Enter your business name and the number of employees.
  • Choose any toll-free number of your preferences from the available area code options.

Google Voice

Google Voice is an internet-based telephone service that lets users make calls, send texts, and deliver voicemails worldwide. It is one of the most affordable number providers that is free to use in most regions, including the USA and Canada.

To get a particular phone number from Google Voice, follow the steps  below:

  • Create a Google account and sign in to Google Voice.
  • Search for the numbers that you want to have.
  • Click the submit button.

Google Voice is ideal for small businesses; however, if you are thinking about scaling your business, it is not the best option as it does not support multiple numbers simultaneously.


RingCentral offers cloud-based communication solutions to help businesses boost their productivity with voice calls, video calls, messaging, and conferencing tools.

Follow the steps below to get a specific number from RingCentral:

  • Log in to your RingCentral account and go to the home page.
  • Enter the desired number and select the type (vanity, toll-free, domestic, or international).
  • Choose your number and click ‘Add Number.’

RingCentral includes advanced VoIP features. However, phone numbers offered by RingCentral have higher costs, limited availability, and occasional technical issues.

Factors To Consider While Selecting a Specific Phone Number

  • Research: Research, review, and utilize different providers' free trials (if available).
  • Number type: Determine the type of phone number you want, such as toll-free, vanity, or mobile. Choose a number that is catchy or reflects your business. 
  • Price: Make a budget-friendly decision by comparing packages and plans service providers offer.
  • Reliability: Choose a reputed provider with a history of selling phone numbers and ensuring consistent service performance and customer satisfaction.
  • Service: Prioritize 24/7 customer service availability and emergency support from the provider before purchasing a phone number.

Choosing the Best Provider to Get a Phone Number

Among several providers that offer a specific phone number, Calilio is the reliable alternative. With Calilio, along with the specific numbers like toll-free, you can also get virtual numbers with the local area code of several countries, including the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

The platform of Calilio also offers advanced VoIP capabilities like number porting, voicemail, call recording, and call forwarding. Integrate Calilio's business phone system into your marketing strategies to efficiently manage and secure your communications.

Choose a specific phone number of your choice with Calilio

Get a toll-free number or enjoy the convenience of finding the perfect virtual number with a local area code.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to get my old phone number back?

To get your old phone number back, contact the carrier from whom you originally purchased it. If the number is still available and not currently in use, the carrier may be able to restore it for you.

Can I pick my mobile number?

You can pick your mobile or telephone number from an extensive selection of numbers with virtual number providers like Calilio. However, traditional carriers assign you a mobile number based on availability, limiting your choices to a small pool of available numbers.

Can I request a specific number if it’s not in use?

You can request a specific phone number that is not currently in use by visiting the carrier's office. For service providers like Calilio, you can easily search and book your desired number online.

Where can I buy a specific phone number if it’s not in use?

You can purchase an available phone number through telecom operators, VoIP services, auctions, or private sellers. Other methods may require personal interaction or office visits and even require you to pay additional fees. VoIP service providers streamline this process by offering specific numbers online without any hidden or extra cost, saving you time and money.

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