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Area code is the first 3-digit numerical prefix of a phone number identifying a specific geographic or regional area within the country. When you use a local area code phone number, customers perceive you as an entity dedicated to serving their specific region. It increases customer engagement with your business. A report shows that using local area codes in a business phone number can increase callback rates by 57%.

Why are area codes Important for Business?

Area codes symbolize your business identity and locality. Using the local area code can build trust among local customers.

  1. Local Presence
    One primary reason for using area codes is to establish a business's local presence in a specific geographical area. By utilizing area codes from your target regions, you make your business familiar and accessible to local customers.

    For instance, your business can use the area code 212 to show your presence in a bustling New York City and attract more customers.
  2. Brand Credibility
    Area code makes your brand look more professional. Customers trust businesses with popular area codes because it shows that your company succeeded enough to do business in the popular area. So, if your business phone number has a popular area code, it can increase your reliability and professionalism.

    For example, consider a tech startup with a Silicon Valley area code of 650. Even though the company is unknown, its association with New York conveys that it is reputed and reliable.
  3. Marketing
    Area codes allow businesses to target specific areas for marketing. This helps to craft messages to fit local audiences and leads to better responses and results. Additionally, using local area codes for marketing shows you care about the community, which builds loyalty towards your business.

    The area code becomes more crucial for businesses using cold calling. Customers are more likely to answer the familiar area code number, which helps generate more leads.
  4. Strengthening Customer Relationship
    A reputable business prioritizes building strong relationships with customers, and area codes help with that. A familiar area code increases loyalty and engagement with your business, helping you create good relationships with customers.

    Moreover, customers feel connected to the company when they see a local area code on a business website or marketing materials. This connection can lead to repeat business, good reviews, and referrals, which are crucial for long-term success.
  5. Cost Effective Communication
    A call between the local area code means a call made within the same area is perceived as a local call. Local call charges are low, making this a cost-effective option for both the customer and you.
  6. Customer Convenience
    Area codes help the customer to identify and reach the local business. It gives the customers confidence that the business is nearby and trustworthy.

    For instance, you and your competitor operate in the same area, but you use a local area code number while your competitor does not. When customers find both numbers, they are more likely to contact you.

Things to Consider Before Getting an Area Code

Area codes are certainly important for your business. However, you need to ensure that you use the right area code for your business. Here are the things to consider when choosing the area code for your business:

  1. Targeted Market
    Firstly, consider your target market and then choose the reputed area code serving that area. For instance, if you run a tech business, consider getting the area code for Silicon Valley (408).
  2. Local Support
    Research the support offered by the local governments. Look for areas where governments and local citizens support new startups or businesses. This could involve local petitions by residents or tax benefits provided by the government.
  3. Marketing Potential
    When choosing an area code, you must also consider the marketing potential. Research if the area associated with your code meets your business needs. Confirm that potential sales in that area are near to your goals and offer opportunities for future growth.
  4. Future Growth
    Before choosing area codes, also consider future growth aspects. Research whether you can get raw materials at competitive prices. Explore the investment options to ensure potential funding for your business’s future growth.


Area code is crucial in building a business's identity and success. They help you establish a local presence and improve brand credibility in your targeted business region.

A virtual area code number allows you to create a local presence in your targeted region while operating your business from a different location. On Calilio, you can get a virtual area code phone number for more than 100 countries. Contact us today to get the local area code number of your desired location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does area code matter?

Yes area code matter. Area code is not just a number but it shows the identity of your business.

Why do I need an area code?

You need the area code number to localize your identity with a specific area. It helps your business grow in your desired location.

How can I get a local area code for my business?

You can get a local area code for business from Calilio. You can get it online from any location, and the process is simple too.

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