Finding the Right Area Code for California Business: 2024 Guide

find the right area code for california business

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In today's digital world, local phone numbers with the right area codes have become a strategic asset for California businesses. A study shows that 97% of consumers search for local businesses and services online.

You can present your business as a local entity, even from outside of California. You just need to choose the right area code that matches your industry and your targeted location. With these simple steps, you can capture the California market from the comfort of your region.(make the intro more engaging). Give a concise concept of the blog.

What is the California area code?

California’s area codes are the three-digit prefixes of your phone numbers. They are used to identify where your phone numbers are in the state. These codes are meant to simplify the call process. They ensure the call reaches the right person and destination. Additionally, it maintains the availability of unique phone numbers for California's growing population.

Today, more than 38 area codes serve the state of California. In 1947, NANP assigned the single area code 213 to cover the entire state. Growing demand for new phone numbers led to more dialing codes. 

Why Does the Area Code Matter for Your California Business?

A California area code strengthens your presence in the state and connects you with potential customers. Lower call costs for local numbers encourage clients to contact your business. This local connection can be a crucial factor in attracting and retaining clientele.

  • State Presence
    These numbers help you to establish your business in the state, providing an identity of California. This gives a sense of familiarity with the state’s customers, building trust among them. This leads to more engagement and sales for your business.
  • Marketing Advantages
    You can use the state number for your business campaigns to target the Californian market. This ensures you get leads from potential customers, saving resources for unnecessary calls. Also, the state phone number leads to more engagements in the marketing campaigns.
  • Communities Engagement
    California dialing codes significantly help you to engage with the local communities. It allows you to participate and sponsor local events. These activities can dramatically increase the visibility of your business within the state.
  • Brand Recognition
    Local phone number provides the regional identity of your business. It links your business to California, conveying a successful business. This can be especially useful if you target potential customers who value supporting local businesses.
  • Networking Opportunities
    The California number allows you to connect with the local business. This helps you get local support from the successful business through funding and guidance. Additionally, you can collaborate with the state business for mutual benefits.

Key Factors For Choosing Your California Business Phone Number

California has a variety of area codes. Choosing the right one helps you connect with your ideal customers directly.

  1. Emerging Markets
    Consider getting the number from California cities that are experiencing rapid growth. This will allow you to reach a new and expanding customer base, potentially giving you a competitive edge.
  2. Targeted Market Location
    Choose the phone number for the location where your significant customer base lives. This builds community connection and credibility and especially helps if you target a specific place in California.
  3. Community Support
    Consider getting a number associated with a community that supports local businesses. It helps you build local connections. It also gives access to valuable resources such as mentoring programs and networking opportunities. You can even get some funding (e.g., from community support or angel investor networks).
  4. Time Zone Alignment
    For remote businesses, choose an area code in a time zone like yours. This allows for accessible communication during your active business hours and your customer’s time.
  5. Competitor Analysis
    Analyze the competitors and see where they are located. This will help you gain valuable insight into both market trends and the geographical location of your target audiences. Also, using the same prefix as your competitors makes you seem familiar to customers.
  6. Long Term Availability
    While predicting future changes is impossible, consider choosing an established area code with a stable track record. This can reduce the risk of needing to change your phone number very soon in the future, which can disrupt your business reputation and customer interactions.
  7. Popularity
    Choose a number that is popular in your niches and your preferred location. This makes it easy to gain popularity among the customers. Also, your niche’s popular number prefixes allow you to connect with the customer bases of your niches. For example, you can choose a Silicon Valley area code (408) to target the customer base from the tech niche.

Some Popular Area Codes in California

Below are some of California's most popular area codes, categorized by industry niches.  Understand why purchasing California area codes is essential for expanding your business in the Californian market.

  1. 213 area code: It is located in Los Angeles, covering Hollywood. It is a favorite among the entertainment industry. If your business is related to the entertainment industry, 213 number can be your go-to choice. This famous code lets everyone know you're in the entertainment industry.
  2. 415 area code: The 415 is from the San Francisco Bay area, serving the heart of Silicon Valley. This is popular in the tech and innovation sector. Having this area code instantly gives your business a prestigious tech identity. Additionally, this opens the door to getting guidance and funding from already-established Silicon Valley tech giants.
  3. 707 area code: The 707 area code covers the northern coast of California, and it is well-known for its natural beauty, wineries, and relaxed lifestyle. It can be your go-to opportunity if your business targets the lifestyle or the drinks section. It lets you connect with the vibrant customer base primarily interested in the wineries.
  4. 916 area code: The 916 area code serves the state's Capital city, Sacramento. It reflects the political significance and houses of the government of California. It can significantly benefit businesses like government contractors, legal companies, and non-profit organizations.

Get the Perfect California Area Code

Getting the Perfect California number for your business has become easier with VoIP service providers. Simply register with the providers and choose your preferred phone number, which is ideal for a local face and professional image.

  1. Choose Your Preferred Area Code
    Select the area code according to your target audience and your business goals. Go through the above guide to select the correct area code that aligns with your business identity and goals.
  2. Research for the best provider
    Search for a reputable provider like Calilio that offers California phone numbers, robust features, and competitive pricing. Check the comparison to select the best providers for your business.
  3. Select the Right Plan
    Select a plan that aligns with your business needs and budget. Consider factors like included minutes, features, and scalability.
  4. Pick the Preferred Area Code Phone Number
    Choose a California phone number with your preferred prefix. Select one with a memorable format that aligns with your business goals.
  5. Complete the Payment
    Make the payment using the available payment method. After completion, you’ll become the owner of your new phone number.
  6. Customize the setting
    Once your phone number gets activated, explore the providers' settings to customize different features like voicemail, call forwarding, and more (if available).


By choosing the correct area code for your California business, you can strengthen your brand identity and connect with your target audience. By considering the industry niches and their association, you can decide to select the best dialing codes.

If you are still trying to figure out the best number prefixes, explore the California area codes. It helps you to make an informed decision by gaining insight into the different region codes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose a California area code?

Yes, you can choose your preferred California area codes from any corner of the world.

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