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Where Is Area Code 213?

Area code 213 covers Los Angeles (LA) and most of Southern California. Alongside LA, the major cities within the 213 area code include Montebello, Maywood, Bell, Huntington Park, South Gate, Cudahy, and Bell Gardens.

This area is a part of the vibrant region with a total population of approximately 2,339,085. So, using the US phone number with this area code can give you direct access to this vast demography. Moreover, area code 213 operates under the Pacific Time Zone, which aligns with the major cities on the west coast.  




Los Angeles3,792,621

Los Angeles

East Los Angeles126,496Los Angeles
South Gate94,396Los Angeles
Florence-Graham63,387Los Angeles
Montebello62,500Los Angeles
Huntington Park58,114Los Angeles
Bell35,477Los Angeles
Westmont31,853Los Angeles
Monterey Park60,269Los Angeles
Maywood27,395Los Angeles
Inglewood109,673Los Angeles
Cudahy23,805Los Angeles
West Hollywood34,399Los Angeles
Walnut Park15,966Los Angeles
Bell Gardens42,072Los Angeles

History of 213 Area Code

Area code 213 was introduced in 1947 by NANM (North American Numbering Plan) as one of the original area codes in the US. Initially, it covered the whole of Southern California. However, it went through severe changes throughout its history to accommodate the expanding population in Los Angeles.

In 1951, it was split to form area code 714, and it faced further divisions in 1984 and 1991, creating area codes 818 and 310, respectively. A notable event in 1998 saw area code 213 reunited with some of its original territory through an overlay with area code 323.

Though many new area codes have been added lately in Los Angeles, area code 213 is still recognized as the key identification of this city. 

Exploring 213 Area Code: Business Scenario and Outlook

The 213 area code in Los Angeles is a global business epicenter for both startups and established businesses. It is home to some of the world’s well-known companies, like SpaceX, Hulu, and Snapchat. This is just one small indicator to represent the area's strong entrepreneurial spirit and innovative climate.  

Over the last five years, Los Angeles has witnessed significant economic growth, with its GDP increasing by 3.2 % annually. This growing economic environment supports a diverse range of industries, attracting businesses from all across the world.

Ready to step into the dynamic business environment of Los Angeles? Get the 213 area code phone number for your business today.

Features of Virtual 213 Area Code Numbers

Maximize your business potential in Downtown Los Angeles and its surrounding cities. Virtual local numbers with area code 213 come with modern communication tools and compacted VoIP features.

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Advanced Call Forwarding

Advanced call forwarding ensures every call is directed to the right team member, whether they’re in the office or working remotely.

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Call Analytics

Make informed decisions using comprehensive call analytics. Track patterns, peak times, and more to optimize your business communication strategies.

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Voicemail to Email

Stay updated with every message. Have voicemails converted and sent straight to your email, ensuring no communication is missed.

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Custom Caller ID

Boost your professional image with a custom caller ID, showcasing your business authenticity whenever you call.

Benefits of a 213 Area Code for Businesses

A 213 area code can benefit businesses wanting a strong foothold in Los Angeles. It signifies a local presence and connects with the city’s vibrant community and culture.

Build Credibility

Recognizable Identity

Improved Local Connectivity

Connection to LA Legacy

Competitive Advantage

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Your 213 area code number instantly activates. Customize settings, integrate with your CRM tools, and begin your LA journey.

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Switching to a virtual system upgrades your existing local phone number with a 213 area code. Enjoy more features and flexibility without changing your identity.

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