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What Area Code is 213? Area Code 213 Location

The 213 area code is synonymous with Los Angeles. It encompasses the city’s vibrant downtown and extends to various neighboring cities. This code captures the essence of LA’s diverse culture, iconic landmarks, and bustling business hubs. If you want to establish a direct link with this dynamic region, a phone number with area code 213 is your gateway. Cities the 213 area code serves include:

Downtown Los Angeles
Beverly Hills
Huntington Park
Monterey Park
South Gate
South Pasadena
West Hollywood

History of 213 Area Code

213 area code is one of the original North American area codes, established in 1947. Over the years, as Los Angeles expanded, the demand for new LA area codes led to multiple splits. By 1998, area code 213 underwent five such divisions, which resulted in the creation of the 323 area code, limiting 213 to just downtown LA and its adjacent neighborhoods.


However, the stories of 213 and 323 came full circle in 2017 - the two Numbering Plan Areas (NPAs) were reunited in an overlay, covering downtown LA, blending the old with the new and reinstating 213’s iconic status in the LA telecommunication history.

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Which Time Zone Does 213 Area Code Fall Under?

The 213 area code location is within the Pacific Time Zone (PT). This time zone covers much of the Western part of the United States, including all of California. For those looking to make or receive calls to or from the 213 area code, it’s essential to be aware of this time zone to ensure timely communication. PT is 8 hours behind Coordinated Universal Time (UTC-8) and observes Daylight Saving Time adjustments.

A map of state of California with area shaded for 213 area code coverage

Benefits of a 213 Area Code for Businesses

A 213 area code can benefit businesses wanting a strong foothold in Los Angeles. It signifies a local presence and connects with the city’s vibrant community and culture.

Enhanced Credibility

Recognizable Identity

Improved Local Connectivity

Connection to LA Legacy

Competitive Advantage

How to Get a Virtual Phone Number with Area Code 213?

Getting virtual phone numbers with a 213 area code is straightforward on Calilio. Follow the steps below to enhance your business presence in Downtown LA and its surrounding cities.


Sign Up

Sign up and get registered on Calilio. With a few simple steps, you’re on your way to buying a 213 phone number.


Choose a VoIP plan

Browse through various VoIP plans tailored to different business needs. Pick the one that aligns with your ambitions.


Pick a Number

Navigate to “Numbers” and select “Purchase Numbers.” Enter a phone number with area code 213.



With our user-friendly interface, finalizing virtual numbers with a 213 area code is just a click away. Make your payment and proceed to checkout.


Set up your LA Numbers

Your 213 area code number instantly activates. Customize settings, integrate with your CRM tools, and begin your LA journey.

Already Have a Local Phone Number with 213 Area Code?

Switching to a virtual system can enhance your existing local phone number with a 213 area code. Enjoy more features and flexibility without changing your identity.

Features of Virtual 213 Area Code

Maximize your business potential in Downtown Los Angeles and its surrounding cities. Virtual local numbers with area code 213 come with modern communication tools and compacted VoIP features.

call forwarding icon

Advanced Call Forwarding

Advanced call forwarding ensures every call is directed to the right team member, whether they’re in the office or working remotely.
voicemail to email icon

Voicemail to Email

Stay updated with every message. Have voicemails converted and sent straight to your email, ensuring no communication is missed.
call analytics icon

Call Analytics

Make informed decisions using comprehensive call analytics. Track patterns, peak times, and more to optimize your business communication strategies.
customer caller id icon

Custom Caller ID

Boost your professional image with a custom caller ID, showcasing your business authenticity whenever you call.
ivr icon

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Streamline caller experiences using IVR, directing them efficiently through automated responses and menus.

213 Phone Number With Calilio

Boost your local presence in downtown LA and its neighboring cities with a 213 phone number from Calilio.

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Integrate your 213 number with existing systems easily, ensuring smooth operations with Calilio’s robust infrastructure.

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Affordable Plans

Benefit from cost-effective solutions. Calilio offers affordable rates, making local communication accessible for all businesses.

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24/7 Customer Support

Experience uninterrupted service. Our dedicated team is available round the clock to assist with any queries or issues.

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High Call Quality

Enjoy crystal clear communication. Our advanced business phone system guarantees impeccable call quality for every conversation.

Enjoy crystal clear communication. Our advanced business phone system guarantees impeccable call quality for every conversation.

Scalable Solutions

As your business grows in the LA region, Calilio ensures your telecommunication needs scale with you, accommodating your evolving demands.

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