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UIFN vs ITFS: Which One to Choose For Your Business?


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One of the main concerns for businesses expanding globally is offering an ease of accessibility for your customers to reach you. Telephone communication is the common medium to connect with customers globally. But the question arises: can the customers always reach you conveniently via phone?

If your business uses a local phone number, international customers will have to pay a high amount to call you. Due to this costly approach, customers might reduce their conversations with your businesses. UIFN and ITFS numbers can help you avoid this. It allows your customers to call you for free. But which of these global toll-free numbers is right for your business? Let's discover the differences between UIFN and ITFS to find out the answer.

What is UIFN?

UIFN stands for Universal International Free Phone Number. It is a toll-free number that remains unique and the same for all countries.

Choosing the UIFN numbers helps the company to advertise one number across multiple countries, which is beneficial for your brand image.  Unfortunately, this number is limited to only 40 countries.

How it works?

When someone dials the UIFN number, the local telecommunication provider in the caller's country recognizes the "+800" prefix as an international toll-free number. The call is then routed through the local carrier's network to an international gateway. At the international gateway, the international carrier routes the call to the provider’s designated location, from where the calls can be answered conveniently.

A UIFN number begins with the prefix “00800” followed by 8 digits within the country. To call the UIFN number internationally, the caller must dial the 3-digit IAC (International Access Code) for each country. For example, an Australian caller would use the following UIFN code for calling internationally:

  • 0011 800 1234 4567

What is ITFS?

ITFS (International Toll-Free Services) provides a toll-free number that is unique for a single country. This means with this service, you get different international toll-free numbers for different countries worldwide.

With ITFS, the customer can get free calls from more than 60 countries. The key advantage of using the ITDS number is that it helps to establish a strong global presence.

How it Works?

ITFS also works similarly to UIFN. When someone dials this number internationally, the local routes the calls to the international gateway, where the local carrier makes it possible to answer from the designated location. ITFS typically utilizes call forwarding during this process. The calls are routed through VoIP or a Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

An ITFS number begins with the specific number for a particular country.  For instance, in Japan, the ITFS number starts with "0120," whereas in the USA, it might start with "800" or other toll-free prefixes.

  • ITFS number example in Japan: 0120-123-456
  • ITFS number example in USA: 1-800-123-4567

Major Differences Between UIFN and ITFS: Limitation, Pros & Cons, & Formatting

UIFN provides a single toll-free number for different countries worldwide, whereas ITFS provides a country-specific toll-free number for different countries.






Allows you to use one number to advertise your services in different countries.Allows you to get different international toll-free numbers for various country.

Geographical Independence

Geographically independent calls can be directed to another country.Only accessible from within the country.


Costs are higher.Typical lower cost than UIFN.


Restrictions on some countries.Availability for more than 60 countries.


Requires caller to enter a country exit code (IAC) before prefix and a local number of the country they are calling.Format for ITFS number dosen't require IAC.

Costumer Experience

One unified number simplifies contact for international customer.Different numbers for different countries can cause confusion for international customers.


Provides a consistent global brand image.Requires different branding strategies for different countries.

UIFN or ITFS: Which Toll-Free Number Will Boost Your Business?

Deciding the best toll-free number between a UIFN or ITFS depends on various factors, like where you plan to grow your business, who is calling you, and how much you want to spend. 

It will depend upon the global reach of your company. If you have customers in limited countries, then get an ITFS number. But if you serve in many countries, the best option is to choose the UIFN number. An ITFS number works mainly within one country, while UIFN can work in multiple countries.


Nowadays, businesses need to offer customers more straightforward methods to contact them and improve their experience and satisfaction. They are also require required to provide affordable ways for the customers to reach them. 

UIFN and ITFS provide efficient and cost-effective ways for your customers to reach you. It’s suitable for all kinds of business. However, the choice between them depends upon various factors, such as the requirements and budget of the company.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do UIFN and ITFS numbers differ in terms of global reach?

The UIFN number can be activated in more than one country, while the ITFS number can only be accessible from within the country.

Can a business have both UIFN and ITFS numbers?

Yes, the business can have both UIFN and ITFS numbers. This allows the company to contact international customers for free using suitable methods.

How much does a UIFN and ITFS number cost?

The cost of UIFN and ITFS depends on your service provider. Typically, UIFN has a time registration fee of $ 200-$500. On the other hand, ITFS are typically available on different subscription plans by the service providers.

What is IAC?

IAC refers to the International Access Code required to connect with the International Toll-free number.

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