What is the State with the Most Area Codes?

What State Has the Most Area Codes?

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In the United States, every region is uniquely identified by area codes to streamline communication. These codes connect diverse geographical areas, each distinct region represented by a specific area code. However, not all regions share the same number of codes. While there are a few states with only one area code, others boast multiple.


Amidst the twisted network of numerical identifiers in the US, California is the state that has the most area codes in the country. It highlights the state’s expansive communication needs. 

How Are Area Codes Assigned?

The North American Numbering Plan Administration (NANPA) follows a systematic and strategic process to assign area codes in the United States. First, NANPA evaluates the need for new codes based on population growth, demand for telecommunications services, and geographic considerations. The objective is to facilitate an efficient, orderly distribution that aligns with the evolving landscape of communication needs.


As regions expand and the requirement for additional phone numbers escalates, NANPA introduces new area codes. This addition maintains the telecommunication network's capacity to serve the growing demands of the new phone numbers in the region. 

What State Has the Most Area Codes in the US?

California has the most area codes in the United States. It’s home to an impressive 38 area codes. This extensive collection of area codes serves the diverse cities and towns in the state. Below is a comprehensive table listing all California area codes with a selection of cities they serve.

Area codeServing Cities (Example)Area codeServing Cities (Example)


    Stockton, Modesto


Los Angeles


    Beverly Hills, West Hollywood


San Jose


San Francisco


Malibu, Santa Monica


Oceanside, Escondido


Oakland, Berkeley


Redding, Davis


Fresno, Visalia


Long Beach


Los Angeles, Hollywood


San Diego




San Francisco


Palo Alto, San Mateo


Anaheim, Santa Ana


Bakersfield, Lancaster


San Jose


Santa Rosa, Vallejo

Which States Have the Next Highest Number of Area Codes?

After California, Texas and New York have the highest number of area codes in the United States. With its vast regions and rapidly growing cities such as Houston, Dallas, and Austin, Texas currently has 27 area codes. On the other hand, with a dense urban centres and bustling economic activities, New York has 19 area codes.


In the vast network of US phone numbers - with over 335 area codes, California has the most area codes in the country, encompassing 38 area codes. It reflects the state’s vast population and bustling economy. For business, establishing a business in the state with the most area codes means connecting with diverse communities, which is crucial for economic growth. Calilio offers virtual phone numbers, including California area code numbers. It directly connects you with the expansive population and business landscape of the state.

Frequently Asked Question

What state has the most phone area codes?

California has the most phone area codes in the United States, with 38 area codes.

What state has the least area codes?

States with smaller populations and less geographic areas typically have fewer area codes. For example, states like Alaska, Delaware, and Wyoming have only one area code, although changes can occur over time.

What are the 12 states with only one area code?

The 12 states with only one area code are Alaska, Delaware, Maine, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

What is the hardest area code to get?

Area codes such as 212 (Manhattan, New York), 310 (Los Angeles, California), and 415 (San Francisco, California) have been considered prestigious and difficult to obtain due to their association with densely populated and economically significant areas.

What city has the most area codes?

Los Angeles, California has the most area codes (213, 310, 323, 424, and more) due to the high population density and demand for phone numbers.

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