What Are the 11 States With Only One Area Code in the US?

What Are the US States With Only One Area Code

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The United States is divided into distinct regions, each represented by an area code. Area codes were initially introduced to manage the expanding number of phone users and are typically assigned based on factors like population density and geographic distribution. While many states have multiple area codes to accommodate their large populations and high phone traffic, there are 11 states with only one area code. A singular area code provides these states a unique identification in the nation’s telecommunication framework.

What Are Area Codes in the United States?

Area codes are three-digit codes assigned to specific geographic regions within the United States. They are integral components of telephone numbering in the US, serving as the foundational layer of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). The primary purpose of these codes is to facilitate the organization and routing of phone calls.

11 US States With One Area Code

While you can find a wide range of area codes in California, Florida and Texas, here are the states we are enlisting below which have just a single area code.



Alaska is a one-area-code state with the 907 area code covering the state’s diverse terrains, including key cities Fairbanks and Juneau. This single area code spans from remote Artic villages to harbors or ports. The popular businesses in this state primarily fall under the tourism, fishing, and oil industries. The businesses in these sectors can adopt area code 907 to foster a connection with the local clients and customers in Alaska, the USA.


Delaware’s popular cities include Wilmington, Dover, and Rehoboth. While Dover is the capital city of Delaware, Wilmington is known for its financial and legal services. The 302 area code covers the entire state, offering a corporate identity among the thriving finance, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture sectors in the state.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire is another state with only one area code. The 603 area codes the entire state, including Manchester, which is the business hub best known for its natural and historic charm. Area code 603 represents industries like technology and manufacturing by offering consistent statewide contact. It fosters business cohesion and customer familiarity.


Hawaii’s 808 area code connects its islands, including Honolulu, Maui, and Kauai. This single code benefits businesses in tourism, hospitality, and local crafts by providing a unified, easily identifiable contact point. In Honolulu, the economic hub, 808 assists businesses in maintaining a consistent brand across the islands. It is crucial for the state's tourism-driven economy.


Maine is popular for its bustling Portland and scenic Bar Harbor. In Portland, Maine’s economic center, having one area code ‘207’ simplifies business communications and strengthens statewide economic ties. Moreover, the 207 area code aids businesses in seafood, tourism, and forestry by offering a single, recognizable contact.


Montana’s popular cities include Billings and Bozeman. The 406 area code represents the state’s wide-open spaces and “Big Sky Country” ethos. It offers a uniform identity for statewide and national outreach. Area code 406 establishes the local presence in the state thriving with agriculture, mining, and tourism businesses.

North Dakota

North Dakota is popular for Fargo’s dynamic economy and Bismarck’s administrative centers. The single 701 area code in the state benefits sectors like energy and agriculture, providing a unified telephonic identity crucial for statewide business operations. The area code establishes a cohesive business environment in the diverse industrial sectors within the state.

South Dakota

The 605 area code in South Dakota, spanning from Sioux Falls to Rapid City, represents its agricultural and historical richness. Sioux Falls is particularly known for its vibrant business scene. The 605 number aids businesses in the tourism, agriculture, and retail sectors in the state. The single area code, 605, provides a unified statewide contact number, reinforcing South Dakota’s unique identity.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island is a densely populated state and the single area code 401 represents the entire demography. The state is also known as a cultural and educational hub. The single area code represents these thriving healthcare and education sectors. It aids in local recognition and business operation, vital for the state’s densely populated areas.


Vermont’s only area code, 802, spans from Burlington’s vibrant cityscape to Montpelier’s governmental centers. It provides a uniform contact identity and aids dairy, tourism, and artisanal businesses. In Burlington, Vermont’s largest city, area code 802 assists businesses in promoting a consistent brand image, crucial for the state’s community-oriented and environmentally conscious market.


The 307 area code represents the entire state of Wyoming in the United States. It covers Cheyenne’s urban setting to Casper’s energy-driven economy, reflecting its adventurous spirit. The single code 307 aids in establishing a local business amid the flourishing energy, tourism, and agriculture sectors in the state. It offers a consistent identity for effective statewide communication and market presence.

Why Only One Area Codes?

Several factors contribute to assigning certain US states with only one area code. Primarily, it’s about population size and density. States  with single area codes typically have smaller, more dispersed populations. The small population means no excessive demands for new phone numbers. The existing single area code is adequate to serve the telephonic needs of the people within these states.

Impact on Business

A single area code in a state can significantly influence a business’s branding and customer relations. It provides the business with a consistent area code to cover the entire state.  This consistency in contact information builds brand recognition and trust among local customers, who immediately identify the business as a familiar entity.


The simplicity of a single area code facilitates easier communication and recall, which increases customer engagement. Moreover, it reduces the complexity of marketing strategies typically associated with multi-code regions. For instance, a business in a city with several area codes might need different marketing strategies for each code area. It potentially increases advertising costs and operational complexities. 


In the U.S., while most states use multiple area codes, there are few states with only one area code. This is largely due to their smaller size and population. A single area code provides a consistent and easily recognizable identity across the entire state.

We hope this information that we gathered for you about the states with only one area code will be helpful and will save your time in your next search for phone numbers. At Calilio, we have been providing the tools, resources and information on best business phone service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many area codes are in the USA?

There are 327 area codes in the United States, out of which 309 are geographic area codes and 18 are non-geographic area codes.

Do any US area codes start with 1?

US area codes do not start with the digit 1. The North American Numbering Plan (NANP) avoids using 1 as the first digit in area codes to prevent confusion with the long-distance dialing prefix.

What states have only 1 area code?

The 11 states with only one area code are Alaska, Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming.

Which state has the most area codes?

California holds the record for the most area codes in the United States, reflecting its large population and significant phone traffic. It has 38 area codes covering different regions within the state.

What is the most famous area code in the USA?

Area code 212, assigned to New York City, is among the most recognizable and famous area codes in the United States. It is due to the city’s prominence in culture, business, and media.

Is Maine the only state with one area code?

Maine is not the only state with one area code. Alaska, Delaware, and Wyoming are also among the states with only one area code.

Does Idaho only have one area code?

Idaho had only one area code till 2017. With the increasing demand for phone numbers in the state, a new area code, 986, was added to the same numbering plan area.

What is the largest state with one area code?

Alaska is the largest state in the US, with only one area code, 907, covering its vast geographic area.

Why does Montana only have one area code?

Montana has only one area code, 406, due to its relatively small population and less dense telecommunications demand than more populous states.

Last Updated: March 18, 2024

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