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Where is Area Code 236?

236 area code is an overlay for British Columbia, the third-largest province in Canada. It serves all the cities of the province, including Vancouver, Victoria, Surrey, and Burnaby. The 236 telephone code overlays 604, 250, and 778 and overlaps with 672, which also serves the entire province of British Columbia. Introduced as the fourth code for the region, it covers an area of 944,735 km².

The 236 phone code spans across two time zones. A few cities in the southeast, such as Creston and Kimberley, follow the Mountain Time Zone, whereas the rest follow the Pacific Time Zone. Except for toll-free numbers, 236 can be used for all local landline and mobile phone numbers. 

Vancouver telephone code 236 lies in an economic center bordering the United States and the Pacific Ocean, supporting industries such as real estate, technology, healthcare, manufacturing, and warehousing. In the south, 236 shares international borders with American states Washington, Idaho, and Montana. Likewise, it borders Alaska in the northwest.

Popular Cities

Population (approx)

Time Zone


Pacific Time Zone

Surrey570,000Pacific Time Zone
Burnaby250,000Pacific Time Zone
Richmond210,000Pacific Time Zone
Abbotsford150,000Pacific Time Zone
Nanaimo100,000Pacific Time Zone
Victoria91,800Pacific Time Zone

History of 236 Area Code Canada

Area code 236 was put into service on June 1, 2013, to meet British Columbia's growing demand for new phone numbers. In 2013, seven new phone codes were introduced in the region, including 236, to alleviate the pressure on the 604, 250, and 778. 236 follows 10-digit dialing, so the callers must dial the area code before the local number to make a call, even when making local calls.

British Columbia currently uses 5 area codes. The original code 604 was split in 1996 to exclusively serve the Greater Vancouver area, with the introduction of the 250 dial code serving all areas of BC outside of the 604 region. In 2001, the North American Numbering Plan put 778 into service to cover the whole BC province as an overlay code for 604 and 250. 236 telephone code overlays 778, and 672 dial code overlays 236. Unlike 604 and 250, 778, 236, and 672 cover all parts of BC.

Why Start a Business in the Area Code of Vancouver, British Columbia?

Vancouver, the largest city in British Columbia, is a major business hub in western Canada. BC has a huge consumer base with a population of approximately 5.4 million. Strategically located on the Pacific Rim, the 236 area code covers a large business market in one of the most densely populated regions globally. Vancouver thrives in industries such as technology, real estate, international trade, and retail. It is home to the headquarters of popular companies like Hootsuite, QuadReal, and Sony Pictures Imageworks.

The economy of BC is constantly growing, providing opportunities for business growth and investment. Over the last five years, British Columbia's GDP has grown at an annualized rate of 3.3%. In 2023 only, the province experienced a 2.5% increase in GDP compared to 2022. Venture capital firms and startup incubators like 7 Gate Ventures, Spring Activator, and Moken provide a safe environment for businesses to establish and grow in BC. This robust business environment of BC has contributed to a 1.9% increase in the number of businesses.

With the rise in businesses, annual employment growth over the past five years has also increased by 372.1%, improving labor market stability. As of 2023, the unemployment rate across the province is only 4.8%.

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