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Area Code 250 Location - Where Is It Located?

250 area code serves major parts of British Columbia, the western province of Canada. It is surrounded by Alberta to the east, Yukon to the north, and the Pacific Ocean and Bay of Alaska to the west. To the south, it borders Vancouver, Montana, Idaho, and Washington. Initially, the 604 phone code served the entire BC region. However, with the exhaustion of 604 numbers, 250 was introduced. Currently, the 250 code serves all parts of BC except the Lower Mainland of Vancouver, covering a population of 2.608 million within an area of 942,035 km².

Victoria, the capital of BC, is the largest city that the 250 phone code serves. This area code spans two time zones: a few cities in the southeast follow the Mountain time zone, while the rest of the region follows the Pacific time zone. 250 is used for landline and mobile phone numbers only. It cannot be used for toll-free numbers or numbers outside the province.

Some popular cities in this area code are: 

Popular Cities 

Population (approx)

Time Zone


Pacific Time Zone

Saanich117,700Pacific Time Zone 
Nanaimo99,800Pacific Time Zone 
Victoria91,800Pacific Time Zone 
Duncan47,500Pacific Time Zone
Salmon Valley20,500Pacific Time Zone 
Cranbrook20,400Mountain Time Zone

History of BC Area Code 250 in Canada

250 phone number was first introduced on October 19, 1996. The original area code of BC is 604; however, after the introduction of 250, the 604 telephone code was limited to the greater Vancouver area only, while 250 began covering major parts of the province.

British Columbia has five area codes: 604, 250, 778, 236, and 672. 778 was introduced in 2001 due to the exhaustion of 250 numbers. However, 778 was not enough, leading to the addition of 236 in 2013 and 672 in 2019.

Before 2008, BC used 7-digit phone numbers. 7-digit dialing changed after the Canadian Numbering Administrators predicted that the 250 telephone numbers would be exhausted by January 2008. As a result, 10-digit dialing was initiated on June 23, 2008, and it became mandatory on September 12, 2008.

Why Start a Business in the Victoria BC Area Code 250?

Victoria, BC, falls under the 250 area code and offers promising business prospects, especially in real estate, warehousing, finance, technology, and tourism. As the capital city of British Columbia, Victoria is both an economic and cultural hub. Victoria's GDP increased by 14.57% between 2016 and 2022, indicating the city's growing economic activity and market opportunities, making it an attractive location for starting a business.

With a labor force participation rate of 63.7%, the city also maintains a strong employment environment. Startup accelerators and incubators like RevUP, Alacrity Canada, and Tiny help businesses grow by providing mentorship, funding, and valuable networking opportunities.

Area code 250 in Canada follows Pacific and Mountain time zones, making it easy to communicate with customers in Canada that follow the same time zones.

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Benefits of Getting a Local BC, Canada Number From Calilio

Getting a local number of BC, Canada builds trust among your regional customers. It makes your business more accessible and reduces overseas call charges, encouraging more customers to call.


Geographic Flexibility

With a virtual BC number from Calilio, you can manage your business operations from anywhere worldwide. You can easily forward incoming calls to your digital number without geographical restrictions.


Cost Savings

Calilio offers local rates for both incoming and outgoing calls for virtual BC phone numbers. This cost-effective solution helps reduce communication expenses for your business while ensuring affordable and flexible communication with your customers.


Multiple Numbers on One Device

Calilio lets you manage multiple virtual numbers using just one device. You can streamline your communication setup without carrying multiple devices or SIM cards.


Fast Setup

Setting up a local BC number with a 250 phone area code using Calilio is quick and easy. Once you activate your number, you can use it immediately without waiting long hours.

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