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Where is Area Code 368?

The 368 area code is Alberta’s fifth area code, covering the entire province. As part of the North American Number Plan, it serves major cities in Alberta, including Calgary, St. Albert, Fort McMurray, Airdrie, Red Deer, Edmonton, and Grande Prairie.  

The 368 phone prefix was designated as an overlay of the 703 and 480 area codes to accommodate the increasing demand for telephone numbers across Canada. The entire province of Alberta, including the regions served by 368, operates within the Mountain Time Zone (MT). This time zone is UTC-7 during standard time and UTC-6 during daylight saving time.

Highlighting major cities within 368 area codes and their population.


Population (approx.)

Time Zone


Mountain Time (MT)

Grande Prairie68,000Mountain Time (MT)
Lethbridge135,500Mountain Time (MT)
Medicine Hat80,400Mountain Time (MT)
Red Deer110, 300Mountain Time (MT)
Wood Buffalo79,000Mountain Time (MT)
Edmonton1,563,600Mountain Time (MT)
Airdrie 80,700Mountain Time (MT)
Canmore16,000Mountain Time (MT)
Banff9,700Mountain Time (MT)
Sherwood Park73,000Mountain Time (MT)
Fort McMurray68,000Mountain Time (MT)
Nacmine473Mountain Time (MT)

History of the 368 Area Code and Its Origins

After massive growth in the customer base, Area Code 368 was put into service on April 21, 2022. Initially approved in May 2019 by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), the assignment of new phone prefixes was intended to address the shortage of available phone numbers. Although the initial release was set for October 2021, it was later postponed to April 2022.

The introduction of the new area code marked its wide coverage, covering Northern and Southern Alberta. The need to create the 368 Code arose due to a 2% annual population increment every year since 2013. With the population rising yearly, 368 was among the 19 area codes introduced in 2022 and the 5th in Alberta. Previously, as people heavily relied on the 825 code, the 368 code helped balance the distribution of different phone numbers.

Alberta 368 Phone Code Economic Benefits and Business Outlook

Supporting new businesses and startups, Alberta’s new area code has played a considerable role in economic prosperity. Starting or growing a small business has become more feasible with the availability of more local and toll-free numbers.

The 368 area code in Alberta presents significant economic benefits and a positive business outlook for the province. With Alberta projecting a 2.9% GDP growth rate in 2023, the new area code supports the increasing demand for phone numbers. Telecommunications companies like Telus and Shaw Communications can leverage this to expand their customer base, ensuring they meet the growing needs of Alberta's 4.4 million residents. 

Additionally, startups and tech firms such as Jobber and Benevity benefit from the new area code by improving customer service operations and supporting business expansion in urban and suburban areas.

Overall, the 368 area code promotes economic growth, business expansion, and enhanced connectivity across Alberta.

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