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Discover the ideal virtual Hong Kong phone number (Mobile, Toll-free, and national) for your business needs on Calilio’s platform. Choose numbers with Hong Kong's country code to strengthen your local business identity.

What is a Hong Kong Virtual Number?

A Hong Kong Virtual Number is a modern telecommunications solution that operates over the Internet, allowing businesses to establish a local presence without a physical location. Packed with advanced features such as auto attendant, new leads alerts, and a unified call box, it ensures quality calls when engaging with potential clients.

This Hong Kong virtual numbers fosters trust, enhances accessibility, and supports effective communication while maintaining a professional image and expanding global reach.

Benefits of Using a Hong Kong Virtual Phone Number

Getting a Hong Kong Virtual Phone Number on Calilio comes with numerous advantages, essential for businesses targeting the Hong Kong market.

Local Presence

Enhanced Credibility

Cost-Effective Communication

Flexibility and Mobility

Improved Customer Service

Types of Hong Kong Phone Numbers

Calilio offers diverse types of Hong Kong phone numbers, each designed to cater to different business needs and customer preferences in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong toll-free number

Toll-Free Numbers

Hong Kong toll-free phone numbers enable customers to call your business without any charges, encouraging more interactions and inquiries from potential clients.

Hong Kong mobile numbers

Mobile Numbers

Hong Kong mobile phone numbers offer the ultimate flexibility, ensuring that your business remains connected and accessible, even when on the move.

Hong Kong vanity numbers

Vanity Numbers

Customize your contact with Vanity Numbers, which can be tailored to spell out your brand name or a memorable pattern, enhancing brand recognition in Hong Kong.

How to Activate Your Virtual Phone Number in Hong Kong?

Buying a Hong Kong phone number is straightforward with Calilio. Follow these intuitive steps to acquire a number that elevates your business communication in Hong Kong.

step one

Sign Up

Sign up and register your account with Calilio. Verify your email address, providing essential information.

step two

Choose a VoIP Plan

After verifying, visit the pricing page and choose the VoIP plans that suit your business objectives.

step three

Pick a Number

In the user dashboard, find the 'Number Selection' area. Browse a variety of HK virtual numbers aligned with your business.

step four


After you've selected your Hong Kong number, proceed to checkout. Click the 'Buy Now' button and follow the prompted instructions.

step five

Setup Your Number

Activate your Hong Kong number promptly after checkout. Customize its features and start connecting with your audience in Hong Kong.

Features of Hong Kong Virtual Phone Numbers

Hong Kong virtual phone numbers come equipped with advanced features that boost your business. These functionalities enhance communication efficiency and customer engagement.

power dialer icon

Power Dialer

The Power Dialer feature streamlines outbound calling, automating the dialing process. It increases efficiency and productivity, allowing your team to focus more on conversations and less on manual tasks.
unified call box icon

Unified Callbox

Unified Callbox consolidates all communications into one accessible platform. It simplifies managing calls, messages, and voicemails, ensuring seamless interaction with your Hong Kong phone number.
call monitoring icon

Call Monitoring

Boost customer service quality with call monitoring. Oversee live interactions, provide immediate feedback, and enhance training, ensuring every call meets your high standards.
phone trees icon

Phone Trees (IVR)

Phone Trees offers an organized IVR structure, directing callers to the appropriate department or information, enhancing the efficiency of inbound call management.
call analytics icon

Call Analytics

Call Analytics provide valuable insights into call patterns and customer interactions, aiding in data-driven decisions to improve business strategies.
voicemail to email icon

Voicemail by Email

Receive voicemails directly to your email with this feature, ensuring you never miss important messages, even when you're away from the phone.
new lead alerts icon

New Lead Alerts

Stay ahead with New Lead Alerts. Get instant notifications for potential leads, enabling prompt responses and increasing the chances of conversion.
call history icon

Call History

Call History logs every call, providing a comprehensive record for review, analysis, and compliance purposes, ensuring your business maintains a thorough communication history.

How do you dial a Hong Kong phone number?

To successfully connect a Hong Kong phone number from abroad, it's essential to understand and use the correct number format. The format varies depending on whether you are dialing a landline or a mobile phone.

step one

Exit Code

The exit code is necessary while making an international call. For instance, the exit code for Australia is ‘0011’, while it’s ‘00’ for the UK. If you're calling from mobile phones, replace the exit code with '+.'

step two

Hong Kong Country Code (+852)

After the exit code, dial Hong Kong's country code, which is '+852'. This prefix ensures your call is routed correctly to Hong Kong.

step three

8-9 digit Numbers

Then, dial the 8-digit local Hong Kong number. Hong Kong phone numbers are always 8 digits when dialing from a landline and 9 digits from a mobile phone.

Hong Kong Phone Number Example

Let's Suppose you're calling a Hong Kong number, '1234-5678', from Australia.
(Note: there is no specific area code for Hong Kong).

For a Hong Kong Landline and Mobile phone number

  • Exit Code: ‘+’ or ‘0011’ (From the Australia)
  • Country Code: ‘852’ (for Hong Kong )
  • Area Code: N/A
  • Local Number: '1234-5678' (for Landline) and '9-12345678'(for mobile)
  • So, you’ll dial: 0011-852-1234-5678 or +852-12345678 for landlines and 0011-852-9-12345678 or +852-9-12345678 for mobile phones.

(Remember: The local number is eight for landlines and nine for Mobile phones.)

Buy a Hong Kong Phone Number With Calilio

Purchasing a Hong Kong phone number from a reliable VoIP Provider like Calilio is a wise decision for global business expansion. Effortlessly strengthen your local business presence in the dynamic Hong Kong Market.

Easy and Quick Setup

Experience a smooth and hassle-free process when acquiring your Hong Kong virtual phone number. Calilio ensures a straightforward journey from selection to activation.

easy installation

Tailored to Your Needs

Choose a Hong Kong phone number that aligns perfectly with your business requirements. Calilio offers a variety of number types to suit diverse business strategies.

customizable features as per the need

Expand Your Reach

Acquiring a Hong Kong virtual phone number through Calilio instantly broadens your business's geographical reach. It's a pivotal step in establishing a strong presence in the Asian market.

build large number of cutomers for the business.

Affordable Communication Solutions

Get your Hong Kong virtual number at competitive prices. Calilio provides cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality and features.

cost friendly communication

Advanced Features

Benefit from a range of advanced features from Calilio accompanying your Hong Kong phone number. Enhance your customer interactions and streamline your communication processes.

number of advanced features

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