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Easily establish a robust presence in Ireland with a secure and reliable Ireland Virtual Phone Number from Calilio. Step into a seamless communication world, connecting you directly with Irish audiences.

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Discover the ideal local and mobile phone number for your business needs on Calilio. Our platform offers a hassle-free way to secure an Irish phone number with ease.

What is an Ireland Virtual Number?

An Ireland Virtual Number is a digital telephone number that operates over the internet rather than traditional phone lines. This technology allows users to receive and make calls from anywhere globally, using an Irish phone number. It's ideal for businesses and individuals seeking a local presence in Ireland without the need for physical relocation.

Benefits of Using an Ireland Virtual Phone Number

Gain a competitive edge and connect effortlessly with an Ireland Virtual Phone Number, enhancing your business flexibility and expanding your global reach. Delve into the advantages of Ireland VoIP numbers on Calilio:

Global Presence, Local Feel

Cost-Effective Communication

Enhanced Business Credibility

Seamless Integration with Technology

Flexibility and Scalability

Types of Ireland Phone Number

Explore various types of Irish phone numbers, each catering to different communication needs. Choose between local and mobile options to best suit your business or personal use.

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Local Numbers

Local Irish telephone numbers provide a strong community presence, ideal for businesses targeting specific cities or regions in Ireland. They help establish a local identity, fostering trust and proximity with regional customers.

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Mobile Numbers

Irish mobile numbers offer flexibility and mobility, allowing you to connect with Irish clients wherever you are. They are perfect for businesses and individuals needing constant accessibility, regardless of their physical location.

How to Get an Ireland Phone Number Online?

Get an Ireland phone number online in 5 intuitive steps. With Calilio, setting up virtual phone numbers for Ireland is straightforward. Follow these steps and start connecting with your Irish clientele Now!

step one

Sign Up

Sign up and register to Calilio and register for an account. Input the essential information and confirm & verify your email address to get started.

step two

Choose a VoIP Plan

After signing up, select the most suitable VoIP plan for your needs. Calilio offers a variety of plans, each designed to cater to different Ireland Virtual Phone Number requirements.

step three

Pick a Number

Navigate through our selection and choose the Ireland phone number that best fits your business, whether it's a local or mobile number.

step four


After selecting your desired Ireland number, proceed to checkout, click 'Buy Number,' enter your name, and confirm your purchase by adding it to the cart.

step five

Setup Your Number

After checkout, your Ireland phone number will be activated within 48 hours upon document review by the Calilio team. Customize settings and begin engaging with your Irish audience.

Already Have an Ireland Phone Number?

If you already possess an Ireland phone number, Calilio offers seamless porting services. Transfer and upgrade effortlessly to our advanced VoIP system without changing your existing number.

Features of Virtual Ireland Phone Number

Calilio's Virtual Ireland Phone Number goes beyond being a simple contact point, providing global connectivity with a local presence in Ireland. Our VoIP services strategically position your business for growth in the Irish market. Tap into our advanced VoIP features:

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Never miss a message with our intuitive voicemail system. Customize your voicemail settings to meet your business hours and receive messages directly in your inbox.
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Call Recording

Keep a record of your calls for quality and training purposes. The call recording feature is simple to activate and invaluable for reviewing customer interactions and improving communication strategies.
call forwarding icon

Call Forwarding

Stay connected with your customers by forwarding incoming calls to any desired number or device. With Ireland Virtual Phone Numbers, manage your calls flexibly according to your schedule and availability.
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Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System

Offer your callers a streamlined experience with our IVR system. It helps guide them to the right department, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.
call analytics icon

Call Analytics

Gain insights into your call traffic with call analytics. This feature provides valuable data, helping you to make informed decisions about your customer service approach.
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Call Whispering

Improve call quality and train staff in real-time with call whispering. This feature allows supervisors to guide agents during live calls without the customer knowing.
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Greeting Voice Messages

Create a welcoming first impression with customized greeting voice messages. This personal touch on your Ireland phone number enhances caller experience and brand image.
do not distrub mode icon

Do Not Disturb Mode (DND)

Activate DND mode to ensure undisturbed work or personal time. This feature on your Irish Virtual Number helps manage your availability while maintaining professional boundaries.

How to dial an Ireland phone number?

Understanding the correct format for dialing an Ireland phone number is essential, whether you're calling from within Ireland or from another country. Here's a clear guide to ensure you connect smoothly with Ireland.

step one

Exit Code

Start with the exit code of your country (for example, 00 for the UK). This code is necessary for making international calls. If you're calling from a mobile device, you can use the '+' symbol instead of the exit code.

step two

Ireland Country Code (+353)

After the exit code, enter Ireland's country code, which is +353. This code is vital to connect to the Irish telephone network.

step three

Area Code

Then, dial the area code, which depends on the region in Ireland you are calling. Irish area codes are typically one to three digits long and begin with β€˜0’. However, for international calls, you should omit the initial β€˜0’.

step four

Local Phone Numbers

At last, enter the local 7 or 8-digit Irish phone number. The length of the number depends on whether it's a landline or a mobile number.

Ireland Phone Number Example

For instance, if you are dialing a phone number in Dublin from the UK and the local number is β€˜23456789’, the Dublin area code is 01.

  • Exit Code: β€˜+’ or β€˜00’ (From the UK)
  • Country Code: '353’ (for Ireland)
  • Area Code: β€˜01’ (for Dublin, omitting the initial β€˜0’ for international calls)
  • Local Number: β€˜2345-6789’
  • So, you’ll dial: 00-353-1-2345-6789 or +353-1-2345-6789 (for landlines) and 00-353-8X-2345-6789 or +353-8X-2345-6789 (for mobile phones).

Note: When calling a mobile number, there is no need for an area code; instead, replace it with an 8 prefix.

Buy an Ireland Virtual Number With Calilio

Purchase an Ireland Virtual Phone Number through Calilio to bridge communication gaps with the Irish market effortlessly. As a reliable VoIP service provider, we guarantee a smooth and quick setup, enhancing your business or personal communication in Ireland.

Quick and Easy Setup

Experience a straightforward and efficient setup when acquiring your Irish phone number. Calilio's user-friendly interface ensures a smooth journey from selection to activation.

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Connect with the Irish Market

Establish a strong presence in Ireland. Our Ireland Virtual Phone Numbers provide a direct line to the vibrant Irish market, fostering better business relations and customer engagement.

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Customizable VoIP Solutions

Tailor your communication needs with Calilio's customizable VoIP solutions. Choose from a range of features and plans that best align with your goals using your Ireland Virtual Number.

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Reliable and Secure Communication

Trust in the reliability and security of Calilio's VoIP services. With an Ireland phone number, you get not only seamless connectivity but also the assurance of secure and uninterrupted communication.

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24/7 Support

Benefit from Calilio's expert support and guidance throughout your Ireland Virtual Number journey. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best experience and ensuring your communication needs are met.

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