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Peru Phone Number

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What is a Peru Virtual Number?

A Peru virtual number is a digital phone service that allows you to establish a local presence in Peru without needing a physical office. It enables you to make and receive calls using the internet, offering call flexibility from any device or equipment.

These numbers include VoIP features like call forwarding, voicemail transcription, New Lead Alerts, AI-Powered Call Summary, and IVR systems, enabling companies to improve their client's experience.

Benefits of Using an Online Peru Phone Number

Calilio's Peru phone number carries several benefits, from gaining local trust to increasing your business call rates, whether you are a startup, enterprise, or any other business type.

Increase Local Trust

Market Expansion

Cost Efficiency

Increase your Pick-Up Rate

How to Get a Peru Virtual Number Online?

Getting a Peruvian virtual phone number is quick and affordable on Calilio. Follow these 5 steps to set up your VoIP phone Service online.

Step one

Sign UP

Create an account on Calilio by providing your basic information. Confirm your email to get started.

Step two

Choose a VoIP Plan

Browse through our VoIP plans and select the one that best fits your business needs. Each plan offers unique features and benefits.

Step Three

Pick a Number

Navigate to the 'Number' section and choose your preferred phone number in Peru. Then, proceed with the cart after giving it a friendly name.

Step Four


Submit the necessary identity documents to verify your identity number, then proceed to confirm your purchase.

Step Five

Setup Your Number

Your number will be activated within 48 hours. Finally, customize your settings, import your contacts, and start making and receiving calls right away.

Features of Peru Virtual Phone Number

Purchase a Peru phone number from Calilio and access essential features such as call blocking, live call monitoring, new lead alerts, call history, voicemail to email, and others.

Call Blocking Icon

Call Blocking

Gain control over incoming calls with Call Blocking. Easily manage who can reach your business, ensuring only relevant calls come through.
Live Call Monitoring Icon

Live Call Monitoring

Monitor calls in real-time with Live Call Monitoring. This feature allows for quality assurance and helps train staff by reviewing call interactions live.
New lead alert Icon

New Lead Alerts

Never miss a business opportunity with New Lead Alerts. Receive immediate notifications whenever a new contact or potential client calls.
Call History Icon

Call History

Keep track of all your call activities with detailed call history logs, providing valuable insights for performance evaluation and business analytics.
Voicemail to Email Icon

Voicemail to Email

Receive voicemails directly to your email inbox for convenient access and efficient management, ensuring no important messages are missed.
Call Whispering Icon

Call Whispering

Monitor and guide your team during live calls without the caller's knowledge, facilitating on-the-job training and enhancing customer service quality.

How do you dial a Peru phone number?

Dialing a Peru phone number involves a sequence that makes sure your international and local connections are successful. The format of Peruvian numbers varies depending on whether the call is to a landline or a mobile device. Here's a detailed step-by-step guide to help you.

Step one

Exit Code

Start with your country's exit code, which is necessary for making international calls. This code varies by country; for instance, it's '011' in the USA and '00' in most European countries.

Step two

Peru Country Code (+51)

Next, dial Peru's country code, which is '+51'. This code ensures your call is correctly routed to Peru.

Step Three

Area Code

Then, include the specific area code for the region in Peru you are calling. Peruvian area codes are typically 1 to 2 digits long and are essential for directing your call to the right locality.

Step Four

Local Phone Number

Peruvian phone numbers are typically 8 to 9 digits long, including area code. The number of digits depends on whether the number is for a landline (usually 7 or 8 digits) or a mobile (usually 9 digits). Remember, the mobile prefix in Peru typically starts with a '9'.

Peru Phone Number Example

For instance, if you are calling a landline number in Lima from the USA with a local number 424-70XX. Remember, the Lima area code is '1'.

  • Exit Code: ‘011’ or ‘+’ (from the USA)
  • Country Code: ‘+51’ (for Peru)
  • Area Code: ‘1’ (for Lima)
  • Local Number: ‘424-70XX’
  • So, you’ll dial: 011-51-1-424-70XX or +51-1-424-70XX

Buy a Peru Virtual Phone Number on Calilio

Buying a Peru virtual phone number on Calilio is a smart move for businesses of any size looking to expand their reach and provide effective communication. As a leading VoIP provider, we stand out for our commitment to reliability, comprehensive service options, and exceptional customer support.

Easy Configuration

Configuring your Peru phone number is intuitive on Calilio. Our user-friendly interface lets you configure settings quickly and efficiently without any technical hassles.

Easy Configure

Broad Range

Calilio offers a broad range of Peru phone numbers to suit various business needs. Choose ideal toll-free numbers to expand your reach and cater to different customer preferences.

Broad Range Peru

Security Compliance

Your security is our priority. We confirm all Peruvian virtual phone numbers meet demanding security standards, keeping your business communications safe and compliant with industry regulations.


24/7 Support

With Calilio, support is always just a click away. Our dedicated team is available 24/7 to help you with any issues or queries you might have about your phone number or the entire business phone system.

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