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Discover your ideal South Africa virtual phone number with ease. Explore a range of virtual phone numbers (local or mobile) with the South African country code and connect with your audience today.

What is a South Africa Virtual Number?

A South Africa Virtual Number is a phone number that operates over the internet rather than through traditional phone lines, allowing users to receive and make calls without being physically present in South Africa. These numbers consist of an area code (representing a geographic region) followed by a unique set of local or mobile numbers.

With features such as call forwarding, voicemail, and customizable IVR, South Africa virtual numbers are an essential tool for anyone looking to connect with the South African market, improve customer service, or expand their global outreach while maintaining cost-effective communication strategies.

Benefits of Using a Virtual Phone Number for South Africa

Adopting a South African virtual phone number streamlines your communication, offering numerous advantages for businesses looking to expand their reach. Use Calilio to reap its benefits.

Cost Savings

Local Presence


Improves Customer Service

Insightful Data

Types of South African Phone Numbers

Select a suitable South African phone number, be it local or mobile, to strengthen your communication strategy. Each type of number comes with its unique features and benefits, enabling you to customize your approach according to your specific business needs.

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Local Numbers

South African Local numbers provide a strong regional presence, allowing businesses to establish a local identity in specific cities or provinces within South Africa, fostering closer connections with the community.

South Africa mobile numbers with area code

Mobile Numbers

Mobile numbers in South Africa offer unparalleled flexibility, enabling businesses to reach and be reached by customers on the move, ensuring constant communication regardless of location.

How to Get a South Africa Phone Number Online?

Getting a South African phone number online through Calilio is straightforward. Acquire your South African number within minutes and commence connecting with your clientele in South Africa seamlessly.

step one

Sign Up

First, Create an account by signing up on Calilio. Provide essential information and verify your email address.

step two

Choose a VoIP Plan

Then, select the perfect VoIP plan that suits your business objectives. Calilio offers a variety of plans, each designed to provide the features and flexibility your business requires.

step three

Pick a Number

Choose your South African phone number from our extensive list. Whether you need a local or mobile, we have you covered.

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Review your selections and complete your purchase with our secure checkout process. Your new South Africa phone number is just a few clicks away.

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Setup Your Number

After purchase, easily configure your South Africa phone number with personalized settings. Set up features like call forwarding, IVR, and voicemail to start communicating effectively.

Already Have a South Africa Phone Number?

If you're already equipped with a South African phone number, effortlessly integrate it with Calilio's number porting service to augment its functionality and unlock advanced features.

Features of South Africa Virtual Phone Numbers

Empower your business communication with Calilio's South Africa virtual phone numbers. Integrating with our VoIP phone system doesn't just provide you with a number; it equips you with a tool that can reshape how you engage with clients and elevate your business. Tap into Calilio's VoIP Features.

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Live Call Monitoring

Enhance training and ensure quality service with live call monitoring. This feature allows supervisors to listen in on calls in real time, providing immediate feedback and support to agents
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Conference Calls

Facilitate collaboration swiftly through Calilio’s conference calls. Connect multiple parties in a single call, making it perfect for team meetings or discussions with clients across South Africa and beyond.
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Bulk SMS campaigns

Execute effective marketing strategies with Bulk SMS Campaigns. Reach out to a wide audience in South Africa instantly, promoting your services or sharing important updates efficiently.
voice mail filter icon

Voicemail Filter

Streamline your workflow with a voicemail filter, allowing you to prioritize messages and respond to important queries first. It ensures that critical communications are never overlooked.
call analytics icon

Call Analytics

Gain valuable insights into your call operations with detailed call analytics. Track call volumes, durations, and outcomes to make informed decisions and optimize your communication strategy.
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Multiple Agents

Support a large team with the ability to have multiple agents on your South Africa virtual number. It ensure that customer calls are always answered promptly, improving service levels.
greeting voice messages icon

Greeting Voice Messages

Create a warm welcome for callers with our custom greeting feature. Personalize your greeting to reflect your brand's personality and provide essential information to callers.
phone trees icon

Phone Trees (IVR)

Simplify customer navigation with Phone Trees (IVR). Automated menus guide callers to the appropriate department or information, enhancing user experience and operational efficiency.

How to dial a South Africa Phone number?

Understanding how to dial South Africa phone numbers is crucial for establishing clear and effective communication with individuals or businesses located in South Africa. From the Exit Code to the Local Phone Numbers, Calilio simplifies international connections intuitively.

step one

Exit Code

Begin with the exit code of your country (each country has its unique code; for the US and Canada, it's '011'). Simplify it further by replacing the exit code with the '+' symbol.

step two

South Africa Country Code (+27)

After the exit code, enter '+27', which is the country code for South Africa. This code directs your call from your country to South Africa.

step three

Area Code

Continuing the process, dial the specific area code for the desired region in South Africa. South African area codes vary from 1 to 3 digits, depending on the geographic region or city. When calling a South African mobile number, substitute the area code with a 6, 7, or 8 prefix.

step four

Local Phone Numbers

Following the area code, input the 7-digit local phone number or the 9-10-digit mobile number. This unique number corresponds to the individual or business you aim to reach within the specified area. Press the call button to connect with your potential client in South Africa.

South Africa Phone Number Example

Let's assume you're contacting a business in Cape Town from the USA with the local number ‘234-5678’ . The area code for Cape Town is 021.

  • Exit Code: ‘011’ or ‘+’ (from the USA)
  • Country Code: ‘27’ (for South Africa)
  • Area Code: ‘21’ (for South Africa, omitting the leading ‘0’ while making an international call)
  • Local Number: ‘234-5678’ or 'XX-234-5678'
  • So, you’ll dial: 011-27-21-234-5678 or +27-21-234-5678 (for Landline) and 011-27-XX-234-5678 or +27-XX-234-5678 (To Mobile).

Buy a South Africa Virtual Numbers on Calilio

Elevate your business presence in South Africa with Calilio. Our virtual numbers provide an unparalleled avenue for extensive reach and crystal-clear communication, all while ensuring cost-effectiveness. Enjoy a range of advanced VoIP features, from personalized greetings to an intuitive IVR system, guaranteeing that each call reflects your business's professionalism and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Quick Integration

Implement your South Africa virtual numbers swiftly with Calilio's quick integration process. Seamlessly incorporate our business phone system into your existing workflow, minimizing disruption and maximizing efficiency.

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Competitive Pricing

Calilio offers competitive pricing for South Africa virtual phone numbers, making high-quality communication accessible without straining your budget. Optimize your operational costs with our flexible pricing models.

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Comprehensive Support

Receive comprehensive support from our dedicated team at Calilio. Whether you're facing technical issues or need guidance, we're here 24/7 to ensure your South African communications run smoothly.

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Broad Range

Calilio provides an extensive range of South Africa virtual phone numbers, meeting your business needs perfectly. Whether local or mobile options, our selection caters to every requirement, ensuring effective and efficient connections with your South African audience.

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Security & Compliance

With Calilio, security and compliance are paramount. Our South Africa virtual numbers are equipped with advanced security measures, ensuring your business communications are protected according to the latest standards.

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