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Acquire an Ohio phone number and enter one of the most dynamic business landscapes in the United States. Virtual phone numbers with OH area codes instantly resonate with your business with the local client base.

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Get a virtual number with an Ohio area code in your desired region. Boost your brand’s credibility in the state’s local market.

Benefits of an Ohio Phone Number

An Ohio phone number provides businesses with seamless connectivity with the local audience within the state. You can make calls at local rates when you have an Ohio area code in your phone number.

Global Presence, Local Vibe

Enhanced Customer Trust

Cost Savings


Buy Ohio Phone Number Instantly

Unlock the potential of Ohio’s market with a local phone number from Calilio. Choose from various Ohio area codes and seamlessly connect with customers across major cities in the state.

cleveland area code number

Area code 216 brings your business into Cleveland’s vibrant cityscape. A Cleveland phone number positions you in a diverse market renowned for its rich cultural heritage and growing economic sectors.

  • Cleveland

  • Newark

  • Akron

  • Dayton

  • Columbus

  • Toledo

  • Parma

  • Cincinnati

How to Get an Ohio Phone Number?

With Calilio, acquiring an Ohio phone number is just a few clicks away. Follow our effortless process

step one

Sign Up

Sign up and Register your account on Calilio. Simply input the necessary details and verify your email.

step two

Choose a Plan

Upon signing up, you land on our pricing page. Browse our range of service plans and select one that mirrors your business aspirations perfectly.

step three

Pick a Number

Head towards the “My Numbers” section from “Settings.” Click on “Purchase Number.” Pick phone numbers with Ohio area codes that aligns with your business target region.

step four


Hit “Buy Now” to confirm your purchase. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the payment and checkout.

step five

Set up your numbers

Your Ohio phone number activates instantly. Access the settings and customize them to fit your business’s unique needs.

Already Have an Ohio Phone Number?

Port your existing Ohio phone number to Calilio. Retain your already established phone number while integrating advanced communication features into it.

Features of Virtual Ohio Phone Numbers

Ohio phone numbers on Calilio aren’t just about regional identity and ordinary phone calls. Its advanced features redefine modern business communication.

call history icon

Call History

Stay informed and keep track of all interactions. Keep track of inbound and outbound calls to learn details about recent communication.
pause and resume call record icon

Pause/Resume Call Recording

Control your recordings with ease. With the pause/resume feature, ensure sensitive information remains confidential while maintaining a record of important discussions.
IVR icon

Phone Trees (IVR)

Facilitate seamless caller navigation. Phone Trees ensures your callers reach the right person or team without hassle.
call on hold icon

Call-on-Hold Music

Enhance caller experience during wait times. Keep your callers entertained with music while they are on hold.
number sharing icon

Number Sharing

One number, multiple users! Allow multiple team members to access the same number and promote collaborative communication.

Ohio Phone Numbers With Calilio

Calilio offers premium Ohio phone numbers that ensure seamless connectivity, regardless of your location. Experienced unparalleled communication service fused with cost-efficiency.

Crystal Clear Calls

Relish unmatched call clarity with Calilio. We prioritize your communication and ensure every word during communication is heard clearly.

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Quick Number Activation

Say goodbye to long waiting times! Your Ohio phone number activates swiftly right after you pick up your number with Calilio.

Quick activation

Secure Connections

Calilio’s robust security measures guarantee your calls and data are always protected.

safe secure connection

Flexible Plan Options

Not every business demands the same requirements. Select the one that best matches your business aspirations from our service plans.

Flexible plans for all businesses

24/7 Customer Support

Calilio is always here for you. Day or night, our customer support team is on standby 24/7 to assist you with any queries or issues.

Service all around the clock

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Connect Seamlessly with Ohio's Market

Enhance your business outreach in Ohio with a local phone number. Choose from various OH area codes to establish a strong presence and build local connections.

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