How To Call the US From the UK?


International communication has transformed from a luxury into an essential in a globalized world. Advanced communication technology has brought nations closer - it offers convenient platforms to connect through calls. In the world of communication technology, one particular connection that’s seen a surge in recent times is the call between the US and the UK.

With the US and the UK sharing robust business ties, many corporations have branches in both countries. Business stakeholders, investors, and professionals across these two powerhouses connect themselves through the calls. Yet, it isn’t just the corporate world that’s buzzing. Many individuals also frequently call the USA from the UK to connect with loved ones, friends, and family.

However, dialing Us from the UK is not as straightforward as dialing a local number. It requires understanding various aspects like the exit, country, and area codes.

Calling USA Landlines from the UK

Landline phone calls are far from extinct whether you seek international calls for individual purposes or business communication. With perks such as stability and top voice quality, calling the USA from the UK on a landline remains a popular choice in today’s world of mobile technology.

Following the correct dialing procedure ensures you make a call from the UK to the US without a hitch. Follow the steps below to call straightforward.

Step 1. Find Your Exit Code (00)

You must use the exit code before dialing out internationally from the UK. The UK exit code is “00”. The exit code indicates to your phone system that you're trying to reach a number outside the UK. So, start by dialing 00.

Step 2. Punch in the Country Code for the USA (1)

After the exit code, you'll need the USA country code, "1." The USA country code signals that you are directing your phone call to the United States. So, key in 1 after dialing the exit code.

Step 3. Access the Area Code

The USA is vast, and you must use the correct area code to reach specific regions. The different regions have different area codes. For instance, it's 212’ for New York City, while it's 310’ for Los Angeles. Access the region's area code you are trying to reach and punch in, following the USA country code.

Step 4. Dial in the Phone Number

Almost there. After entering the exit, country, and area codes, just dial in the local landline number of the target recipient. Wait for a few seconds, and you will be connected to your desired individual or business in no time.

Calling the US from the UK Using Mobile

While landlines offer certain perks, we can’t understate the convenience and immediacy of reaching someone directly on their mobile. Dialing the US from the UK on a mobile phone allows more flexibility in an era where everyone has mobile phones in their pocket. However, it is essential to follow the right procedure to reach out to those pocketed mobile phones.

Step 1 – Dial the Exit Code (00)

As you did for USA landline numbers, begin your call by dialing the UK's international exit code - “00”. This signals your intention to reach a destination beyond UK shores.

Step 2 – Key in the Country Code (1)

After dialing the exit code, it's time to input the country code. As mentioned earlier, the country code for the USA is 1.

Step 3 – Dial Area Code

Even when calling US mobile numbers from the UK, an area code is required. This is because US mobile numbers still have area codes associated with their regions, much like landlines. So, dial the area code of the desired region.

Step 4 – Dial the US Mobile Number

Finally, enter the mobile number of the individual or business you are contacting. Then, hit the “Call” signal. Soon, you will be conversing with your desired recipient in the USA.

Understanding the US area codes

US area codes play a pivotal role in the dialing procedure when you call the USA from the UK. It acts as a geographical identifier that pinpoints the specific region or city of the phone number you are trying to reach. Each area code corresponds to a distinct area, and dialing the exact area code for your desired region is important to ensure you connect with your desired person or business.

Here is the comprehensive list of popular USA area codes:


Area Code

New York


Los Angeles






Las Vegas


San Francisco








How Much Does It Cost to Call from the UK to the US?

On average, making a direct call from the UK to the US might cost you approximately £3.50 per minute. But it isn’t a fixed price; it varies depending on several factors, including your service provider. With such variable pricing in different services, understanding the international call costs can sometimes feel like a maze. For this reason, many are turning to VoIP service providers for predictable prices.

How to Call the USA from the UK Without Paying International Fees?

Switching to VoIP not only aids in predicting the cost but also offers affordable pricing, especially when you require to call internationally. Many VoIP service providers offer international calls without any or minimal charge. It can save you significant costs when calling the US from the UK. In addition to such cost-effectiveness functionality, VoIP service providers like Calilio offer exceptional features in virtual numbers to take your business communication to the next level.

Alternative Methods to Dial United States from the United Kingdom

Beyond the traditional methods and VoIP solutions, there are several other innovative ways to dial the United States from the United Kingdom. These alternatives encompass a variety of technologies and platforms and cater to diverse communication needs.

Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms like Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and Twitter offer integrated calling features that allow you to make voice and video calls. These platforms use your internet connection (Wi-Fi or data) to place calls. You can efficiently call the recipient using the same app.

Web-Based Calling Services

Web-based calling services like Google Voice or Zoom offer calling capabilities through a web interface or desktop application. Typically, they provide free or low-cost calls to the US for its account holders. hey work via an internet connection to place calls, and you can call both landlines and mobile numbers.

Mobile Apps with In-App Calling

Numerous other mobile apps, rather than social media or VoIP apps, also offer to make calls to the US from the UK. Apps such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, or even dating apps include in-app calling features. Like other platforms, they also use an internet connection to facilitate voice and video calls.

Time Zone Differences While Dalling the US from the UK

As you prepare to phone the USA from the UK on any platform, there’s another essential aspect to consider - the time zone differences. It ensures you make a call at the appropriate time and avoid inconvenience for the recipient. Such consideration reduces the chances of not picking up the call from your desired individual or business. Here, we explore the six primary time zones across the United States.

Eastern Standard Time (EST)

The major US cities in this time zone include Atlanta and New York. EST is 5 hours behind the UK. For instance, when it is 12 PM in the UK, it is 7 AM EST.

Central Standard Time (CST)

The major US cities in this time zone include Dallas and New Chicago. CST is 6 hours behind the UK. For instance, when it is 12 PM in the UK, it is 6 AM CST.

Mountain Standard Time (MST)

The major US cities in this time zone include Phoenix and Denver. MST is 7 hours behind the UK. For instance, when it is 12 PM in the UK, it is 5 AM MST.

Pacific Standard Time (PST)

The major US cities in this time zone include San Francisco and Los Angeles. PST is 8 hours behind the UK. For instance, when it is 12 PM in the UK, it is 4 AM PST.

Alaska Standard Time (AKST)

The major US cities in this time zone include Anchorage. AKST is 9 hours behind the UK. For instance, when it is 12 PM in the UK, it is 3 AM AKST.

Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time (HST)

The major US cities in this time zone include Honolulu. HST is 10 hours behind the UK. For instance, when it is 12 PM in the UK, it is 2 AM HST.

How to Get a US Number from the UK

To call the United States from the United Kingdom, you must follow the right format, including the UK exit code, US country code, and US area code of a particular region. The correct process allows you to begin swift and hassle-free phone calls. However, if you seek not only basic phone calls but also advanced call features, including cost-effectiveness in international calls, get a US virtual number. With Calilio, you can easily get a US virtual number from the UK. We offer a quick process to Calilio get a US number with advanced communication perks. Contact Us today and enjoy affordable and quality calls to the US from the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is calling the US from the UK expensive?

Calling the US from the UK varies depending on your service provider. The cost can be quite expensive, with a charge of £3.50 per minute. Opt for Calilio VoIP service for reduced international call costs.

How can I make international calls from the UK for free?

While many VoIP service providers charge a minimum cost for international costs, some offer free international calling from several locations, including the UK.

Is +1 the same as 011?

+1 and 011 are not the same, though both are related to international dialing. +1 is the country code for the United States. On the contrary, 011 is the exit code used in many countries, including the UK.

How do I call a US number from VoIP?

Firstly, sign in to your VoIP service on a stable internet connection. Then, open the dial pad and start dialing your country’s exit code, US country code - “+1”, specific area code, and local number you wish to reach.

How can I make free international calls with VoIP?

The VoIP service providers may offer free international calls on several package plans. Opt for such plans to make free international calls with VoIP.

How do I dial the US from the UK from my iPhone?

To call the US from your iPhone in the UK, first dial the UK’s international exit code, which is 00. Then, enter the US country code ‘1’, followed by the local area code and the phone number.

What is the dialing code for the USA?

The dialing code for the USA is 1. You must use this code after the international exit code when making calls to any number in the United States.

What is the country code for the USA? Is it 011 or 001?

Both ‘011’ and ‘001’ are not the country codes of the USA. The USA’s country code is simple: ‘1’.