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Get a New York Phone number on Calilio and step into the city that never sleeps. Even if you’re miles away. Phone numbers with NY area codes bridge the gap to connect with NYC locals seamlessly.

What is a New York Phone Number?

A New York phone number is a phone contact number that connects individuals or businesses to one of the world’s most iconic cities. It compromises a specific area code that pinpoints its regional origin.

A New York number allows you to build a business empire in a state known for its influential financial markets, burgeoning tech startups, and diverse consumer base. A USA phone number with a NY area code helps locals recognize you, which fosters trust and boosts your brand recognition.


Search New York Area Code Number

Discovering the perfect New York area code number for your business is now just a search away. Make a local presence with your desired NY phone code.


Benefits of a New York Phone Number

A New York phone number can influence dynamic business markets in the state. It opens the door to unparalleled opportunities globally.

Local Presence


Exceptional Portability

Targeted Advertising

Buy New York Phone Number Instantly

Get a New York phone number online and solidify your connection in specific urban hubs.

Manhattan area code

Manhattan, aka New York City, is popular as a global financial hub in New York. Establish a direct link to this iconic city with Manhattan area codes like: 212, 332, 347, 646, 718, 917, and 929. An NYC area code brings you closer to the locals and big businesses in the city.

  • Manhattan

  • Buffalo

  • Rochester

  • Yonkers

  • Syracuse

  • Albany

How to Get a New York Phone Number?

Setting up local business communication has been easier than ever. Calilio offers straightforward steps to get a New York phone number.


Sign Up

Register an account on Calilio. Sign up with the required details and verify your account via email.


Choose a VoIP plan

You will be directed to the pricing page. Review VoIP plans and choose the one that aligns with your business needs.


Pick a Number

Go to “Number” from the Nav bar and click “Purchase Number.” Select phone numbers with your desired New York area codes.



Review your selected NY number. Click on the “Buy Now” button to confirm and follow the prompt payment instructions to checkout.


Set up your number

Upon successful checkout, your NY phone number activates right away. Customize from settings and enjoy using your new number.

Get Various Virtual NY Phone Numbers

Choose different types of virtual NY phone numbers to forge connections based on your business needs.

New York local number

Local Number

A local number with a New York area code lets your clients know you’re right there with them. The local number is about establishing a solid foothold in a specific locale.

New York toll-free number

Toll-Free Number

Toll-free numbers are a win-win situation for you and your customers. They can reach you without incurring charges while you display a commitment to hassle-free communication.

New York vanity number

Vanity Number

More than just digits, vanity numbers are a statement. You can resonate with your brand’s voice or name to ensure easy recall and establish the brand’s identity with every call.

Already Have a New York Phone Number?

You do not need to quit your existing New York number. Port your number to Calilio and keep your current number while adding exceptional VoIP features.

VoIP Features of Our New York Phone Numbers

Enjoy the loaded features of New Your phone numbers on Calilio. Our exceptional VoIP features optimize, manage, and streamline your business communications.

Call Monoriting
Oversee the quality of your service with call monitoring. Keep track of every call to confirm the conversation meets your brand's promise of excellence.
Step in the moments when you can’t pick up the phone. With a virtual New York number, you never miss important messages, even if you miss a call.
Call Recording
Keep all critical details from the calls. Call recording aids recall essential notes or specific instructions, so you never leave crucial messages behind.
Conference Calls
Do not let geography disrupt collaboration. Conference calls with virtual New York numbers bring your dispersed team together to facilitate discussions.

How to Make a Call to New York?

Making a phone call to New York involves familiarizing yourself with distinct New York area codes, also known as New York phone codes. Follow these simple steps to call the NYC phone number.


Exit Code

Begin with an exit code - which may vary between countries while making international calls. For instance, in the UK, it’s ‘00’, and in Canada, it’s ‘011.’ On mobile phones, the ‘+’ symbol can be used in place of the exit code.


USA Country Code (1)

After the exit code, dial the US country code, which is ‘1’. It directs your phone call towards the United States.


Area Code

New York has multiple area codes, each specific to different regions. Enter the correct three-digit area code for the desired destination within New York.


7-digit Number

Finish by dialing the local 7-digit local phone number linked to the individual or business, and you’ll connect to New York.

New York Phone Number Example

Let’s consider you are making a call to Rochester, whose local number is 555-1234. Rochester area code is 585.

    Exit Code: ‘00’ or ‘+’ (From the UK)
    Country Code: ‘1’ (for the US)
    Area Code: ‘212’ (for Manhattan)
    Local Number: ‘555-6789’
    So, you’ll dial: 00-1-212-555-6789 or +1-212-555-6789

Why Choose Calilio?

NY Phone Numbers With Calilio

With Calilio, upgrade your business communication via our cloud phone system and, eliminate the need for costly devices. Manage business calls through our New York phone numbers, irrespective of your location.

Broad Choices

Calilio offers a comprehensive array of New York phone codes. From the bustling boroughs of NYC to serene upstate towns, we have a number that aligns with your aspirations.

Wide range of New York phone number

Quick Onboarding

Get started with Calilio in a few minutes. Select your NY phone number, and we’ll ensure it’s up and running in no time.

Easily get NY area code numbers

Empower Local Presence

Enhance your brand’s visibility in the Empire State. With a localized number, resonate more with your New York clientele, establishing trust and credibility.

Enhance local visibility with NY area code

Tailored Packages

Our diverse and affordable VoIP plans, tailored with NY area codes, cater to businesses of all scales, ensuring top-notch service without stretching your budget.

Tailored Packages for New York phone Number

Round the Clock

Day or night, rain or shine, our 24/7 customer support ensures your business keeps moving at New York’s pace. Benefit from advanced call routing and insightful analytics.

NY number round the clock

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Embrace New York’s Vibrancy

Unlock New York’s business potential with a dedicated NY phone number. Connect with Wall Street, Broadway, and beyond.

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