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Where Is 239 Area Code?

239 Area Code covers the majority of southwest Florida, including all of Lee County, Collier County, and the mainland part of Monroe County. The major cities within the 239 area code include Cape Coral, Lehigh Acres, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Estero, Immokalee, and Iona.

More than 21.4 million people live within the 239 area, where the majority are white (77.8), followed by Latino (25%) and Black (16.4%). These diverse populations are involved in the tourism, agriculture, real estate, and technology sectors. The residents and businesses in this area operate within the Eastern Time Zone.




Cape Coral154,305


Lehigh Acres86,784Lee 
Fort Myers62,298Lee 
North Fort Myers39,407Lee 
Cypress Lake11,846Lee 
Marco Island16,431Collier 
Bonita Springs43,914Lee 
Golden Gate23,961Collier 
San Carlos Park16,824Lee 

History of Area Code 239

Area code 239 was introduced in March 2002 to serve Southwest Florida, including cities like Cape Coral and Lehigh Acres. Initially, these regions were served by the 941 dialing code. However, as the population grew, this single code was not sufficient to meet the communications needs of that area. To address this issue, the 239 dialing code was introduced.

With this, the existing phone number retrained the 941 dialing code, while newly issued numbers started using the 239 code. Today, this code presents an opportunity for businesses and startups to connect with the millions of customers living in Cape Coral.

Exploring 239 Area Code: Business Scenario and Outlook

The major cities in 239 area codes - Cape Coral, Gort Myeres, and Lehigh Acres are popular for the tourism industry and growing real state market. It provides big opportunities for the startups to establish their business here. In fact, Florida is listed among the top 3 states in WalletHub’s list to start a business in 2024. This prestigious recognition attracts businesses across the world to expand its reach in Florida.

Moreover, different giant businesses like Be Loud!, Southwestern Suppliers, and FDAbasics are located here, which has made it easy for startups to get an investment. The report by eMerge Americans states that more than 2.41$ billion were invested in startups only in 2023 in Southwest Florida. You can easily join this welcoming business environment with the 239 virtual number from Calilio. 

239 Phone Number As A Communication Tool for Business Growth

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Set the automated reply to the customer at the time you are unavailable, maintaining customer engagement.

Why Does Your Business Need a 239 Phone Number?

A 239 phone number instantly sets up your business as a local entity within the Cape Coral community. This builds trust among the local customers, which helps your business get more engagement.

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