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Having a 786 area code business number integrates your business into the Miami community. This localized approach strengthens your brand’s regional identity and helps in reaching potential clients more effectively.

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Where is the 786 Area Code?

The 786 area code is in Miami, Florida, and its surrounding areas. Within this area code, it touches 2 counties, including Monroe County and Miami-Date County. The major cities in this region include Miami, Kay West, Islamorada, Kendall, Doral, and Key Largo. These areas are known for vibrant culture, beautiful nature, and diverse populations.

The total population in 786 regions is more than 2.5 million. People from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds live here. Almost 60% of its residents were born outside the United States. This means doing business here can give you access to a diverse and vast customer base.

This area code 786 follows the Eastern Time Zone. Operating the business in this time zone aligns your business with the major cities of the US, as business hubs like New York and Atlanta also follow this particular time zone.





Kay West24,649Monroe
Kay West8,279Monroe
Key Largo10,433Monroe
Big Pine Key4,252Monroe
The Hammocks51,003Miami-Dade
Country Club47,105Miami-Dade
Kendall West 36,154Miami-Dade
Golden Glades33,145Miami-Dade

History of Area Code 786?

Before area code 786 was introduced, the 305 area code covered Florida, including Miami. This single area code covered the entire Miami-Dade and Monroe counties. However, as the demand for new phone numbers grew, the single area code started to fall short. To address this issue, the new area code 786 was introduced as an overlay to 305.

The introduction of the new area code provided Florida with a continuous supply of the new numbers without making changes to the existing 305 numbers. Today, both 305 and 786 co-exist, serving the same region within Florida.

Exploring 786 Area Code: Business Scenario and Outlook

The 786 area code region’s most booming industries include tourism, finance, healthcare, international trade, and technology. The area’s strategic location makes it a key hub for businesses looking to connect with Latin America and beyond.

From 2023 to 2024 only, Miami saw a population growth rate of 0.84 %. Not only that, the city also witnessed a rise in household income, reaching $74,731 on average. This growth is also why many businesses are looking to establish their business here.

In terms of visitors, Miami ranks second only to New York City nationally. The city's tourism industry is strong, attracting millions of visitors yearly with its beautiful beaches, lively nightlife, and cultural attractions. This high flow of tourists supports local businesses and creates numerous growth opportunities.

786 Area Code Number As A Communication Tool for Business Growth

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Notes in Callbox

Easily track customer interactions by adding notes directly within the callbox for improved follow-up.

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Multi-device Accessibility

Access your 786 number on multiple devices. This way, you’ll never miss an important call or message.

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Call Analytics

Analyze call data to gain insights into customer behavior and improve your communication strategies.

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Unified Callbox

Manage all your calls and messages in one place, improving communication and boosting productivity.

Why Does Your Business Need a 786 Phone Number?

As you use a 786 phone number for your business, you gain direct access to the millions of potential customers in Miami. You can establish a local presence in this innovative city without actually being physically present in that area.

Improved Accessibility

Increased Call Volume

Save Costs

Professional Image

Build Local Trust

How to Get a 786 Virtual Phone Number?

At Calilio, it's easy to get a 786 virtual phone number. Follow these simple steps to get your number and instantly connect with your Miami customers.

step one

Create your Calilio account. Provide your basic details to get started.

step two

Review our plans. Select the plan depending on your business communication needs.

step three

Head towards ‘Settings’ >, ‘My Numbers,’ and then ‘Purchase Numbers.’ Pick the 786 virtual area code number that suits your business identity.

step four

Secure your selected number by following the prompt instructions to make the purchase.

step five

Once your number activates, go to its settings and customize features as you prefer.

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Calilio provides an easy way to get a virtual 786 number on Calilio. You can get it instantly once we verify the information and document you provide. As your number activates, we allow you to customize its features yourself. It means you’ll get the communication tool the way you want.


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Enjoy our user-friendly platform. It’s easy to use; even the first-time user will not find any difficulties while navigating.

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