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Get 718 Area Code Numbers For Local Presence in New York City

Position your business strategically in New York City with a 718 area code number. Foster local engagement and establish a strong community presence.

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Search Virtual Numbers with 718 Area Code

Pick your desired virtual number with a 718 area code from Calilio’s extensive collection. Gain direct access and a strong foothold in the vibrant New York City market.

Benefits of a 718 Area Code for Businesses

Employing a 718 area code for business phone numbers offers your business a blend of local presence and the extensive benefits of modern telecommunication.

Improved Customer Trust

Data-Driven Insights

Customer Accessibility

Operational Flexibility

Secure and Reliable Communications

How to Get a Virtual Phone Number with Area Code 718?

Acquire a virtual phone number with area code 718 following Calilio’s easy-to-follow process. Follow our swift process to access New York City’s dynamic business market immediately.

step one

Sign Up

Sign up on Calilio. The registration process is quick and easy, setting the foundation for your access to a variety of 718 area code numbers.

step two

Choose a VoIP Plan

Explore a diverse range of VoIP plans from Calilio. Find the perfect match that enhances your specific operational strategies.

step three

Pick a Number

Head towards the “Numbers” section and tap the “Purchase Number” option. Choose your preferred virtual phone number with area code 718.

step four

Proceed Payment

Follow prompt instructions to complete the purchase. Our payment process is smooth and secure.

step five

Customize Settings

Your New York City area code number activates swiftly. Customize its features to align with your business model.

Already Have a Local Phone Number with 718 Area Code?

Take benefit of Calilio’s number porting service to switch to VoIP without changing your current identification. Add advanced communication features to your existing local phone number with a 718 area code.

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718 Phone Number With Calilio

With Calilio’s 718 phone number, position your business at the forefront of New York City's communication landscape. Experience the best quality and reliability in VoIP services.

Number Portability

Don’t lose your established identity while switching to advanced VoIP. Use Calilio’s number porting service to add extensive VoIP features to your existing phone number.

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Dedicated Customer Support

With Calilio, the solution to any issues regarding the 718 phone number is just a call away. Call us at your convenience, and we promise a prompt reply.

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Customizable Number Options

Calilio doesn’t just provide you with random virtual numbers with the 718 area code. Pick your phone identity yourself from our diverse collection.

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Proactive System Monitoring

Calilio keeps track of your phone system performance with proactive monitoring and maintenance. This way, we keep your business communications uninterrupted and efficient.

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Data Security

Secure your business data and communication with Calilio’s robust security technology and protocols. Communicate without worrying about data breaches or theft.

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Set up a Unified Communication Platform with a 718 Area Code Number

Employ a 718 area code number as part of your unified communication platform. Revolutionize your business's outreach and efficiency in New York City's dynamic environment.

Monthly pricing Annual pricing (save 20%)


Per user/per month

Basic plan

Billed annually
Ideal for solopreneurs, startups and small businesses venturing into affordable VoIP service.
  • User Limit: 10
  • Free 1 Local Number
    US or Canada
  • Call Box Features
  • Call Recordings and Storage
  • Basic Realtime Dashboard


Per user/per month

Business plan

Billed annually
Leverage growing businesses and call centers with cost-effective VoIP solutions.
  • All Basic Plan Features
  • Unlimited Users
  • Advance Reporting
    Coming Soon
  • Live Call Monitoring
  • Detailed Realtime Dashboard


Enterprise plan

Billed annually
Comprehensive VoIP plan for unmatched communication solutions for large businesses and enterprises.
  • All Business Plan Features
  • Queue Call Back
    Coming Soon
  • All Call Strategy Features
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Phone and WhatsApp Support

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Enhance Your Business Communication in NYC

Elevate your business communication in New York City with a 718 area code number from Calilio. Get your virtual New York City area code phone number now.

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