Australian Phone Number Format [Local & International]

Australian Phone Number Format [Local & International]

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Many telecom providers observed both local & international calls and found that many call failures were due to complex or incorrect dialing procedures. This shows that it is important to adhere to the correct dialing procedure for both landline and mobile numbers to guarantee successful calls and avoid failures.

Challenges can surface while navigating the dialing protocol, even when dialing an Australian phone number. Understanding the Australian number format is crucial for successful dialing. Despite these challenges, businesses and clients prefer phone calls over emails and messages for their directness and efficiency.

Know the format of phone numbers in major cities in Australia, with examples for both local and international calls, to expand your customer reach in this market.

Components in an Australian Phone Number

At first glance, phone numbers may seem like a bunch of random digits. However, they adhere to a structured format following predefined arrangements. A call is only routed to the intended destination if it is in a standard format consisting of all the components.

  1. Country Code
    Country code refers to the unique numeric ID (usually 1-3 digits) assigned to different countries. It helps the telephone network identify and route the call to the country you’re calling. Country code is essential for international calling. Without the correct code, the call might fail to connect or be misdirected. In Australia’s context, the country code is +61.
  2. Area Code
    An area code represents a specific region within a state, city, or country and helps route calls to the appropriate locality. A call might be misrouted without an area code, as multiple phone numbers can be the same with different area codes. For instance, in Australia, the 07 area code is assigned to Brisbane, and the 08 area code is assigned to Perth.
  3. Phone Number Prefix
    Phone number prefix, also known as central office code, refers to the digits following country and area codes in a phone number. It is used to identify a mobile network operator. Australian phone numbers are assigned a specific trunk code, “04,” to represent the region's service (3G, 4G, 5G, and GSM) provider.

Different Australian Phone Number Formats

Australian phone numbers are written in various formats, depending on whether the country or area code is included.

  1. Basic Format (Excluding Area Code)
    The basic Australian phone number format includes eight digits and is written as XXXX XXXX—for example, 4567 9812.
  2. Including Area Code
    A phone number, including an area code, will begin with two digits of the area code followed by eight digits. The format will be (area code) XXXX XXXX. For instance, a Brisbane phone number might look like (07) 4567 9812.
  3. Including Country Code and Area Code
    In Australian international format, the “0” from the area code is removed after the country code “+61” is added. It is written as (country code) (area code without 0) (XXXX XXXX). For example, a Brisbane phone number with a country code might appear as +61 7 4567 9812. 

With multiple formats available, it is important to understand that all these formats serve specific purposes depending on the audience and context of communication. 

  1. Local/Domestic Calls: The basic format is used for communication within your local vicinity using the same area code.
  2. Regional Calls: The format includes an area code when dialing a phone number with a different area code within Australia.
  3. International Calls: The format, including both area and country code, ensures that your call from outside the country is intended for Australia. 


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Australia Phone Number Examples of Major Cities

Get familiar with dialing protocols to ensure a seamless and successful connection for Australian cities, both locally and internationally.


Mobile Number

Landline Number

Within Australia

International Calls

Within Australia

International Calls



+ 61 4 XXXX XXXX


+ 61 2 XXXX XXXX



+ 61 4 XXXX XXXX


+ 61 3 XXXX XXXX



+ 61 4 XXXX XXXX


+ 61 7 XXXX XXXX



+ 61 4 XXXX XXXX


+ 61 8 XXXX XXXX

This table provides the dialing formats for mobile and landline numbers within Australia and international calls. Here, “X” denotes the subscriber’s unique numbers. 

Mobile Numbers in Australia

Australian mobile numbers start with “04” followed by 8 digits when dialed locally or within the country, no matter which city you dial. You can replace “0” with Australia’s country code “+61” for international calls.

  • Local (within) Australia: 04XX XXX XXX
  • International Call: + 61 4 XXXX XXXX

Landline Numbers in Australia

Australian landline numbers start with each city’s specific area code followed by 8 digits within Australia. For instance, the landline number for Perth is “08 XXXX XXXX,” where “08” signifies the assigned area code of the city. Now, for the international landline numbers, you drop the “0” from the area code and input the country code “+61” before it.

  • Local (within) Australia: (City’s specific area code) XXXX XXXX. For Perth, it would be (08) XXXX XXXX.
  • International Call: + 61 (area code without 0) XXXX XXXX. After dropping the “0”, it would look like 61 8 XXXX XXXX.

🏅 Key Takeaways

Taking Melbourne as an example:

  • If you want to call a mobile number in Melbourne from within Australia, dial 04XX XXX XXX.
  • If you want to call a mobile number in Melbourne from outside(US) Australia, dial + 61 4 XXXX XXXX.
  • If you want to call a landline number in Melbourne from within Australia, dial (03) XXXX XXXX.
  • If you want to call a landline number in Melbourne from outside(US) Australia, dial + 61 3 XXXX XXXX.

How To Call Australia?

Due to complex international call prefixes and procedures, many fail to place calls successfully. However, with the correct dialing format, initiating a call to Australia is easier than ever.



How To Call an Australian Landline Number?

Suppose you’re trying to call Brisbane from the United States (US), and the Brisbane landline number is “07 4567 9812.” Here’s an example of the dialing format:

  1. First, dial your home country’s international access code to indicate an international call. In this scenario, enter the US code “011.”
  2. After that, to signify the call is intended for Australia, dial the Australian country code: “61.”
  3. Then, dial Brisbane's area code without the “0.” For example, Brisbane's area code is 07, so just dial “7.”
  4. At last, dial the subscriber’s landline number. In this case, it would be “4567 9812.”
  5. The final format would be: “011 61 7 4567 9812.”

Following this dialing sequence, you can successfully place a call from the US to Brisbane’s landline number. 

How To Call an Australian Mobile Number?

Suppose a person wants to place a call from the US to Brisbane’s mobile number 07 4567 9812. Here’s an example of adhering to the dialing format:

  1. Begin by dialing the international exit code of the United States to indicate an international call: “011.”
  2. Next, input the Australian country code “61”  to indicate the call is directed to Australia.
  3. Then, dial the Australian phone number prefix “04 or 05.” However, excluding the “0”, just dial “4 or 5.”
  4. Finally, enter the subscriber’s landline number. In this scenario, it would be “4567 9812.”
  5. The final dialing sequence is “011 61 4 4567 9812.”

With this dialing procedure, you can seamlessly initiate a call to Brisbane’s phone number from the US.

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FAQs on Australian Phone Number Format

Does Australia have a 10-digit phone number?

Australia has a 10-digit phone number format for mobile and landline numbers for local calls. However, the country code “+61” is added when dialing an international call, replacing the initial “0”.

What is the 0400 number in Australia?

0400 number is a mobile number prefix in Australia. It follows the standard Australian number format, starting with “04” followed by 8 digits. For example, a phone number with “0400” would be like “0400 456 789.”

How do you write +61 on a phone number?

You can write +61 before an Australian phone number. It is written before an area code and an 8-digit number.

Does Australia country code +61 replace 04 in the phone number?

The Australian country code +61 doesn’t replace 04 in the phone number. However, it replaces the initial ‘0’ for an Australian international mobile format.

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