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Dialpad Alternatives


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Dialpad is an AI-powered cloud-based VoIP phone system. Despite being one of the advanced VoIP phone systems, it lacks some essential components. Several Dialpad alternatives solve this problem and offer a range of benefits for your business.


These Dialpad competitors offer advanced communication tools, integration with your system, and potentially affordable pricing. The suitable alternative to the Dialpad can help you better serve your customers and employees.

What is Dialpad?

Dialpad is a VoIP service provider with innovative business communication solutions. It has gained popularity in modern business telephony due to its AI-based features. Dialpad provides a unified communication solution with voice, message, and video capabilities. Moreover, it offers a convenient way for teams to stay in touch, conduct virtual meetings, and maintain collaboration.

Pricing Plan of Dialpad

Dialpad offers a range of pricing plans designed to provide flexibility and scalability as your organization grows.

  • Standard Plan ($15 monthly per user) 

    Dialpad's standard plan provides an affordable option for small teams. It includes VoIP features like unlimited domestic calling, video conferencing, and messaging to fulfil the need for basic communication capabilities.

  • Professional Plan ($25 monthly per user) 

    The professional plan builds upon the basic plans with services suitable for growing businesses. It provides advanced features such as international calling, call recording, and analytics.

  • Enterprise Plan (Customized Plan) 

    With customizable pricing, the enterprise plan meets the unique communication needs of businesses. The plan is designed for specific business requirements with flexibility and dedicated support.

Why Businesses Choose Dialpad?

Businesses choose Dialpad for its ability to promote businesses of all sizes. The communication platform offers a comprehensive set of features and capabilities for modern workplace demands.

AI-Powered Business Collaboration Platform

Dialpad's collaborative AI-powered features, such as real-time transcription and intelligent call routing, help businesses boost productivity.  It simplifies workflows, making communication more effective.

Complete Communication Hub

The platform offers a unified communication solution that combines voice, video, messaging, and conferencing capabilities. The all-in-one approach of Dialpad allows businesses to manage their communication needs from a single platform. It manages operations and enhances efficiency.

Actionable Data

The analytics and reporting feature of Dialpad offers valuable insights into business communication standards. It helps businesses develop informed and data-driven strategies to improve their operations.

Unlimited Domestic Calling

Offering unlimited domestic calling within the country, Dialpad removes barriers to constant communication. Domestic calling supports businesses in maintaining cost-effective and reliable communication with clients and teams.

Security and Compliance

Dialpad meets data security and compliance standards. It offers enterprise-grade encryption, HIPAA compliance, and other security measures to protect sensitive business information.

Major Reasons Businesses Search for Alternative to Dialpad

Although Dialpad has some major strengths, it lacks some key capabilities, forcing businesses to switch to its competitors.

Limited Security

Limited security is one of the primary concerns of businesses using Dialpad for their business phone system. It lacks different security mechanisms, including end-to-end encryption. Hence, businesses look for alternatives to Dialpad to protect their sensitive data and communications.

Weak Performance With Low Bandwidth

Businesses operating in areas with unstable or low-bandwidth internet connections may need help with Dialpad's call performance. Companies needing consistent quality turn to other solutions that handle such conditions better.

Features Are Add-ons

Some businesses may find that Dialpad’s advanced features require an add-on or upgrade to an enterprise plan. These plans require extra costs or upgrades to enable essential features and other features like SLA and 24/7 support. Hence, they look for cost-friendly alternatives to Dialpad.

Limited Feature in Entry-Level Plans

The platform's basic plans offer limited functionality. Businesses with advanced communication needs may find that Dialpad's entry-level plans need more essential features. As a result, it prompts firms to explore alternatives that offer a proper set of features and services.

Lacks Some Call Management Feature

Depending on the specific needs of the business, Dialpad may only provide part of the range of call management features. It lacks features such as advanced call routing, leading them to seek out a more complete VoIP solution.

Top Dialpad Competitors in 2024

  1. Calilio
  2. OpenPhone
  3. Zoom
  4. Google Voice
  5. GoTo Connect
  6. MightyCall
  7. Nextiva
  8. Aircall
  9. Vonage
  10. CloudTalk

Analyzing Some of the Best Alternatives to Dialpad

Dialpad Competitors


Key Features


Basic Plan ($12 monthly per user)
Business Plan ($28 monthly per user)
Enterprise plan (Custom)

Advanced Security, including end-to-end encryption

Call Routing

HD-voice quality

Interactive Dashboard


Starter ($15 monthly per user)

Business Plan ($23 monthly per user)

Enterprise Plan(Custom)

CRM Integration

Slack VoIP Integrations

Call Transcriptions


Basic: Free

Pro ($14.99 monthly per user)

Business: ($19.99 monthly per user)

Business Plus ($25 monthly per user)

Enterprise (custom)

Automatic Call Distribution

Call Blocking 

Deskphone Support

Google Voice

Starter ($10 monthly per user)

Standard ($20 monthly per user)

Premier ($30 monthly per user)

Call Transfer

Salesforce Integrations


GoTo Connect

Basic Plan ($27 monthly per user)

Standard Plan ($32 monthly per user)

Call queue management and drill-down.

Automated Attendants

Screen Sharing


Core Plan ($15 monthly per user)

Pro Plan ($20 monthly per user)

Enterprise Plan (Custom)

Multi-level IVR

Call Analytics

Call Recording


Essential Plan ($17.39 monthly per user)

Professional Plan ($20.75 monthly per user)

Enterprise Plan ($27.44 monthly per user)

Call Park

Conference Bridge

VoIP Caller ID


Essential Plan ($30 monthly per user)

Professional Plan ($50 monthly per user)

Call Summaries

Talk-To Listen Ratios

Virtual Call Center


Basic Mobile Plan ($19.99 monthly per user)

Premium Plan ($29.99 monthly per user)

Advanced Plan ($39.99 monthly per user)

Do Not Disturb

Video Conferencing

Visual Voicemail


Starter ($25 monthly per user)

Essential ($35 monthly per user)

Expert ($50 monthly per user)

Custom Plans

Real-Time Dashboard

Call Monitoring


1. Calilio

Calilio is a modern business phone system that offers reliable, secure, and clear communication channels. The communication platform provides advanced technology and proper call management features. Calilio simplifies the complexity of business communication with modern VoIP solutions.


Calilio is more than just a powerful communication tool. It's a versatile solution that adapts to the unique needs of your business. Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, Calilio offers customizable and affordable plans that meet specific operational demands.



Key Features

  • Advanced Security, including end-to-end encryption

    The security features of Calilio include advanced security mechanisms as well as end-to-end encryption. It ensures that client information and all private data are confidential and secure.

  • Call Routing 

    Calilio's intelligent call routing allows businesses to manage incoming calls effectively. It redirects calls to specific departments, reduces wait times, and promotes a business image.

  • HD-voice quality 

    HD voice quality promotes the experience of enjoying clear call quality. Advanced HD call quality enables your team and customers to communicate clearly without disruptions.

  • Interactive Dashboard 

    The interactive dashboard of Calilio provides businesses with a centralized platform to manage and monitor business activities. The dashboard promotes data-driven decisions and proper communication strategies.


Major Pros and Cons of Calilio




  • Exceptional customer support and responsiveness.
  • Scalable solutions to accommodate growing businesses.
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics for informed decision-making.
  • The advanced call management features may be more than what smaller teams need, complicating their setup.
  • Staff members may need continuous training in order to stay up to date with frequent updates and new features.


Why Calilio is better than Dialpad?

Calilio stands out as a strong alternative to Dialpad. It provides a secure, feature-rich, and user-friendly VoIP solution. While Dialpad may have an advanced feature set, it lacks some basic VoIP capabilities. Calilio's focus on call quality and scalability makes it a preferred choice for businesses. Additionally, the ease of use makes it in the fast-paced market, making it the superior alternative for those prioritizing flexibility, security, and clarity.

2. OpenPhone

OpenPhone is an innovative solution that transforms the way businesses communicate. The platform provides a cloud-based solution that offers features to promote communication and integration. The pricing plan of OpenPhone starts at $15 per month and offers unlimited calling and messages in the USA and Canada.

The VoIP phone system of the OpenPhone addresses the common challenges faced by growing businesses. It guarantees that businesses stay connected with their teams and clients.



Key Features


  • CRM Integration 

    OpenPhone’s CRM integration promotes customer interactions. CRM integration capabilities allow users to manage their customer information.

  • Slack VoIP Integrations 

    The integration of OpenPhone with Slack empowers teams to make and receive calls, send messages, and collaborate in real time.

  • Call Transcriptions 

    Call transcription features provide agents with detailed records of their conversations. They convert voice to text, making it easier to document and review conversations.


 Major Pros and Cons of OpenPhone



  • Proper integration and interface accommodating growing business needs. 
  • Reliable uptime and maintenance.

  • Lacks advanced features desired by larger enterprises with complex needs. 
  • Limit customization options for businesses with specific communication requirements.


Why OpenPhone is better than Dialpad?


OpenPhone stands out as a compelling alternative to Dialpad. It offers essential elements of business communication and a more accessible and extensive feature set. OpenPhone’s focus on reporting capabilities and reliability makes it a perfect Dialpad competitor with proper and complete VoIP service.

3. Zoom

Zoom is the leading and versatile business communication platform. The provider integrates with business workflow and ecosystem to support modern communication. The platform's flexibility and scalability enable users to host meetings with hundreds of participants. Zoom provides features that enhance interaction and engagement.



Key Features

  • Automatic Call Distribution 

    The automatic call distribution of Zoom ensures that calls are effectively routed to the right team or individual. ACD maximizes efficiency and overall productivity.

  • Call Blocking 

    Zoom's call-blocking capabilities allow users to filter out unwanted calls. It keeps its communication channels clear, secure, and focused on critical business matters.

  • Deskphone Support 

    Zoom supports integration with traditional desk phones. It offers flexibility and connection with present office infrastructure, and businesses utilize their existing investment.

Major Pros and Cons of Zoom




  • Clear video and audio quality for virtual interactions.

  • Advanced collaboration tools, including screen sharing and whiteboarding.


  • The pricing structure is less flexible than other VoIP providers.
  • It lacks some advanced VoIP features compared to the competitors.


Why Zoom is better than Dialpad?

The expansive set of collaboration and conferencing features makes Zoom distinct and superior to Dialpad. Its capacity to support a significant number of participants with stable, high-quality video outmatches Dialpad's offerings.  Although, Dialpad utilized AI-powered features. However, businesses looking for a provider that enhances communication select Zoom as a better substitute.

Zoom services go far beyond a normal phone system, with different planning and collaborating tools for enterprises. Moreover, it is not only a great alternative to Dialpad but also competes with other leading providers like RingCentral. In fact, when comparing RingCentral vs. Zoom, several factors make Zoom a clear winner.

4. Google Voice

Google Voice is a telecommunication service provided by Google. Unlike traditional providers, Google Voice uses the technical expertise of the Google ecosystem to deliver a feature-rich communication platform. It offers a versatile and user-friendly approach to managing business calls, messages, and voicemails. Moreover, Google Voice integration with the Google ecosystem makes it the complete VoIP phone system.




Key Features

  • Call Transfer 

    Google Voice allows users to easily transfer calls between devices without interrupting the conversation. Quick call transfer enhances flexibility in communication.

  • Salesforce Integrations 

    The platform’s integration with Salesforce empowers the team to calls, contact, and customer interactions.

  • Voicemail Google 

    Voice provides an advanced voicemail system so that important calls are not missed. It ensures that the team gets easy access to messages when they are unavailable to receive the call.


Major Pros and Cons of Google Voice



  • Integration with Google ecosystem for seamless business collaboration.
  • Competitive pricing structure for small and medium-sized businesses.

  • Limited other business collaboration tools.
  • Lacks some analytical and data-driven dashboards for interactive data access.


Why Google Voice is better than Dialpad?

Google supports businesses seeking providers with simple setup and integration with different Google workspaces. Among several Dialpad competitors, Google Voice stands as a robust, cost-effective solution for those seeking a reliable communication tool. Moreover, some industry-leading features of Google Voice provide a level of convenience for personal and small business needs.

5. GoToConnect

GoToConnect is a cloud telephony solution that provides a high-quality communication tool. Designed to cater to businesses of all sizes, GoToConnect emphasizes ease of use, scalability, and integration. The VoIP phone system of GoToConnect offers robust capabilities to empower teams to stay connected, responsive, and productive.



Key Features


  • Call Queue Management and Drill-Down 

    Call queue management manages high call volumes. The drill-down capabilities of Google Voice provide deep insights into queue performance and support operations.

  • Automated Attendants 

    GoToConnect's intelligent automated attendants simplify the process of managing inbound calls. It guides callers to the right departments or individuals,

  • Screen Sharing 

    GoToConnect's screen-sharing feature allows teams to collaborate in real-time. Screen sharing makes it easy for teams to share documents and visuals during meetings.


Major Pros and Cons of GoToConnect



  • An all-in-one business communication solution.
  • Multi-device compatibility with user-friendly mobile and desktop apps.

  • The basic plan of the provider has a limited set of features.
  • When bandwidth is limited, call quality is affected.


Why GoToConnect is better than Dialpad?


GoToConnect excels Dialpad by providing a more unified communication solution. Its strength lies in the ability to customize and scale the service according to business needs. The platform's emphasis on improving team collaboration through tools like screen sharing makes it a superior choice for businesses.

6. MightyCall

MightyCall steps into the VoIP scene with a distinct approach designed specifically for SMBs. It merges essential telephony features with modern technology, offering a platform that's both accessible and powerful. MightyCall provides an innovative VoIP solution with a key set of features and essential services.



Key Features

  • Multi-level IVR 

    MightyCall multi-level IVR allows businesses to create a customized phone menu. It improves business call routing and satisfies customers.

  • Call Analytics 

    The detailed call analytics of MightyCall provide businesses with all essential details of call patterns and call-related information. It helps businesses better serve their customers.

  • Call Recording 

    Call recording capabilities allow businesses to record the conversation for future review and training. Records of calls are essential for regulatory compliance, training, and quality control.


Major Pros and Cons of MightyCall




  • Consists of a large set of features in the basic plan itself.
  • Enable AI-driven service for call quality enhancement.

  • Does not meet the needs of larger enterprises and companies.
  • Pricing plans are expensive as compared to other providers.


Why MightyCall is better than Dialpad?

When it comes to modern business communication solutions, MightyCall offers a distinct advantage over Dialpad. SMBs prefer MightyCall over Dialpad for its easy-to-use interfaces and quick setup. By focusing on the essentials and making advanced features accessible, MightyCall offers a compelling alternative to Dialpad.

7. Nextiva

Nextiva emerges as a leading business phone system bringing an integrated set of services. It's tailored for businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large corporations. Enterprises may expect a comprehensive approach to communication with Nextiva. It encompasses phone, video, and team messaging in a centralized platform.



Key Features

  • Call Park 

    Nextiva’s call park feature enables users to place a call on hold and collect it from any location. It minimizes the risk of lost connection.

  • Conference Bridge 

    The conference bridge capability supports hosting large-scale meetings with ease. It empowers teams to stay connected and productive, regardless of their physical location.

  • VoIP Caller ID 

    Nextiva's advanced VoIP caller ID functionality provides users with valuable information about incoming calls. It enables them to prepare for and respond to inquiries more effectively.


Major Pros and Cons of Nextiva




  • VoIP devices are available for sale and rental.
  • Provides advanced security and defense mechanisms.

  • Lacks technical customer support.
  • The basic plan of the providers lacks essential features.


Why Nextiva is better than Dialpad?

Nextiva stands out as the superior choice compared to Dialpad. While Dialpad may be a well-known name in the industry, Nextiva offers a distinct advantage that sets it apart. Its standout customer service ensures that businesses can maximize the platform's potential. Additionally, Nextiva's commitment to reliability and quality positions it as a leader in efficient business communication.

8. Aircall

Aircall provides a modern communication platform. The platform stands out for its analytics and performance insights. It provides teams with the tools to refine their communication strategies. With Aircall, companies can easily set up a virtual call center. It supports remote work and ensures that customer inquiries are managed professionally.


Key Features


  • Call Summaries 

    Aircall's call summaries offer detailed insights into each conversation. The summaries of calls provided by Aircall enable teams to review performance and customer feedback.

  • Talk-To Listen Ratios 

    Aircall's talk-to-listen ratio feature offers invaluable information. It allows you to identify areas for improvement and ensure your team is delivering exceptional service.

  • Virtual Call Center 

    Virtual call centers allow businesses to manage calls from anywhere in the world efficiently. It empowers businesses to establish a professional and efficient customer support infrastructure.


Major Pros and Cons of Aircall




  • Scalable solutions that can accommodate the evolving needs of growing businesses.
  • Integration with popular business tools, including CRM systems and productivity suites.

  • Aircall's pricing model might not be the most cost-effective solution for smaller businesses.
  • Technical glitches and issues in call quality.


Why Aircall is better than Dialpad?

Aircall is better than Dialpad when it comes to providing an advanced business phone system.  It combines modern technology with an understanding of business communication needs. Aircall's advanced solution helps businesses build an efficient customer support infrastructure. It includes customizable call queues, real-time monitoring, and detailed reporting.

9. Vonage

Vonage stands out in cloud communication solutions by offering a wide range of features for both personal and business use. It combines traditional VoIP services with new technology. Vonage's commitment to providing an integrated communication solution makes it a preferred choice for businesses.



Key Features


  • Do Not Disturb 

    Vonage's intuitive "Do Not Disturb" feature allows users to temporarily block incoming calls. It ensures agents focus on critical tasks without interruptions.

  • Video Conferencing 

    Video conferencing capabilities empower teams to collaborate effectively, regardless of their physical location. It enables virtual meetings, screen sharing, and real-time interaction.

  • Visual Voicemail 

    Vonage's innovative visual voicemail feature provides users with a centralized and user-friendly interface. Visual voicemail enables them to respond to critical inquiries more efficiently.


Major Pros and Cons of Vonage




  • Reliable and high-quality audio and video performance for exceptional virtual interactions.
  • Simple deployment and setup without the need for extra hardware.

  • The basic plans of the provider have a limited feature set.
  • Online chat support and customer service are unsatisfactory.


Why Vonage is better than Dialpad?

When it comes to choosing a VoIP provider that can elevate your business communication, Vonage emerges as the superior choice over Dialpad. The key advantage that sets Vonage apart lies in its versatile feature set.

One of Vonage's standout features is its robust call management capabilities. From advanced call routing to intuitive call recording, Vonage empowers businesses to boost their communication workflow.

10. CloudTalk

CloudTalk has quickly become a reliable provider in the cloud communication sector. The provider is known for its focus on enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of business calls. CloudTalk improves business communication with proper connection, collaboration, and a user-friendly interface.



Key Features


  • Real-Time Dashboard 

    CloudTalk's real-time dashboard provides businesses with a centralized platform to monitor their call activities. It includes an interactive representation of communication activities for an instant decision.

  • Call Monitoring 

    Call monitoring enables managers to monitor call quality and agent performance. Advanced call monitoring enables real-time coaching and exceptional customer service.

  • Auto-Dialer 

    CloudTalk's intelligent auto-dialer feature promotes outbound calling by automatically dialling numbers and connecting agents with customers. It boosts productivity and helps businesses to maximize their sales.


Major Pros and Cons of CloudTalk




  • Offers some AI-powered services for businesses.
  • Presents a proper graphical user interface.

  • Higher pricing compared to some entry-level VoIP providers.
  • Not reliable for small and medium-sized businesses.


Why CloudTalk is better than Dialpad?

CloudTalk's comprehensive communication platform delivers a distinct advantage over Dialpad. Its real-time dashboard provides businesses with insights to drive data-driven decision-making. Furthermore, CloudTalk's integration with popular business tools includes greater efficiency and productivity. The significant advantages in terms of features and platform set it apart as the superior alternative to Dialpad.


The choice of VoIP provider is essential for businesses to elevate their communication patterns and boost productivity. Ultimately, businesses require a VoIP provider that offers proper services, advanced features, and affordable pricing.


From several VoIP comparisons, we can conclude that Calilio stands at the top among all Dialpad competitors. With ​​a secure, feature-rich, and user-centric modern business phone system, Calilio empowers businesses to thrive in the modern communication age.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free version of Dialpad available?

Dialpad offers a trial period, but a paid plan is necessary for ongoing use. It does not have a specific free version for personal or small business use.

Which Dialpad competitor offers an affordable service?

Calilio and OpenPhone are known for their competitive pricing. Among several other Dialpad competitors, these platforms are excellent choices for businesses looking to maximize value.

Does Dialpad offer a reliable VoIP service?

Dialpad is known for its AI-powered service. However, it lacks some security and some key features, making it unreliable. Hence, businesses search for alternatives that are more reliable.

Which is the best Dialpad alternative for small business?

For small businesses, Calilio stands out as a top Dialpad alternative. It provides scalable plans, an extensive feature set, and dedicated support, making it an excellent choice for growing companies.

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