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Google Voice Alternatives

Top 10 Google Voice Alternatives in 2024

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Google Voice has long been the preferred choice for business communication for its simplicity and integration with Google Workspace. The platform offers a fundamental call and message management tool for businesses. However, it lacks different services and functionalities, leading businesses to search for substitutes.

Businesses looking for advanced features like detailed call analytics, intelligent call routing, and multi-level IVR systems choose different Google Voice alternatives. These substitutes excel with their extensive communication tools and enhanced customer service. Moreover, the best alternatives to Google Voice not only surpass the service it provides but also deliver secure and reliable connectivity.

What is Google Voice?

Google Voice is a communication service with various features like voicemail, text, and call forwarding. It allows users to use a single number across multiple devices for connectivity. Primarily free for personal use, the platform offers businesses a straightforward way to manage communications. Its workflow-enhancing interface with Google's workplace makes it even more appealing.

google voice interface

Pricing Plans of Google Voice

Google Voice offers scalable plans for businesses of all sizes. Every tier adds features designed with expanding businesses in mind.


Starter Plan ($10 monthly per user)

The Starter Plan is perfect for small teams of up to 10 users. It provides basic VoIP capabilities and integration with Google Workspace. The starter plan has an affordable entry point ideally suited for solopreneurs and businesses with small teams.


Standard Plan ($20 monthly per user)

The Standard Plan includes everything in the Starter. Additionally, it includes advanced management features like multi-level auto attendant, ring groups, and advanced reporting. It's designed for medium-sized businesses looking for more control.


Premier Plan ($30 monthly per user)

The Premier Plan is the top tier, offering comprehensive VoIP solutions, detailed analytics, and priority support. It's ideal for large enterprises needing extensive communication tools.

Major Reason Why Businesses Look for Alternatives to Google Voice

Businesses often seek Google Voice alternatives due to its limitations in scalability and flaws in administrative features.

1. Scaling Limitation

The scalability of Google Voice can be a problem for rapidly growing businesses. As operations expand, the demand for more advanced communication tools increases. Google Voice may struggle to accommodate the complex needs of larger teams, leading businesses to search for alternatives to better support growth.

2. Lacks Advanced VoIP Features

While Google Voice covers the basics, it falls short in providing advanced VoIP functionalities. Companies needing detailed call analytics, call routing, or multi-level IVR systems often find Google Voice lacking. The gap in features drives businesses to search for Google Voice alternatives that offer a richer set of VoIP features.

3. Admin Feature Flaws

Administrative controls in Google Voice can sometimes be insufficient for businesses. Issues like limited user permissions and the inability to manage large teams lead businesses to explore Google Voice competitors with more refined features.

4. Hidden Costs

As businesses scale, some hidden costs arise in Google Voice. The platform includes hidden costs for international calls or integration. Hence, it pushes companies to consider more transparent Google Voice competitors.

5. Not Suited for Large Enterprises

The platform's VoIP solution often doesn't fully meet the needs of large enterprises. Larger enterprises require extensive communication networks and enterprise-grade security, which Google Voice lacks. Hence, businesses choose Google Voice's competitors, which are designed for the scale of larger operations.

6. Missing Advanced Integrations

The integration capabilities of Google Voice need to be improved for businesses that use a wide array of productivity tools. Companies demand advanced integrations, project management tools, and marketing platforms that Google Voice does not support. Therefore, businesses must explore alternative providers offering a broader array of connectivity options.

Some of the Best Google Voice Alternatives in 2024

  1. Calilio
  2. GoTo Connect
  3. Nextiva
  4. Vonage
  5. CloudTalk

Exploring Major Google Voice Competitors

Google voice Competitor


Key Features


Basic Plan - $12

Business Plan - $28

Enterprise plan (Custom)

Customization Option for Larger Enterprise

VoIP Analytics and Reporting

Security and Compliance

Call Management and Handling Features


Basic Plan - $27

Standard Plan - $32

Screen Sharing 

HD Calling


VoIP Calling


Essential Plan - $17.39

Professional Plan - $20.75

Enterprise Plan - $27.44 

Call Park

Remote Availability

Mobile and Desktop App

Three-Way Calling


Basic Mobile Plan - $19.99

Premium Plan  - $29.99

Advanced Plan - $39.99

Call Forwarding & SimulRing


Virtual Receptionist


Starter - $25

Essential - $35

Expert - $50

Custom Plans

Activity Tracking

Message Alerts

Automated Attendant

Call Queue

Find the perfect match based on your needs.

  • For tailored customization, advanced security, and detailed insights: Consider Calilio. It offers personalized customization, data-driven call insights, and top-tier security through end-to-end encryption and MFA.
  • For VoIP solutions that meet the complex needs of larger enterprises: Choose Vonage for its global coverage and functionalities, such as multi-level IVR systems, CRM integration, and comprehensive analytics tools that meet larger businesses' needs.
  • For industry-leading integration and efficient workflow: Select Nextiva for different third-party and API integration for efficient workflow and modern connectivity.
  • For unparalleled reliability and round-the-clock support:  Consider GoTo Connect for a dependable platform with an easy setup and intuitive interface.
  • For business collaboration and communication: Select CloudTalk for its enterprise-grade collaboration and communication tools, which include advanced video conferencing capabilities, document sharing, and real-time team messaging.

1. Calilio

Calilio is a modern business phone system that focuses on customization, security, and detailed analytics. It meets the needs of every business, from solopreneurs and startups to larger enterprises. Calilio adapts to companies' specific requirements, offering a platform that fosters expansion. Moreover, Calilio's service outperforms Google Voice with advanced VoIP capabilities such as AI-powered call summaries, multi-level IVR systems, call recording, real-time analytics, and comprehensive reporting tailored for larger enterprises.

calilio interface on different devices



Why We Picked Calilio?

  • Advanced functionalities for comprehensive business needs.
  • Customizable plans for every business type.
  • Unique and innovative features for customer engagement.
  • 24/7 technical support for prompt response.

Where Does It Fall Short?

  • Requires time to utilize the advanced tools provided fully.
  • Wide range of customization options, which can be confusing initially.

How Does It Compare to Google Voice?

  • Calilio sets itself apart from Google Voice with its enterprise-level customization to fulfill the needs of a larger business.
  • The detailed analytics and security measures, such as end-to-end encryption, multi-factor authentication, and compliance, make it reliable compared to other Google Voice competitors.
  • Calilio's commitment to 24/7 technical support and features for customer engagement positions it as a superior Google Voice alternative.


Key Features


  • Customization Option for Larger Enterprise 
    Calilio excels in offering customization options, allowing businesses to tailor services to their requirements. Adaptability ensures optimal communication strategies.


  • VoIP Analytics and Reporting

    Businesses benefit from Calilio's analytics and reporting, gaining insights into call data. It refines communication tactics and improves outcomes.


  • Security and Compliance

    Security and compliance with Calilio are critical. Strict mechanisms are in place to guarantee regulatory compliance and safeguard communication data.


  • Call Management and Handling Features

    The call handling and management features of the platform simplify processes. It makes it simpler for teams to interact effectively with clients.

Scale with Ease with Calilio’s Modern Business Phone System

2. GoToConnect

GoToConnect combines chat, video, and phone services into one cohesive platform for communication. It is intended for companies looking for a complete VoIP solution. GoToConnect is a top option for modern firms, and its user-friendly interface makes it easy to communicate.



GoTo Connect

Why We Picked GoTo Connect?

  • Phone systems suited for larger enterprises.
  • Straightforward to implement with minimal technical knowledge.
  • Calls and chats can be switched on with a single click.

Where Does It Fall Short?

  • Minimal features on the basic plan.
  • Reduced call quality with little loss of bandwidth.

How Does It Compare to Google Voice?

  • GoTo Connect offers a superior alternative to Google Voice by providing more expansive communication options with straightforward setup and operation.
  • GoTo Connect allows easy switching between different communication modes, making it a more adaptable solution.
  • GoTo Connect shines as a perfect Google Voice competitor with better flexibility and an intuitive interface on all platforms and devices.

Key Features


  • Screen Sharing 

    GoToConnect's screen sharing allows participants to share presentations and documents easily. It promotes a collaborative environment for proper team understanding.


  • HD Calling 

    With HD calling, GoToConnect ensures every conversation is crystal clear. HD calling reduces misunderstandings and enhances the overall communication experience.


  • Video-Conferencing 

    The video-conferencing feature supports face-to-face interactions with team members and clients worldwide. It makes it easier to maintain solid relationships and collaborative efforts.


  • VoIP Calling 

    GoToConnect's VoIP calling feature offers reliable and high-quality communication. It reduces the need for traditional phone lines and simplifies the setup process.

3. Nextiva

Nextiva is a leading VoIP service provider with tools like call analytics, virtual faxing, and video conferencing that extend beyond basic capabilities. It's designed for businesses seeking to unify their communication channels and is suited for businesses that require a large set of third-party integrations. Nextiva is the preferred option for companies wishing to modernize their phone systems. Additionally, it emphasizes the productivity and collaboration of the business phone system.




Why We Picked Nextiva?

  • A variety of VoIP devices is available for purchase or rental.
  • Enhanced security and surveillance to prevent security breaches.
  • Extensive feature set for collaboration to meet business requirements.

Where Does It Fall Short?

  • Customer service needs to have adequate clarity.
  • Some call-handling tools and security features need to be included.

How Does It Compare to Google Voice?

  • Nextiva's modern capabilities, including project management tools, automated workflow, and advanced IVRs, make it better than Google Voice.
  • Nextiva's expansive collaboration tools also facilitate effective team interactions, setting it apart from Google Voice.
  • The robust integrations of Nextiva with CRM platforms manage customers better distinguishing it from Google Voice's limited functionalities.

Key Features


  • Call Park 

    Call park allows users to place calls on hold and retrieve them from any phone. It enhances call management flexibility.


  • Remote Availability 

    Remote availability ensures teams stay connected and productive regardless of physical location, fostering a cohesive remote work environment.


  • Mobile and Desktop App 

    Nextiva's app integrates mobile and desktop environments. It ensures accessibility and continuity across devices for all business communications.


  • Three-Way Calling 

    Nextiva's three-way calling facilitates collaboration by allowing three parties to converse simultaneously. It makes remote meetings and discussions simple and convenient.

4. Vonage

Vonage is a top provider of cloud phone systems with worldwide coverage and services. It is well-known for its dependability and adaptability. Vonage's services ensure enhanced external connections and better customer support. Moreover, Vonage's advanced communication solution and easy onboarding make it a top option for businesses.

vonage interface on different devices



Why We Picked Vonage?

  • The interface is designed for proper convenience for both the user and the admin.
  • Easy setup and deployment without the requirement of additional hardware.
  • Calls and texts are unlimited for businesses.

Where Does It Fall Short?

  • Not suitable for small teams.
  • Basic plans provide limited features.

How Does It Compare to Google Voice?

  • Vonage offers more comprehensive features tailored to larger businesses than Google Voice, including call forwarding, visual voicemail, SLA guarantees, and a virtual receptionist.
  • Vonage's interface is designed for both user and admin convenience, while Google Voice may lack advanced administrative features.
  • Vonage's platform supports unlimited calls and texts for businesses, whereas Google Voice has limitations.

 Key Features


  • Call Forwarding & SimulRing 

    Vonage enables simultaneous ringing across multiple devices and call forwarding. Call forwarding and SimulRing enhance businesses' mobility and responsiveness.


  • Visual Voicemail 

    Visual voicemail converts voicemail to text, allowing for quick review and response directly from your inbox. It supports proper voicemail management with accessible and efficient features.


  • SLA 

    Vonage guarantees high service levels with its SLA, ensuring reliable communication services. The SLA ensures a commitment to quality and supports business continuity.


  • Virtual Receptionist 

    Vonage has an AI-based virtual receptionist to direct callers efficiently. Virtual receptionist tool enhances the professional appearance and optimizes customer interaction.

5. CloudTalk

CloudTalk is a cloud-based call center solution with advanced VoIP features such as automated workflows, conversational intelligence, advanced analytics, and seamless CRM integration. The VoIP provider presents a large set of integration and communication tools. With the contact center solution and a large set of features, it surpasses Google Voice as a perfect and better alternative.




Why We Picked CloudTalk?

  • Enables simple integration with CRM tools such as HubSpot.
  • Omnichannel contact center solution to manage interactions.
  • Constant and continuous communication without jitters or issues.

Where Does It Fall Short?

  • Extra features come at an additional fee and add up rapidly.
  • Essential business functionality and clarity should be included in desktop and mobile apps.

How Does It Compare to Google Voice?

  • CloudTalk distinguishes itself from Google Voice with its features tailored for larger enterprises, including intelligent call routing, sentiment analysis, predictive dialing, and real-time reporting.
  • While Google Voice is suitable for personal use and small businesses, CloudTalk is designed for larger enterprises with more advanced communication needs.

Key Features


  • Activity Tracking 

    CloudTalk's activity tracking allows businesses to monitor real-time call operations. It provides insights into team performance and customer engagement levels.


  • Message Alerts 

    Message alerts ensure timely communication by sending instant alerts for messages. It helps teams to respond promptly to client inquiries and maintain high service standards.


  • Automated Attendant 

    CloudTalk features an automated attendant that efficiently directs incoming calls. This minimizes wait times and improves the overall caller experience.


  • Call Queue 

    Call Queue is an intelligent queuing system that manages high volumes of incoming calls. It reduces hold times and evenly distributes calls among available agents.

Choosing the Best Google Voice Alternative

Going through the alternatives of Google Voice, each provides distinct functionalities that solve the major limitations of the platforms, such as scalability, advanced features, and hidden costs. However, Calilio presents a compelling choice among all alternatives to Google Voice.

The platform of Calilio provides an all-in-one solution with its enterprise-graded VoIP features at affordable cost. Moreover, the AI-powered services and transparent pricing with no hidden cost make it a great choice among all business phone systems. Hence, choosing advanced alternative options like Calilio can significantly boost a company's efficiency, customer relations, and workflow.

Google Voice Alternatives Frequently Asked Questions

Is Google Voice free?

Google Voice is free for personal use and provides basic call and text services. Business features, however, require a paid subscription for more advanced functionalities.

What are major difference between Google Voice for personal use and for business?

Google Voice is a basic communication tool for personal use. For businesses, it adds tools like auto-attendants and workspace app integration. The separation between the plans efficiently meets the diverse needs of businesses.

Are there any free alternative to Google Voice?

There are free alternatives to Google Voice available for basic communication needs. Services like TextNow and WhatsApp offer call and text functionalities at no cost. However, these options lack the advanced VoIP services available, like third-party integrations and AI-powered services, which are present on platforms like Calilio, Nextiva, and Dialpad.

Which alternative to Google Voice is the least expensive?

Calilio, alongside OpenPhone, stands out as one of the most cost-effective Google Voice alternatives. Both offer essential VoIP services at competitive prices, making them perfect for startups and small businesses.

Why Calilio is superior to other alternatives to Google Voice?

Calilio excels in VoIP comparisons with its adaptable platform and broad features. It offers scalability and advanced tools that surpass Google Voice in support and flexibility.

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