How can a virtual phone number help expand your business?

How can Virtual phone number helps expand your business.

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Virtual phone numbers empower your business to reach international clients without a physical relocation. These numbers offer flexibility and global accessibility, which are crucial for modern businesses to succeed.

When planning to expand your business internationally, you’re very likely to face challenges regarding high expenses, geographical locations, and the logistical complexities of setting up new offices is common. If your business uses a traditional landline system, it makes the situation worse with its rigid location-based regions. Thankfully, virtual phone numbers offer a powerful solution to those obstacles. By offering a local presence in any desired market without physical infrastructure, virtual numbers reduce overhead costs and eliminate the need for extensive on-ground setups.

What Are Virtual Phone Numbers?

Virtual phone numbers are telephone numbers that do not belong to any specific physical location. These numbers operate over the internet. It means you can set it up in any geographical location; you wouldn’t require any physical infrastructures, wires, or cables, unlike traditional phone lines.  
A virtual phone number works using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, which allows voice to be transmitted over the internet.

When someone dials your virtual phone number, the call is first routed to a VoIP service provider. This service provider then directs the call to your phone or computer anywhere. You can answer these calls on a smartphone, a computer, or even a traditional phone connected to a VoIP adapter.

6 Ways A Virtual Phone Number Can Help Expand Your Business

A virtual phone number offers a cost-effective solution to solidify your presence in different locations without a physical office.

Here are the 6 ways a virtual phone number can help expand your business:

Local Presence in Multiple Locations

When expanding business to any location, it’s important that you make your company relatable to customers in that specific market. Using a local virtual phone number for business can create an impression of a local entity, even if you operate from miles away. This strategy boosts your customer engagement, as customers prefer interacting with businesses that appear local.

Cost-effective Scaling

Expanding business traditionally can be very costly; you’d need to set up new offices, equipment, and infrastructures. However, when you use virtual numbers for business, it eliminates these costs. Instead of setting up office spaces, you can simply set up a local phone number on your device. Moreover, you don’t need multiple devices to manage multiple numbers; a single device aids this. As such, you can expand your business to any location worldwide while saving on your operational and overhead costs.

Facilitate Remote Work

As you expand your business, there will be employees from different locations. A virtual phone number aids your dispersed employees in working remotely. They can easily connect to your business communication system anywhere through the Internet. This flexibility allows your businesses to hire the best talent from different locations without the need for a central office. Your employees can effortlessly connect with other team members and clients, which helps to maintain high productivity and job satisfaction.

Identify Ideal Business Location

A virtual phone number from a VoIP service provider like Calilio provides the feature to get detailed insights into your customer interactions. Using different virtual numbers for various marketing campaigns, you can track which strategies are most effective and where your calls are coming from. You can analyze this information to ensure you are targeting the right audience to expand your business.

Improve Business Credibility and Trust

When entering a different business market, it’s crucial that the locals trust your business. Using local virtual phone numbers for the market you serve, you represent yourself as a familiar entity. It makes you more established and reliable to potential customers. This local familiarity encourages trust and increases the likelihood of customer engagement. Additionally, the professional appearance of having a dedicated number solidifies your reputation as a well-structured and dependable business.

Increasing Customer Reach

Using local business virtual numbers in various regions can attract a broader audience who might prefer dealing with local businesses. The local customers feel that your business is more accessible and choose your service over those of distant competitors. This strategy not only makes your company more accessible but also allows locals to contact you at affordable local rates. This further encourages customer engagement.

What Are Different Types of Virtual Numbers Available for Business?

The different types of virtual numbers include local, toll-free, and vanity virtual numbers, each with unique features supporting diverse business strategies.

Local Virtual Phone Number

A local virtual phone number gives your business a local identity in a specific geographical area. It establishes a local presence, making your business trustworthy to people in that area.  For businesses looking to expand, having a local number can significantly increase customer engagement and loyalty, as customers often prefer to deal with local businesses.

Toll-Free Virtual Phone Number

Toll-free virtual phone numbers allow your customers or clients to call your business without incurring charges, regardless of location. These numbers usually start with prefixes like 800, 888, or similar variations and are especially useful for customer service and support centers. Using a toll-free virtual phone number for business expansion broadens your market reach by removing cost barriers in communication. 

Vanity Virtual Phone Number

Vanity virtual numbers are customized phone numbers tailored to spell out specific words or easy-to-remember digit combinations. For instance,1-800-FLOWERS could be the phone number of the flower shop. These numbers not only make your phone number memorable, but they can also be a significant branding tool. When expanding your business to different locations, these numbers can be useful in promotional activities. 

How To Get A Virtual Phone Number For Business?

You can get a virtual phone number for business online through the VoIP service platform. One such platform is Calilio. It provides a quick way to acquire a virtual phone number through easy-to-follow steps. Here’s how you can get a virtual business phone number on Calilio:

1. Sign Up

Step 1: Download Calilio app or visit Calilio’s sign-up page on your browser.

Step 2: Provide your details and verify your email to register your account.

Step 3: Explore a range of VoIP plans offered by Calilio. Select your desired plan.

Step 4: Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Numbers’ > ‘Purchase Number’. Select a virtual number that fits your business identity.

Step 5: Secure your number by following the on-screen instructions to make the purchase.

Wrapping Up

Virtual phone numbers offer a dynamic solution to expand your business both domestically and internationally without requiring physical infrastructure. You can configure and integrate a number into your existing device. This not only saves you costs but helps you establish a presence in the area you are looking to expand your business.

Calilio offers a virtual phone number from over 100 countries. Contact us today and take your business to the places you’ve always wanted to go.

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