A Complete Guide to Phone Number Masking

How to Mask Your Phone Number?

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Phone number masking allows you to hide your real phone number when making calls or sending messages. Instead of showing your actual number, a different number appears on the recipient’s device, keeping your identity private. You can communicate confidently and protect your privacy effectively.

What Does Phone Number Masking Mean?

Phone number masking, or call masking, hides your actual phone number and displays an alternate number to the person you are contacting. It protects your real phone number from being exposed. Masking your phone number helps you maintain privacy and security in personal and professional communications.

How Does Call Masking Work?

Call masking routes your call through a third-party service or application that replaces your real phone number with another number before connecting the call to the recipient. When you make a call, the masking service intercepts the outgoing call, substitutes your actual number with a temporary or alternate number, and then completes the connection to the intended recipient. The person receiving the call only sees the masked number, not your actual one.

Why You Might Want to Mask Your Phone Number?

Masking your phone number protects your personal information, prevents unwanted calls, and helps you maintain a professional image.

  • Call masking helps you keep your real number hidden from strangers and unknown contacts.
  • Masking your number helps avoid spam calls and telemarketing. It reduces the chances of receiving unwanted calls.
  • When you mask your phone number, you protect your personal information from being accessed or misused by others.
  • Masking your phone number allows you to use a separate number for business calls, keeping your personal number private.

Is Call Masking Legal?

The legality of call masking depends on the country or region you are in. In many places, it is legal to mask your phone number if you use it for legitimate purposes, such as protecting your privacy or maintaining a professional image. However, using call masking to deceive or commit fraud is illegal and unethical.

In the United States, it is generally legal to mask your number. Still, the Truth in Caller ID Act prohibits using false caller ID information to defraud, cause harm, or wrongfully obtain anything of value. Other countries have similar regulations - you must be aware of the laws in your specific location.

How to Mask Your Phone Number?

There are three effective ways to mask your phone number and keep your real number hidden when making calls.

Disable Caller ID on Your Phone

When you disable caller ID on your phone, your number will appear as “Unknown” or “Private” to the recipient.

On iPhone:

You can disable caller ID on an iPhone directly from the phone’s settings. It ensures your number remains private whenever you make a call.

  • Go to the Settings app.
  • Scroll down and tap on Phone.
  • Tap on Show My Caller ID.
  • Toggle the switch to disable caller ID.

    On Android:

    Disabling caller ID on Android phones varies depending on the device and carrier. However, the process generally involves accessing the phone’s call settings to hide your number.
    • Open the Phone app.
    • Tap on the three dots (menu) in the top right corner.
    • Select Settings or Call Settings.
    • Tap on Additional Settings.
    • Tap on Caller ID and select Hide number.

Enter *67 Before the Number

When you dial *67 before the number you are calling, it temporarily hides your number for that particular call. For example, to call (123) 456-7890, you would dial *671234567890. Instead of your number, the recipient will see “Private Number,” “Unknown Caller,” or “No Caller ID” on their phone. The *67 method works on most carriers in the United States.

Mask Your Phone Number with a Second Number

You can effectively mask your real phone number with a second number. A third-party VoIP service or application allows you to use a different number when making calls or sending messages.

Call masking routes your call through a third-party service, which replaces your real number with a secondary number before connecting the call to the recipient.

Calilio allows you to use a secondary number for your calls. When you call through our VoIP phone system, your real number is replaced with the number you want the recipient to see.


Masking your phone number prevents unwanted calls, and maintains a professional image. Whether you disable caller ID, use *67 before the number, or opt for a secondary number through a third-party service, each method effectively keeps your real number hidden.

Calilio provides a reliable and convenient way to mask your phone number. Our call masking feature allows you to use a secondary number for your calls, ensuring your personal information remains private. Sign up today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I mask my cell phone number?

You can mask your cell phone number by disabling caller ID, dialing *67 before the number, or using a third-party service or app that provides a secondary number.

Can someone mask a call with my number?

While someone can spoof your phone number, doing so is illegal and unethical. If you suspect your number has been spoofed, contact your phone carrier and report the issue.

Does *67 work on cell phones?

Dialing *67 before the phone number you are calling will mask your caller ID on most cell phones, making your number appear as “Unknown” or “Private” to the recipient.

What is the service to mask your phone number?

Calilio, which offers VoIP services, provides a secondary number to mask your phone number with another number.

What is the app that masks your phone number?

Apps such as Google Voice, Burner, and Hushed provide a secondary number to make calls and send messages, masking your real number with another one.

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