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What Are the Pros and Cons of Changing Your Phone Number?

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Are you receiving unwanted calls or looking to make a fresh start? Changing your phone number can help you avoid unwanted calls, protect your privacy, or start fresh in your personal or business life. In this blog, we'll explore the pros and cons of getting a new phone number for personal and business reasons and provide key considerations to help you decide if it's the right move for you.

Why Do People Change Their Phone Numbers?

Individuals and businesses change their phone numbers for various personal and professional reasons. Many opt for a new number to enhance privacy, such as to dodge harassment, limit incoming calls, or for security measures. Businesses might change their number as part of a rebranding effort. When a company relocates, it often adopts a new phone number with an area code corresponding to the new location.

Pros of Changing Phone Numbers

Changing a phone number can enhance privacy and balance your work and personal life. It is beneficial for both individuals and businesses. Some of the critical advantages of changing phone numbers are:

Enhanced Privacy and Security

Changing your phone number is an alternative step to avoid fraud, threats, and harassment. It helps to reduce unwanted calls and protect you from attacks. Once the fraud hub gets your number, there is no way out for you except to change your number. Blocking all the restricted and unknown phone numbers is a hassle for an individual. So, changing a phone number is a better option to enhance privacy and eliminate spam risk.

Opportunity for a Fresh Start

For those experiencing harassment, stalking, and receiving unwanted texts and phone calls, a new phone number may be the best option. It disconnects you from your toxic past. Changing the phone number helps you take control over your personal space. Keeping your new number private and only sharing it with trusted individuals can reduce your chances of being harassed, giving you a fresh start.

Better Suitability and Customization

Changing your phone number can be a strategic move for businesses looking to enhance control and tailor their communication systems. Adopting a virtual phone number as second number allows for greater customization. Virtual numbers come equipped with features such as call routing, voicemail transcriptions, and customizable greetings that can significantly improve the way a business communicates with clients.


Additionally, virtual numbers can often be integrated with CRM systems, providing valuable insights into customer interactions and streamlining communication processes for better efficiency and service delivery.

Separate your Work and Personal Life

Having different phone numbers for work and personal life enhances your work-life balance. It helps you to create clear boundaries in your personal and professional life. Using the same phone number for personal and professional use may cause conflicts. For instance, Getting repetitive calls and texts from your work at a family gathering/ party may hamper your personal experience.


On the other hand, using a different phone number at work enables you to avoid distractions from personal calls and focus on your tasks, increasing productivity. Changing a phone number and separating your work and personal life would benefit individuals and the company.

Cons of Changing Phone Numbers

Changing a phone number might offer a fresh start, but it is a hassle process and comes with inconvenience. Disruption in connection, loss of contact, and updating accounts are disadvantages you may face while changing your existing number.

Disruption in Connectivity

A significant drawback of changing a phone number is the connection disruption with existing communication channels. You must inform everyone on your contact list, or you’ll lose connection with that person. Somehow, informing everyone from the contact list would be practical, but it is time-consuming and hectic.


Changing a phone number could lead to missed calls, messages, and even meaningful opportunities. Once you change your number, the person who wants to reach you can't call because they won't know your new number, as those trying to contact you may not know your updated number.

Update Required Across Many Platforms

Nowadays, many online accounts and services are linked with phone numbers. People find it easy to authenticate their accounts using a phone number for social or business accounts. Changing a phone number will require updating all these accounts, which will be time-consuming and frustrating, depending on the number of platforms you use. 


Also, changing a phone number might disrupt the verification process in the two-factor authentication process unless you update the number in each platform.

Potential Loss of Contacts

After changing your phone number, you first save all the contacts from your previous number and inform all the individuals connected with you about the number change. Despite the best efforts to inform everyone, there’s always a major chance of missing some contacts. In such cases, you will lose connection with the people or your clients.

Losing Track of Important Messages

Generally, in business, missed messages are considered missed opportunities. In business, the right timing is an important factor. If you can’t attend to your clients in time, they will explore alternative solutions instead of waiting. In some cases, you may also lose your potential clients.


Changing a phone number could lead to missed appointments, deadlines, or important information. Also, most of the services send verification codes via text message. If you haven’t updated your recent number on your account, it would be difficult to regain access to these accounts.

Factors to be Considered Before Changing Your Phone Number

Changing the phone number is more than just swapping a SIM card; it involves planning for a smooth transition to maintain effortless communication. You must consider different factors before changing the phone numbers to enhance communication.

Evaluating the Need

Before changing your phone number, you must evaluate your personal and professional needs. Also, if you are running a business, changing a phone number is a big step, so you must evaluate your company's needs. Having a local number as a second phone number is essential when expanding your business internationally. 


Additionally, as your business grows and the volume of client calls increases, a traditional phone system might become inadequate. Therefore, thoroughly evaluate the specific needs and demands of your business before making a change to your phone number.

Service Providers

When changing your phone number, evaluate your options for service providers. Different carriers might offer varying benefits, such as better coverage, lower costs, or more suitable data plans. Consider which provider aligns best with your needs, especially if you require specific features like international calling or extensive customer support.

Accounts and Passwords

Accounts and passwords are the major factors that should be considered while changing a phone number because many services and social platforms use phone numbers for verification purposes. So, you must update your recovery number from all your accounts before switching your phone number.

Instant Setup

The transition process of switching a phone number should be quick. If the process takes a while, you will miss calls, messages, and opportunities. However, selecting a service provider who can switch your number quickly and efficiently is essential.

Alternatives to Changing Your Phone Number

Using Secondary Number

Using a secondary number is the easiest and safest way to protect your privacy and security by keeping your one number confidential. Opting for a secondary number facilitates a clear separation between work and personal life, enhancing professionalism and productivity in your job.


A practical choice for a secondary number is a virtual phone number, which operates on VoIP technology and doesn't require a physical SIM card—just an internet connection. Opting for a virtual number can smartly divide your personal and professional communications.


Virtual phone numbers are cost-effective and have numerous business-friendly features, such as call queuing, voicemail-to-email, call forwarding, and AI-powered call summaries. Getting a virtual number is quick and easy; simply download the app and set up your number in minutes.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I remember when changing my phone number?

While changing a phone number, the major things that we must remember are:

  • Proper knowledge of needs and requirements.
  • Updated recovery numbers in all accounts.
  • Select the suitable service providers.
  • Update the phone number in your mobile banking, payment wallets, etc.

What happens to your old number when you change it?

After you change your phone number, these things could happen to your old ones.


  • Reassignment: Your number could be re-assigned to the new user after deactivation.
  • Recycling: The service provider recycles a number and provides it to the new user.
  • Temporary Inactivity: In this situation, service providers temporarily retain the number where you could choose to reuse it even after some time.
  • Permanent Deactivation: In this case, your number will be permanently deactivated.

Is it a good idea to change your phone number?

Changing your phone number can be a good idea if you're experiencing persistent issues like spam, harassment, or privacy concerns. It provides a clean slate, potentially stopping these problems.  But remember to update your bank and social media accounts before changing the phone number.

Will I lose WhatsApp conversations if I change my SIM card?

You won't lose your WhatsApp conversations even after switching your SIM card if you have backed up your messages to the cloud.

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