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Get 343 Area Code Numbers For Local Presence in Ottawa

Enhance your Ottawa business presence with a 343 area code number on Calilio. An Ottawa phone number offers a local identity and strengthens customer connections in the dynamic business market of Ontario province.

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Search Virtual Numbers with 343 Area Code

Explore and select from an extensive collection of virtual numbers with the 343 area code on Calilio. Seamlessly tap into Ottawa’s market flaunting your desired business identity.

What Area Code is 343? Area Code 343 Location

The area code 343 is strategically positioned in Ottawa and extends to surrounding areas, linking Canada’s capital to a wide network. Flaunting a 343 number provides businesses with vast opportunities for growth and community engagement across Eastern Ontario. It directly connects businesses to the region’s innovative and politically dynamic environment with a diverse community. 343 area code covers key cities in Ontario including Ottawa, Kanata, Nepean, Gloucester, and Orleans

History of 343 Area Code

Launched in 2010, the 343 area code was established to address the shortage of telephone numbers within Eastern Ontario, particularly in and around Ottawa. Since its introduction, this area code has been pivotal in supporting the region’s expanding telecommunication needs. It has helped local businesses grow and develop in the region, providing a continuous supply of contact numbers.

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Which Time Zone Does 343 Area Code Fall Under?

The 343 area code falls under the Eastern Time Zone (ET). It synchronizes with Eastern Standard Time (EST) and Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) throughout the year. This positioning ensures that Ottawa and its surrounding areas align with the standard time practices observed across the eastern part of North America.


During EST, clocks are set to UTC-5, shifting to UTC-4 for EDT to accommodate daylight saving changes. This time shift maintains consistency in scheduling and communications within the region and beyond.

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Benefits of a 343 Area Code for Businesses

Enhance Ottawa business connectivity with a 343 area code number. Position your brand for increased engagement and recognition in Ontario’s regional community.

Enhanced Local Presence

Professional Image

Simplified Communication

Network Building

Increased Accessibility

How to Get a Virtual Phone Number with Area Code 343?

Maximize Ottawa’s business potential with a virtual phone number on Calilio. Effortlessly step into the local Ottawa market with area code 343.

step one

Sign Up

Sign up for a Calilio account. Simply fill out your details and set the foundation for your new local presence in Ottawa.

step two

Choose a VoIP Plan

Select from Calilio’s range of VoIP plans tailored to meet diverse business needs. Find the perfect fit for your Ottawa operations.

step three

Pick a Number

Go to ‘Settings’ and then ‘My Numbers.’ Click ‘Purchase Numbers’ and choose a 343 area code that aligns with your business identity.

step four

Proceed Payment

Review your selection. Confirm your purchase by following the online instructions. Our checkout process is seamless and secure.

step five

Customize Settings

Your 343 virtual number activates instantly. Customize settings on Calilio to fit your business needs.

Already Have a Local Phone Number with 343 Area Code?

Port your existing 343 area code number on Calilio. Switch to VoIP without changing your established business identity in Ottawa.

Features of Virtual 343 Area Code Numbers

Elevate your Ottawa business with Calilio’s virtual 343 area code numbers, with advanced VoIP features designed for modern, efficient communication.

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Bulk SMS Campaigns

Launch targeted bulk SMS campaigns easily with your Ottawa area code number. Connect directly with a vast Ottawa audience at once. It saves time and maximizes outreach.
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Detailed Call Reporting

Calilio’s 343 virtual number provides you access to detailed call reports. Gain insights into call patterns, peak times, and customer interactions to refine your communication strategy.
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Call-on-Hold Music

Enhance caller experience with customizable call-on-hold music for your 343 area code number. Keep your customers engaged while they wait.
IVR icon

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

Implement an IVR system to streamline call routing. It improves efficiency and customer service quality.
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Do Not Disturb Mode

Activate do not disturb mode during off-hours or when you need to focus on other important tasks. While using this feature, you can send the incoming calls to voicemails.
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Greeting Voice Messages

Craft personalized greeting messages for your 343 area code number. Welcome callers warmly, reinforcing your brand identity.

Set up a Unified Communication Platform with a 343 Area Code Number

Adopt Calilio’s 343 area code number for unified communication. It streamlines your Ottawa operations, integrating video conferences, voice calls, and messaging into a single platform.

Monthly pricing Annual pricing (save 20%)


Per user/per month

Basic plan

Billed annually
Ideal for solopreneurs, startups and small businesses venturing into affordable VoIP service.
  • User Limit: 10
  • Free 1 Local or Toll-free Number
    US, Canada or UK
  • Call Box Features
  • Call Recordings and Storage
  • Basic Realtime Dashboard


Per user/per month

Business plan

Billed annually
Leverage growing businesses and call centers with cost-effective VoIP solutions.
  • All Basic Plan Features
  • Unlimited Users
  • Advance Reporting
    Coming Soon
  • Live Call Monitoring
  • Detailed Realtime Dashboard


Enterprise plan

Billed annually
Comprehensive VoIP plan for unmatched communication solutions for large businesses and enterprises.
  • All Business Plan Features
  • Queue Call Back
    Coming Soon
  • All Call Strategy Features
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Phone and WhatsApp Support

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343 Phone Number With Calilio

Choosing Calilio for your 343 phone number sets your Ottawa business apart from your competitors. We offer secure reliability, seamless connectivity, and tailored support for your business communication.

User-Friendly Platform

Calilio’s platform stands out for its ease of use. It’s straightforward and efficient to manage, even for new users.

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Comprehensive Analytics

Gain deep insights into your call data on Calilio’s virtual Ottawa number. Empower informed decisions to enhance customer engagement.

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Superior Call Quality

Experience unmatched call clarity on Calilio, ensuring every conversation on your 343 phone number is crisp, clear, and professional.

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Tailored Business Solutions

Calilio offers customizable features on virtual Ottawa numbers. Get your business communication tool the way you prefer.

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Exceptional Value

Enjoy superior service at competitive prices with Calilio. We offer exceptional value for your Ottawa area code number without compromising quality.

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Elevate your Ottawa Presence

Elevate your Ottawa presence with a 343 area code number from Calilio. Foster local trust and maximize connectivity in the Local Ottawa market.

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