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Get a virtual Romanian phone number through Calilio and seamlessly enter the vibrant market of Romania. Enhance your connectivity and presence, ensuring smooth communication with Romanian clients.

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Search for a Virtual Number with a Romania Country Code

Easily find your ideal virtual Romanian phone number (local, toll-free & national numbers) on Calilio, featuring the distinct Romania country code.

What is a Romania Virtual Number?

A Romania virtual number is a phone number without a physical phone line associated with it, specifically designed for seamless communication within Romania. Unlike traditional phone numbers, these virtual counterparts allow you to manage calls via the internet, enabling both inbound and outbound communication with Romanian locals without the need for a physical presence in the country.

Ideal for businesses expanding their reach or individuals maintaining connections, these numbers offer flexibility, cost efficiency, and a local presence, all while operating from anywhere in the world.

Benefits of Using a Virtual Phone Number for the Romania

Embrace a virtual Romanian phone number to unlock unparalleled advantages for your business or personal use, enhancing communication with efficiency and ease.

Local Market Accessibility

Cost Reduction

Enhanced Flexibility


Professional Presence

Types of Romania Phone Numbers

Explore a variety of Romania phone numbers with Calilio to suit your specific communication needs, ensuring optimal reach and engagement.

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Local Numbers

Local numbers offer a direct line to specific cities or regions within Romania, providing businesses with an immediate local presence and familiarity amongst Romanian customers.

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Toll-Free Numbers

Toll-free numbers allow your Romanian clients to contact you without any charge, enhancing customer service and encouraging more interactions from potential customers across Romania.

How to Get a Romania Phone Number Online?

Secure your Romanian phone number online with Calilio, offering a straightforward process to integrate Romanian connectivity into your business operations.

step one

Sign Up

Start by registering on Calilio. Fill in your details, confirm your email, and gain access to a world of Romanian virtual numbers.

step two

Choose a VoIP Plan

Navigate through Calilio's diverse VoIP plans. Select one that aligns with your business needs, ensuring optimal use of your Romanian phone number.

step three

Pick a Number

Click on the 'Number' section in the Nav bar, then browse and select from the available Romanian phone numbers. Whether you're looking for local, toll-free, or national numbers, find the perfect fit for your business.

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Review your selection and proceed to the 'Add to Cart' button. Follow the command prompt, provide the required documents, and confirm your purchase.

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Setup Your Number

After purchase, customize and set up your Romanian phone number through Calilio's user-friendly platform. Enjoy immediate activation and start connecting with your Romanian audience.

Already Have a Romania Phone Number?

Easily transfer your existing Romanian phone number to Calilio. Our seamless porting process retains your number while upgrading you to our comprehensive VoIP services.

Features of Romania Virtual Phone Numbers

Calilio's Romania virtual phone numbers come with numerious advanced features designed to enhance your communication capabilities and streamline your business operations in Romania.

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Unified Communication

Facilitate collaboration across your team with Unified Communication. Integrate voice, video, and text messaging on a single platform for seamless interaction.
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Call Recording

Maintain records of your conversations with Call Recording. This feature is invaluable for compliance, training, and quality assurance purposes.
new lead alerts icon

New Lead Alerts

Never miss an opportunity with New Lead Alerts. Receive instant notifications for incoming calls, enabling you to respond swiftly and capture every lead.
tag in callbox icon

Tag in Callbox

Organize your communications effectively with Tag in Callbox. Categorize calls and messages for easy retrieval and follow-up, enhancing customer service efficiency.
call analytics icon

Call Analytics

Gain valuable insights into your call traffic with call analytics. Analyze patterns, peak times, and caller demographics to make informed decisions and optimize your communication strategy.
automatic call distribution icon

Automatic Call Distribution

Ensure calls are routed to the right person with Automatic Call Distribution. This feature improves response times and customer satisfaction by managing call flow efficiently.
greeting voice messages icon

Greeting Voice Messages

Create a welcoming first impression with customizable Greeting Voice Messages. Tailor greetings to reflect your brand’s identity and engage callers from the start.
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Call Flip

Switch calls between devices seamlessly with Call Flip, ensuring you remain connected even when on the move. This feature supports mobility without interrupting your conversations.

How do you dial a Romania phone number?

Dialing a Romania phone number from abroad involves several key steps to ensure your call is successfully connected to the Romanian network.

step one

Exit Code

Start with the exit code of your country, which is the number you dial to exit your country's telephone network and make an international call. For example, it's ‘011’ in the USA and Canada, and ‘00’ for most European countries.

step two

Romania Country Code (+40)

After the exit code, enter ‘+40’, the country code for Romania. This signals that your call is being directed to the Romanian telephone network.

step three

Area Code

Next, dial the area code, which is specific to the region within Romania you're trying to reach. Romanian area codes can vary in length from one to three digits and are crucial for routing your call to the correct locality.

step four

Local Phone Numbers

Finally, enter the local 6 to 7-digit Romania phone number. This completes the dialing sequence and connects you to your intended recipient in Romania.

Romania Phone Number Example

Here’s an example of how you would dial a Romanian phone number from the United States to Bucharest, where the area code is ‘21’ and the local number is ‘1234567’:

  • Exit Code: ‘011’ (from the US)
  • Country Code: ‘+40’ (for Romania)
  • Area Code: 21’ (for Bucharest, without the leading zero when calling internationally)
  • Local Number: ‘1234567’
  • So, you’ll dial: 011-40-21-1234567 or +40-21-1234567.

Remember: Omit the 0 while making international call.

Buy a Romania Virtual Number on Calilio

Unlock the gateway to Romania with Calilio's virtual Romanian phone number, ensuring immediate connectivity and enhanced communication with your Romanian audience.

Easy Setup

Experience swift activation of your Romania virtual number. With Calilio, start connecting with your Romanian audience in no time, ensuring no delay in your business communications.

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Versatile Options

Select from versatile options for your specific needs—whether you're looking for local, national, or toll-free numbers. Calilio caters to all your requirements with flexibility.

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Broad Range

Calilio provides a broad range of Romanian numbers, enabling you to establish a presence in various regions across Romania, from Bucharest to Cluj-Napoca, enhancing your local reach.

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Unique Features

Unlock unique features with your Romanian virtual number, including call forwarding, voicemail, IVR, and more, designed to optimize your communication workflow and customer interaction.

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24/7 Support

Rely on Calilio's 24/7 support team for any assistance with your Romanian virtual number. We ensure seamless service round the clock to keep your business operations smooth.

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