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France and the United States share deep connections, linked by business, friendships, and family connections. It makes phone calls between the two countries quite common. But, even though these calls are a regular part of many people’s lives, many still do not know how to call France from the US. The main reason for this confusion is the involvement of different phone codes in calling procedures. These codes include the US exit code, the international code for France, and the area code for where you’re calling.


Getting these codes right and in the correct order makes sure your call goes through successfully. When incorrectly used, it leads to a call failure or connecting to the unintended destination.

Things to Consider Before Calling France from the US

Before you dial France from the US, consider time zone differences to avoid inconvenient call hours for both parties. Furthermore, confirm your call destination’s area code to ensure your call reaches your desired recipients accurately.

France Area Codes

France’s different cities/regions are designated a unique area code, essential to dialing when you call France from the US. You must enter the exact area code of your desired reason, or it can lead to misconnection. Below are listed popular French cities and their corresponding area codes for your reference:

CityArea CodeCity Area Code























Montpellier04Le Havre










Time Zone Differences

While the US spans six time zones, metropolitan France operates under a single standard time zone: Central European Time (CET). Before calling France from the US, understanding the time zone differences is crucial. It ensures you call the recipient at their convenient time. Moreover, it also increases the chances of your call-pick-up.


  • CET and Eastern Standard Time (EST) 

    Difference: France is 6 hours ahead of EST. 

    Example: When it's 9 AM in New York (EST), it's 3 PM in Paris (CET).


  • CET and Central Standard Time (CST) 

    Difference: France is 7 hours ahead of CST. 

    Example: When it's 9 AM in Chicago (CST), it's 4 PM in Paris (CET).


  • CET and Mountain Standard Time (MST) 

    Difference: France is 8 hours ahead of MST. 

    Example: When it's 9 AM in Denver (MST), it's 5 PM in Paris (CET).


  • CET and Pacific Standard Time (PST) 

    Difference: France is 9 hours ahead of PST. 

    Example: When it's 9 AM in Los Angeles (PST), it's 6 PM in Paris (CET).


  • CET and Alaska Standard Time (AKST) 

    Difference: France is 10 hours ahead of AKST. 

    Example: When it's 9 AM in Anchorage (AKST), it's 7 PM in Paris (CET).


  • CET and Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time (HAST) 

    Difference: France is 11 hours ahead of HAST. 

    Example: When it's 9 AM in Honolulu (HAST), it's 8 PM in Paris (CET).

How to Call France from the US on Landlines?

Calling a landline in France from the United States involves dialing a sequence that includes the US exit code, France’s country code, the local area code, and the landline number.


1. Dial the US Exit Code: Start with 011, the exit code for the United States. It tells your telephone service provider that you’re making an international call. If you’re calling France from a US cell phone, enter ‘+’ to replace the US exit code.


2. Enter France’s Country Code: After the exit code, dial 33, which is the country code for France. It connects you to the French phone network.


3. Dial the Local Area Code: Enter the local area code of your intended call destination. Area codes for landlines typically are 01, 02, 03, 04 and 05. When calling internationally, you omit ‘0’ from the area code.


4. Enter the Local Phone Number: Finally, dial the local landline number of the person or business you are trying to reach. 

The French Landline Number Format When Calling the France From the US

When you call a French landline from the US, the number you’ll dial will typically be 9 digits long after the country code. For instance, if you are making a call to Lyon, France from the US, then the phone number resembles - 011 33 4 123456789 where ‘011’ represents the US exit code, ‘33’ is France's country code, ‘4’ symbolizes the Lyon area code (omitting 0 from “04” for international call), and ‘123456789’ denotes the local phone number.

How to Call France from the US on Mobile Number

When calling a mobile phone in France from the US, you’ll replace the local area code with the mobile phone’s code, starting with ‘06’ or ‘07.’

Step one: Key in 011, the exit code for the United States. If dialing from a mobile, enter ‘+’ to replace the US exit code. 

Step two: Dial 33, France’s country code.

Step three: Dial the French mobile code -  ‘06’ or ‘07.’ Exclude the initial ‘0’ as we are making an international call.

Step four: Enter the mobile number of your desired recipient.

The French Mobile Number Format When Calling the France From the US

When calling France from the US, the French mobile numbers consist of 9 digits following the country code. Unlike landline numbers, it doesn’t include area codes when reaching from the US. The French mobile codes ‘06’ or ‘07’ replace these area codes, but you omit the ‘0’ when dialing internationally. For example, a mobile number might be 0612345678 locally, which you would dial as 011 33 6 12345678 from the US.

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How Much Does it Cost to Call France from the US?

The cost of making calls to France from the US largely depends on your service provider, with rates reaching up to $4 per minute for traditional carriers. For frequent callers, this can be highly costly. However, you can significantly reduce these expenses by utilizing virtual phone numbers to call France from the US. You can get a virtual France phone number from the United States on Calilio. You will no longer have to use your US phone number to make calls to France. A virtual France number allows you to connect the country from the US at the local rates.


Calling France from the USA is easy once you’re familiar with the various phone codes and prefixes relevant to France and the US. The key lies in following the correct sequence of dialing these numbers. It’s important to note that international calls often come with higher charges.


Calilio offers you a cost-efficient way to call from the US to France. Making calls with a virtual France phone number on our business phone system reduces your call costs as you are charged at local rates. Moreover, our virtual phone numbers come with extensive features such as voicemail to email, call routing, and conference calling, streamlining international communication. 

Frequently Asked Question

Can I make calls to France?

You can call France from the US by using the international dialing format: 011 + 33 + Area Code + Local Number.

How do I dial France from the USA?

Dial 011 (US exit code), then 33 (France's country code), followed by the French area code (minus the ‘0’) and the phone number.

How do I make a phone call from France to the US?

Dial France’s exit code (00), then the US country code (1), followed by the US area code and phone number.

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