How to Call the US from France? 5 Easy Steps

How to Call the US from France? A Step-by-Step Guide

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The United States is a hub for business, education, and travel. Individuals and businesses from France frequently need to connect to the US. Despite being a common and seemingly straightforward process, some people still don’t know how to call the US from France.


Navigating the international dialing codes can be challenging, especially for first-time callers. An incorrect process can lead to frustration, such as an inability to connect or, worse, to unintended recipients. You must follow the correct dialing sequence to call the US from France to avoid these undesirable circumstances. 

How to Call the US From France?

Making a call to the US from France involves a series of important prefixes. It includes the French exit code, the US country code, an area code, and finally, the local phone number. Dialing these components in the correct sequence is crucial to successfully connecting your call to the United States from France.


  • Dial the France Exit Code, “00”: You first dial ‘00” - it’s the international exit code for France. If you are dialing from a mobile phone, you can replace it with the ‘+’ symbol.


  • Enter the US Country Code, “1”: Input the US country code, which is “1,” to connect you with the US telecommunications network.


  • Dial Area Code: The United States has numerous area codes specific to regions and cities. Enter the area code, the three-digit number, for the region you are trying to reach.


  • Enter Local Phone Number: Dial the seven-digit US local number. This is the unique phone number assigned to the individual or business you are trying to reach.


  • Review and Place the Call: Double-check the number to ensure the right number. Once you have verified the number, place your call.

Understanding the USA Area Code

Local area codes are fundamental when you call the US from a France phone number. It’s essential for routing calls to their proper destinations. Each area code designates a specific geographic region, city, or, in some cases, a portion of a city. They ensure to direct your call accurately and efficiently across the vast network of the US telecommunications system. There are over 300 area codes in the United States; you must dial the exact area code of the region you’re trying to reach. Below is a list of some popular USA area codes:

Region Area CodeRegion Area Code
New York212California213
Florida    305Georgia404
Washington206Pennsylvania    215
North Carolina704Virginia703

What is the Cost to Call a US Number from France?

The cost of calling a US number from France can vary significantly depending on several factors. These include your service provider, whether you’re calling a landline or mobile number, and your plan type. Popular service providers like AT&T may offer rates around $0.18 per minute. It can be costly if you make frequent or long calls. Some providers offer specialized international calling packages, which could reduce the cost per minute or provide a set number of minutes for a fixed monthly fee.

How to Reduce Cost When Calling the USA from France?

Making calls from France to the USA is often expensive, as telecom carriers charge high rates for international calls. However, an efficient way to reduce these costs is to use virtual US phone numbers from VoIP service providers. Calilio is such a VoIP provider where you can get a virtual US number while in France, and call the USA at local US call rates instead of international rates. Calling the US from France with a virtual US number can lead to significant savings, especially for businesses or individuals who make frequent calls to the United States. 

Considering Time Differences to Call the US from France

The United States spans multiple time zones, from Eastern to Pacific, which can vary significantly from France’s time zone. For instance, when it’s midday in Paris, it can be early morning in New York and still nighttime in California. It’s crucial to consider the time difference between the two countries to ensure you call at the recipient’s convenience. It increases the likelihood of your call being answered.

Eastern Time Zone (ET)

The Eastern Time Zone includes major cities like New York and Atlanta. France is typically 6 hours ahead of this zone. For example, if it’s 7 AM in France, it’s 1 AM in New York. 

Central Time Zone (CT)

The Central Time Zone is 7 hours behind France, encompassing Chicago and Dallas. A 7 AM call in France means it’s midnight in Chicago.

Mountain Time Zone (MT)

Including cities like Denver and Phoenix, the Mountain Time Zone is 8 hours behind France. So, when it's 7 AM in France, it’s 11 PM the previous day in Denver.

Pacific Time Zone (PT)

The Pacific Time Zone covers major cities like Los Angeles and Seattle. It is 9 hours behind France. A morning call at 7 AM in France translates to 10 PM the previous evening in Los Angeles.

Alaska Standard Time (AKST)

Alaska Standard Time includes regions like Anchorage and Fairbanks. It’s typically 10 hours behind France. This means a 7 AM call in France corresponds to 9 PM the previous day in Anchorage.

Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time (HST)

Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time zone includes Hawaii and parts of the Aleutian Islands. It’s 11 hours behind France. Therefore, a 7 AM call in France would be 8 PM the previous day in Honolulu.


Understanding the phone number format to call the US from France is crucial for maintaining seamless and cost-effective international communication. Individuals and businesses must follow the correct dialing sequence and be aware of the various area codes to ensure successful connections with their American counterparts. Virtual US phone numbers further optimize these international calls, reducing call costs and enhancing the overall calling experience.


Calilio offers international virtual numbers, including those from the United States, which allows you to call the USA from France at local call rates. Besides, our virtual phone numbers provide efficient communication solutions with robust features such as call forwarding, voicemail, and caller ID.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an international call from France?

To make an international call from France, start with the French exit code ‘00’ or ‘+’ on mobiles, followed by the country code (e.g., ‘1’ for the USA), the specific area code, and then the local number.

How do I dial from France to the USA?

From France to the USA, dial the exit code ‘00’, followed by the USA country code ‘1’, the specific area code, and the local phone number.

What is the country code for the USA, is it 011 or 001?

The country code for the USA is ‘1’. ‘011’ is the international prefix used when dialing out of the USA, not a part of the country code.

How do I make a US call from Europe?

To make a US call from Europe, dial your country’s exit code (often ‘00’), then the USA country code ‘1’, the area code, and the local phone number.

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