How to Get a Business Phone Number? 3 Easy Steps

how to get a business phone number

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Effective­ communication is critical for success in a modern business environment. Businesses must have a de­dicated phone number to enhance and simplify client inte­ractions. Acquiring a business phone number has never been more accessible and flexible, thanks to VoIP technology. A VoIP phone number for business enhances communication capabilities and elevates your professional presence.

From local to national numbers, you can purchase a range of virtual business phone numbers on the VoIP phone system. With the right business number, your organization can effectively close sales, engage with customers, and foster seamless business communication within its teams.

What is a Business Phone Number?

A business phone number is a dedicated phone line specifically used for business communications. While pe­rsonal phone numbers are linke­d to individuals, a business number is associate­d with a company or organization. Its primary purpose is to provide customers, clients, and other stakeholders with a direct means of contacting the business. It is frequently prominently displayed in your company’s marketing and promotional materials. 


We find a phone number for businesses in various formats, catering to the­ specific requirements and preference­s of organizations. These formats include traditional landline­ numbers, mobile numbers, or virtual phone numbers that use VoIP technology. Depending on the target market and business operations’ scope, these numbers may vary from toll-free to national to local phone numbers.

Benefits of Business Phone Numbers

A business phone number offers numerous benefits for a company’s success. Getting a business number helps create a professional impression while boosting privacy and work-life balance. It allows customization with unique caller ID settings and helps identify incoming calls easier, improving communication and customer satisfaction.

1. Create a professional and reputable impression

A dedicated business phone number helps establish a professional image for your organization. Instead of using a personal number, getting a second phone number for business communication signifies that you are serious about your professional endeavors and committed to your business’s success. It positively influences how clients, partners, and customers perceive the­ company, establishing a better brand reputation.

2. Enhance privacy measures

Using business numbers can provide an added laye­r of privacy, as it separates your personal and professional communications. They become particularly useful for those­ conducting business from home or any other le­ss formal setting. It, moreover, allows you to keep your personal life separate from your professional interactions. Having a separate phone number for business purposes can help you maintain privacy and avoid potential disturbances during your personal time.

3. Predict the identity of incoming callers

A business phone system often provides fe­atures such as caller ID, allowing users to ide­ntify incoming calls and differentiate between personal and work-re­lated matters. It helps you prioritize important business calls so that you can manage time effectively. Knowing who the caller is before taking the call, you can address demanding matters promptly while avoiding wasting time on less important one­s.

4. Improve the balance between work and personal life

A separate phone number for business and personal purposes can positively impact one’s work-life balance. Establishing a boundary allows individuals to determine when they should be working or spending personal time without inte­rference from either end. Professionals can better manage their schedule and reduce unnecessary stre­ss that mingling communication channels usually cause. Your personal life remains uninterrupte­d outside of designated work hours.

5. Personalize your caller ID

A business phone number lets you personalize your caller ID to display your company name or a professional greeting, providing your business with a branding opportunity. It adds professionalism and recognition when making outbound calls. You can reinforce your business identity, improve brand awareness, and enhance the overall professional impression you make on clients and customers.

Types of Business Phone Numbers


There­ are different business phone numbe­rs you can choose from to suit your communication needs best. These numbers facilitate global communication and help companies broaden their horizons beyond domestic markets. Below are listed the types of business phone numbers. Each one offers unique benefits in enhancing business communication and attracting customers.

1. Local Numbers

A local number is associated with a specific geographic area or region within a country. When someone calls a local number from within the same area code or region, it’s usually considered a local call and is typically charged at a local rate.


Local phone numbers help businesses present a community-oriented image, as the number indicates a physical presence in that particular area. Even if a company operates in multiple locations, having a local number for each area can make the business appear more accessible and relatable to customers within those specific regions.


A VoIP phone system allows businesses to get local numbers in regions where they don’t have a physical presence, enabling them to establish a virtual local presence. Calilio, one of the best VoIP providers worldwide, offers virtual local numbers from more than 100 countries.

2. Toll-free Numbers

A toll-free number is a telephone number that one can dial without any call charge. Businesses use these numbers to encourage customers to call without incurring any costs.

When a person calls a toll-free number, the business that owns the number (rather than the caller) is billed for the cost of the call. Re­gulated by the Federal Communication Commission FCC, toll-free numbers, typically begin with a specific prefixe­s such as "800," "888," "877," "866," "855," or "844."

Toll-free numbers are commonly used for customer service hotlines, support centers, and marketing campaigns, allowing customers to reach a business easily without worrying about the expense of the call.

3. Vanity Numbers

A vanity phone number is a telephone number that spells out a memorable word, name, or acronym using the alphanumeric keys on a telephone keypad. It is an effective marketing tool - it helps reinforce the business brand image or emphasize a specific aspect of the products or services offered. These numbers allow businesses to make an impression on their customers and stand out in the­ market with their easy-to-re­member patterns of numbe­rs or letters. For example, a nursery would use a vanity number like 1-800-PLANTS.

4. National Numbers

National numbers are unique numbers designated to businesses that operate across national borders, allowing the­m to bridge geographical barriers and connect with global customers through local contact points. These numbers usually begin with specific country codes, acting as an efficient business communication solution. National phone numbers provide a familiar point of communication and build credibility and trust in your brand.

5. Mobile Numbers

Many businesse­s utilize mobile numbers mobile numbers as their primary point of contact for convenience and fle­xibility. This practice is particularly prevalent among small busine­sses or solo entrepre­neurs who are frequently on the move and value the­ accessibility a mobile de­vice provides. Mobile ne­twork operators typically issue these numbe­rs for both personal and professional communications. With a mobile number, you can make calls and send and receive messages and e­mails directly from your mobile de­vices.

How to Get a Business Phone Number?

A business phone system allows you to adopt virtual business numbers to operate your business more smoothly while making customers happier with exceptional communication features. Obtaining a business phone number is very simple and includes a few steps.

1. Choose a VoIP Service Provider

Choosing the right VoIP service provider, aka business phone provider, is vital to mee­t the unique business communication nee­ds. Calilio stands out as a top business VoIP provider, with thousands of companies trusting its reliable VoIP services worldwide. Powered by advanced VoIP technology, our cloud phone system has provided our clients with hundreds of virtual phone numbers, including toll-free, national, and local numbers.


When you sign up to Calilio, you get a free toll-free or local phone number (the US, Canada, or UK).

2. Supervision of Business Communication

After choosing the VoIP provider, you navigate through the VoIP platform and choose from a range of virtual numbers, including local, national, or toll-free­. You can choose any business number that fits your organizational objectives. Moreover, You can also transfer your existing busine­ss phone numbers to Calilio with our number porting service.

3. Assign Phone Number

Once you’ve selected the business phone numbers, you now need to assign these numbers to the appropriate departments or individuals within your organization. It involves carefully mapping out the communication structure to ensure that calls are directed efficiently and accurately. The allocation is a vital step in the configuration of your business phone system, and it’s what enables your team to communicate effectively both internally and with customers.

Key Features of a Business Phone System

Along with business phone numbers, a business phone system offers a range of key features that enhance organizational communication and productivity. They often include call management tools, such as call forwarding, voicemail, and auto-attendant, ensuring efficient call handling and routing. Moreover, its conferencing, mobile integration, and unified messaging features streamline collaboration and enable seamless communication across various devices and locations.



1. Automated Receptionist

An automated receptionist, also known as a virtual receptionist, greets callers and provides them with pre-recorded options to direct their call to the appropriate department or individual. It eliminates the need for a human receptionist and improves call handling efficiency.

2. Call Forwarding

Call forwarding allows incoming calls to be redirected to another phone number or user. It ensures that calls can be answered regardless of the user’s location. It is useful for businesses with remote employees or multiple office locations, as calls can be forwarded to the appropriate person or location.

3. Voicemail

Voicemail enables callers to leave messages when the called party is unavailable or unable to answer the phone. Users can dial a dedicated voicemail number through a user-friendly interface to listen to their voicemail messages. Voicemail is a vital feature for managing missed calls and ensuring effective communication.

4. Auto Attendants

Auto attendants work alongside the automated receptionist feature to provide callers with various options and routing choices. They can handle basic inquiries, provide information, or route calls based on the caller’s input. Auto attendants improve call handling efficiency and enhance the overall customer experience.

5. Desktop and Mobile Apps

Business phone systems often offer dedicated desktop and mobile applications. These apps allow users to make and receive calls, access voicemail, view call history, and manage other features from their computers or mobile devices. They provide flexibility and convenience for employees who are frequently on the move or working remotely.

6. Business Text Messaging

Equipped with cloud phone technology, modern business phone systems have integrated business text messaging capabilities. It lets users send and receive text messages using their business phone numbers. Business text messaging is a convenient way to communicate with customers, partners, and colleagues, particularly for quick exchanges or when a phone call is not feasible.

7. Video Conferencing

Video conferencing functionality has become increasingly important for business communication. Some cloud phone systems offer built-in video conferencing capabilities, allowing users to conduct face-to-face meetings, share screens, and collaborate remotely. It enhances teamwork and facilitates more engaging and productive discussions.

8. Call Recording

Call recording allows businesses to record and store phone conversations for various purposes, such as training, compliance, or quality assurance. Users can review and analyze recorded calls to improve customer service, identify training needs, and ensure regulatory compliance. Call recording is particularly valuable for industries requiring strict documentation and standards adherence.

What are business numbers?

Business numbers are dedicated phone lines specifically used for business communications. They can be linked to a company or organization, providing a direct means of contacting the business.

Get a Business Number on the Best Business Phone System - Calilio

Getting a business phone number is essential for establishing a professional image and effective communication with customers. You must choose a reputed business phone service provider to buy a business number online. Choosing the right business phone system is crucial to effectively communicate with customers and streamline their operations. Calilio, with advanced cloud phone services, stands out as the best VoIP provider for business communications. 


Our VoIP services eliminate the need for on-premises hardware and allow businesses to scale their communication needs efficiently. It offers flexibility and mobility, enabling employees to stay connected from anywhere using their desktops or mobile devices. 


Moreover, Calilio’s user-friendly interface and intuitive setup make it accessible to business owners without extensive technical knowledge. Experience the benefits of enhanced productivity, seamless collaboration, and exceptional customer service. Sign up and try Calilio now. We provide our clients with a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are business numbers?

Business numbers are dedicated phone lines specifically used for business communications. They can be linked to a company or organization, providing a direct means of contacting the business.

Who owns business phone numbers?

Companies or organizations own business phone numbers. They obtain these numbers through VoIP providers, such as Calilio, to enhance communication capabilities within the company.

What do business phone numbers start with?

Business phone numbers can start with different prefixes depending on the type. For example, toll-free numbers may start with prefixes like ‘800’, ’888’, ‘877’, ‘866’, ’855’ or ‘844’. Local numbers typically begin with the area code corresponding to a specific geographic region. Vanity numbers, on the other hand, may spell out a memorable word or phrase using the alphanumeric keys on a telephone keypad.

Can I get a business phone number online?

Yes, you can get a business phone number online. You can buy virtual numbers from VoIP service providers, including business phone numbers. Calilio offers a range of virtual business phone numbers that fit your organizational objectives. You can also transfer your existing business numbers through our number porting services.

How do I get my business phone number?

Follow the steps below to get a business phone number. 

1.Choose a VoIP Provider: Choosing the right VoIP provider to meet your business communication needs is crucial. Calilio provides reliable VoIP services worldwide.


2. Pick a Business Phone Number: Navigate through the VoIP platform and choose from various virtual numbers, including local, national, or toll-free numbers, to match your business goals.


3. Assign Phone Number: Once you’ve selected the numbers, proceed to payment, and you get your selected business phone numbers instantly. You can now assign the numbers to your organization’s appropriate departments or individuals.

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