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Get a Brazil virtual number from Calilio and maximize call pickup rates at an affordable price. Also, Streamline your communications efficiently and connect with Brazilian clients effortlessly, elevating your business presence in the vibrant Brazilian market.

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Search for a Number with a Brazil Country Code.

Secure the Brazil virtual phone number swiftly for your business on Calilio. Select from numbers with Brazil's country code to bolster your presence in the Brazilian market.

What is a Brazil Virtual Numbers?

A Brazil Virtual Number is a phone number that operates online through Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) without the need for a physical phone line in Brazil. Each Brazil number (landline or mobile) consists of an area code representing a specific geographic region, followed by a unique set of eight digits.

It allows businesses and individuals to establish a Brazilian phone presence, enabling local and international calls to be made and received anywhere in the world while still presenting a Brazilian number to callers.

Benefits of Using a Brazil Virtual Phone Number

Purchasing Brazil virtual phone numbers offers strategic advantages crucial for businesses aiming to expand or establish a presence in the Brazilian market. Explore improved communication with Brazilian VoIP numbers and reap numerous advantages.

Enhanced Local Presence

Cost-Effective Solution

Increased Credibility

Improves Productivity

Flexibility and Mobility

Types of Brazil Phone Numbers

Calilio offers a diverse range of Brazil phone numbers (local, toll-free, & national), each tailored to suit different business requirements and customer engagement strategies in Brazil.

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Local Numbers

Local numbers in Brazil enable businesses to establish a presence in specific cities or regions, making them more accessible and relatable to local clientele.

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Toll-Free Numbers

Calilio's Toll-free numbers are ideal for customer service, allowing clients to reach your business without incurring call charges, thereby encouraging more communication.

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Vanity Numbers

Our Vanity Brazil phone numbers offer easy-to-remember and customizable options, often spelling out words or company names. Ideal for marketing and enhancing brand recall.

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National Numbers

National Brazil phone numbers offer a country-wide presence without being tied to a specific locale. They are suitable for businesses aiming for a broader reach within Brazil.

How to Get a Brazil Virtual Number Online?

Buying a Brazil virtual number online with Calilio is an intuitive, streamlined process designed to integrate into your business in Brazil quickly.

step 1

Sign Up

Sign up and register to begin with Calilio. Input the essential details and swiftly verify your registration through an email verification.

step 2

Choose a VoIP Plan

After verification, you will be redirected to the pricing pages. Select a VoIP plan that aligns with your communication needs.

step 3

Pick a Number

After selecting a VoIP plan, navigate to the Nav Bar and choose from the listed Brazilian phone numbers. Click on the 'Purchase Number' button.

step 4


Once you have chosen your desired Brazil virtual number, review it and proceed to the checkout.

step 5

Setup Your Number

Your Brazilian virtual number activates promptly after checkout. Customize the settings best suited for your business goals and start making calls in Brazil.

Already Have a Brazilian Phone Number?

If you're already equipped with a Brazil phone number, seamlessly transition to Calilio’s advanced VoIP services while retaining your existing Brazilian number.

Features of Brazilian Virtual Phone Numbers

When procuring Brazil virtual phone numbers through Calilio, you gain access to a comprehensive suite of advanced features meticulously crafted to optimize the efficiency of your business communications within the Brazilian market.

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Stay on top of your missed calls with Voicemail. This feature ensures you never miss important information, even when you can’t answer the phone.
notes in callbox icon

Notes in Callbox

The Notes in Callbox feature is a valuable tool for jotting down, sharing, and reviewing important details about client conversations directly within the Callbox.

Tags in Callbox

Organize and categorize your calls efficiently with Tags in Callbox. This tool helps in the quick identification and sorting of calls based on custom tags.
phone trees(IVR) icon

Phone Trees (IVR)

Calilio’s Phone Trees (IVR) system navigates callers through a menu, directing them to the appropriate department or information and streamlining the call-handling process.
Call analytics Icon

Call Analytics

Leverage Call Analytics to gain insights into call patterns and customer behavior. This data-driven approach can inform strategic decisions for your business.
call semtiment analysis

Call Sentiment Analysis

With our Call Sentiment Analysis feature, you can gauge customer emotions and feedback during calls, enabling more tailored and effective communication strategies.
call routing icon

Call Routing

The Call Routing feature directs incoming calls to the right person or department. It ensures quick response times and improved customer satisfaction.
Greeting voice messages icon

Greeting Voice Messages

Personalize your caller's experience with Greeting Voice Messages. This feature allows you to set a welcoming tone and provide essential information to callers of your Brazil virtual phone number.

How do you dial a Brazil phone number?

Dialing a Brazil phone number involves a specific sequence of codes and numbers, ensuring successful international and local connections. The format of Brazilian numbers varies depending on the device type used for the call. Here is a detailed breakdown of the process.

step 1

Exit Code

Start with your country's exit code, which is necessary for making international calls. This code varies by country; for example, it's '011' in the USA and Canada and '00' in most European countries.

step 2

Brazil Country Code (+55)

After the exit code, dial Brazil's country code, which is '+55'. This code is essential for routing your call correctly to Brazil.

step 3

Area Code

Include the specific area code for the region in Brazil you are calling. Brazilian area codes vary in length from 1 to 2 digits and are crucial for directing your call to the correct locality.

step 4

8-9 digit Numbers

Brazilian phone numbers typically consist of 8 to 9 digits. The length depends on whether the number is a landline (usually 8 digits) or a mobile number (usually 9 digits).

Brazil Phone Number Example

For Instance, if you are calling a business in São Paulo from the UK with a local number xxxx-xxxx. Remember, the São Paulo area code is '67'.

  • Exit Code: ‘00’ or ‘+’ ( from the UK)
  • Country Code: +55’ (for Brazil)
  • Area Code: ‘67’ (for São Paulo)
  • Local Number: ‘XXXX-XXXX’
  • So, you’ll dial: 00-55-67-XXXX-XXX or +55-67-XXXX-XXXX (To Landline).

Buy a Brazil Phone Number With Calilio

As a reputable VoIP provider, our service guarantees a strong presence in this dynamic market. Effortlessly broaden your business's reach in Brazil by acquiring a Brazilian virtual phone number with Calilio.

Easy Setup

Experience a smooth and efficient process with Calilio when acquiring your Brazil phone number. Our platform makes it easy to find and set up the ideal number for your needs.

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Diverse Number Options

Calilio offers a diverse range of Brazil virtual phone number options, including local, toll-free, vanity, and national numbers. This variety allows businesses to choose the ideal number that resonates with their target audience and business strategy in Brazil.

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Customizable Features

With Calilio, customize your Brazil virtual phone number to meet your business needs. Enjoy flexibility in setting up voicemail, call forwarding, IVR, and other features to enhance your communication efficiency and clientele experience.

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Competitive Pricing

Calilio provides competitive pricing options, acquiring a Brazil phone number that is both affordable and valuable for your business growth and international expansion.

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Advanced Features

Enjoy a suite of advanced features with your Brazil virtual phone number. From call forwarding to IVR, Calilio equips your business with the tools needed for effective communication.

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