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Get a business phone number in area code 747 on Calilio and strengthen your brand’s local presence in Los Angeles. A 747 area code number directly connects you to this bustling region, increasing engagement and credibility among local clientele.

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Discover the ideal 747 virtual number for your enterprise. Phone numbers with a 747 area code connect you seamlessly with the Los Angeles community and ensure your business remains accessible and locally relevant.

Where Is Area Code 747?

Area code 747 is located in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles County. Though its major parts are in Los Angeles, it also touches the parts of Ventura County in California. This coverage across two counties makes it a critical link for residents and businesses in this densely populated region with a total population of 10,641,923. The key cities within the 747 area code include Los Angeles, Burbank, Agoura Hills, Reseda, Sunland, Glendale, and North Hollywood.

This area code operates under the Pacific time zone. This time zone, known as PT in the United States, corresponds to UTC-8 during standard time and UTC-7 during daylight saving time.




Los Angeles3,748,640

Los Angeles 

Glendale182,447Los Angeles 
Burbank100,697Los Angeles 
San Fernando349,809Los Angeles 
Agoura Hills18,701Los Angeles 
Bell Canyon18,701Ventura
North Hills56,946Los Angeles 
North Hollywood87,241Los Angeles 
Northridge61,993Los Angeles 
Pacoima97,300Los Angeles 
Porter Ranch30,571Los Angeles 
Reseda74,363Los Angeles 
Sherman Okas52,677Los Angeles 
Studio City43,753Los Angeles 
Sunland16,555Los Angeles 

History of 747 Area Code

The 747 area code was established in 2009 in Southern Carolina as an overlay code to specifically serve the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles County. Prior to this, the region was solely served by the 818 area code. However, due to the increasing demands of a growing population and expanding businesses, this single area code was no longer sufficient to meet the new telephone service needs in the region. To address this issue, the 747 area code was introduced.

With this change, existing phone numbers retained the 818 area code, while new numbers issued in the same geographic area were assigned the 747 area code. Today, this area code 747 is the key telephonic identification in Los Angeles County. 

Exploring 747 Area Code: Business Scenario and Outlook

Los Angeles is commonly known as a Hollywood city. However, the city’s economy does not rely on the entertainment industries only. Though 30 % of the businesses here are directly related to the entertainment sector, the city is also a hub for finance, aerospace, energy, and agriculture.

The research by California State University shows that the state’s start-up has an impressive survival rate of 88 %. The state’s supportive policies, robust infrastructure, and a culture that fosters innovation and resilience aid this. Using Calilio’s 747 area code number for business, you can establish a strong local presence in this dynamic business city.

Features of Virtual 747 Area Code Numbers

Leverage the advanced features of 747 virtual numbers designed to optimize and enrich your business communication experience.

call forwarding icon

Call Forwarding

Boost your responsiveness with call forwarding. Direct incoming calls to different numbers, ensuring you’re always reachable maximizing customer satisfaction.

interactive voice response icon

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Offer a streamlined call experience with IVR. Guide callers with automated prompts, swiftly connecting them to the right department, enhancing efficiency.

voicemail transcription icon

Voicemail Transcription

Stay on top of your messages with voicemail transcription. Convert voice messages into text, ensuring no important details are missed and improving communication clarity.

local ringback tones icon

Local Ringback Tones

Strengthen local connections by offering familiar ringback tones. This feature resonates with the 747 area clientele, fostering a sense of trust and belonging.

Benefits of a 747 Area Code for Businesses

A 747 area code offers businesses a recognized local presence in the vibrant LA regions. Phone numbers with area code 747 provide various advantages to your business.

Enhanced Local Credibility

Better Market Penetration

Improved Accessibility

Brand Image Boost


How to Get a Virtual Phone Number with Area Code 747?

Acquiring a 747 virtual phone number is straightforward on Calilio. Follow these steps to enhance your LA business presence.

step one

Sign Up

Initiate the process by registering an account on Calilio. Provide the necessary details, and verify your email address and phone number to sign up.

step two

Choose a VoIP Plan

Browse through our VoIP plans. Opt for the one that best matches your business communication needs and budget.

step three

Pick Phone Numbers

Navigate through ‘Purchase Numbers’ and then search for phone numbers with area code 747. Pick the ones that align best with your business image or have a memorable sequence.

step four

Proceed Payment

Confirm your choice by finalizing the payment. Utilize the secure payment gateways provided, ensuring transaction safety.

step five

Customize Settings

Post-purchase, go to settings. Configure call forwarding, set up custom voicemails, and integrate other functionalities to maximize your new number.

Already Have a Local Phone Number with 747 Area Code?

If you’re already a 747 area code number holder, you can seamlessly port and upgrade to a virtual phone system, retaining your trusted number.

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Phone Number With Calilio

Opt for a 747 phone number with Calilio and benefit from unparalleled communication solutions tailored for your business needs.


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With Calilio, integrate the 747 area code number smoothly into your existing communication system, ensuring uninterrupted and cohesive operations.


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Experience crystal-clear voice quality on every call. Calilio’s infrastructure ensures top-notch connectivity, fostering effective communication.


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Rely on round-the-clock customer support. Calilio’s expert team is always ready to assist and ensure optimal service.


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Experience Seamless Communication with a 747 Area Code

Elevate your business reach in Los Angeles with a 747 area code. Seamlessly connect with locals and make your brand presence felt.

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