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Get 323 Area Code Number For Local Presence in Los Angeles

Secure a 323 area code phone number on Calilio and deepen your roots in Los Angeles. Amplify your brand’s local reputation and strengthen ties with the city’s vast customer base.

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Choose from our extensive collection of virtual numbers boasting the 323 area code. Seamlessly fuse the Los Angeles aura into your corporate communications.

What Area Code is 323? Area Code 323 Location

The 323 area code is intertwined with the cityscape of Los Angeles. It spreads across several parts of the city, capturing the heartbeat of LA’s multifaceted society, legendary sites, and thriving commercial centers. Establishing a bond with this pulsating region becomes simpler with a phone number carrying the 323 area code. Cities the area code 323 covers include:

East Los Angeles
Huntington Park
South Gate
West Hollywood
Silver Lake
Echo Park
Boyle Heights
Baldwin Hillss

History of 323 Area Code

Back in 1998, Los Angeles was rapidly expanding. The 323 area code was born to manage all the calls, taking parts from the older 213 area code. This new code mainly served places outside the downtown area, such as Hollywood and East LA.

Later in 2017, the 213 and 323 area codes started sharing the same places. It was a reunion, showing how both these codes are tied together in the story of LA’s growth.

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What Time Zone Does the 323 Area Code Follow?

The 323 area code operates within the Pacific Time Zone (PT), California's predominant time zone. To maintain effective communication, anyone dialing a 323 area code should know the PT time zone, which is UTC-8, and follow the Daylight Saving Time adjustments.

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How Can Businesses Benefit from a 323 Area Code?

Embracing the 323 area code can provide enterprises a significant advantage in Los Angeles. It denotes a strong local bond and facilitates a deeper connection with the LA community.

Solidified Trust

Distinct LA Identity

Amplified Local Engagement

Legacy Connection

Market Edge

How to Get a Virtual Phone Number with Area Code 323?

Acquiring virtual phone numbers with the 323 area code is straightforward with Calilio. Just follow the outlined steps.



Start by signing up on Calilio. A smooth registration process sets you on the path to obtaining your 323 area code number.


Pick Your VoIP Plan

Navigate through our VoIP plans tailored to diverse business requirements. Choose the one that aligns perfectly with your enterprise goals.


Select Your Number

Head over to “Numbers” and click on “Purchase Numbers.” Input the desired phone number with area code 323.


Make the Payment

With our intuitive interface, acquiring a virtual number with the 323 area code is a breeze. Complete your payment and move on to checkout.


Customize Settings

Your 323 area code number gets activated instantly. Personalize the settings, integrate with your CRM tools, and embark on your LA business venture.

Already Have a Local Phone Number with 323 Area Code?

Switching to a virtual system can elevate your existing local phone number with the 323 area code. Embrace enhanced capabilities without compromising your established identity.

Features of Virtual 323 Area Code

Boost your presence in the communities around downtown Los Angeles with powerful VoIP features from our virtual 323 area code numbers.

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Unified Callbox

Organize all your communications seamlessly with the Unified Callbox. View and manage calls, voicemails, and SMS, in one central hub, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.
live call monitoring icon

Live Call Monitoring

Keep tabs on your team’s performance in real time. Supervise and evaluate live calls, ensuring quality communication and optimizing customer satisfaction.
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Voicemail by Email

Never miss an important voicemail again. Receive your voicemail messages directly to your email, letting you address them promptly, even when on the go.
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Call On Hold Music

Engage your callers during hold times. Customize your Call On Hold Music to resonate with your brand’s identity and keep the caller's experience positive.
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Click To Call

Simplify the calling process for your users with a single click. Integrate Click-to-Call functionalities on your website or application, streamlining connections and enhancing user convenience.

323 Phone Number With Calilio

Elevate your local influence in the areas surrounding downtown LA with a 323 phone number courtesy of Calilio.

Swift Activation Process

Calilio’s user-friendly platform ensures you can swiftly activate your 323 area code, letting you dive into your business communications without delay.

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Transparent Pricing

Experience clarity not just in calls but also in pricing. Calilio offers clear, straightforward pricing structures, ensuring businesses can budget without surprises.

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Dedicated Problem Resolution

At Calilio, our specialized team is ready to tackle challenges, ensuring you always have a helping hand for all your 323 number-related concerns.

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Superior Connectivity Standards

Stay ahead with unmatched call stability. Our cutting-edge VoIP platform ensures every interaction on your 323 number is uninterrupted and clear, fostering trust with your clients.

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Modular Solutions

As LA’s dynamic market evolves, so do our offerings. With Calilio, benefit from solutions tailored to fit the changing needs and scales of businesses.

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